How to make your girlfriend happy over the phone?

Everyone is texting but how to make your girlfriend happy over the phone? Let’s find out some tips about how to make your girlfriend happy over text here!

1. Leave a voice note 

How do you make a girl feel better over the phone? Random talk via voice note could make her feel a little happy. Tell her about something, what you are up to, or wish her good morning via voice note could be a sweet idea. Perhaps, she loves to listen to your voice and it’s also a smart move to listen to her voice, because she will reply with another3 minute voice note.

2. Send some memes 

Is it only me that loves to share memes with people I love? I like to annoy people like that sometimes and the memes are too funny to enjoy alone, I don’t wanna laugh alone. Plus, some relatable memes are worthy. 

3. Text some simple and random stuff but it’s meaningful 

It’s like you know her schedule during the day. If she comes home after work at 6 pm, then send her a “babe, drive safe” text message at 5.50 pm. She will blush and smile, and she will drive home safely. That’s how to make your girlfriend happy over text. 

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4. Make a phone call schedule 

You and her could be busy all day, so make a schedule of what time you guys can line on the phone. You could keep in touch with her that way. On the phone call, you know how to make a nice convo like ask her how her day was, let her talk, and share yours too. 

5. Build communication 

I know it’s better to talk to your girlfriend in person, but if you can’t do that lately, then build the communication over the phone. Text her to show you care for her. Call her to keep updated about everything she’s been through. 

Also, it’s common to have a video call session to see her even behind the screen. You could also do activities together via video call, like show her if you are cooking, doing stuff, and let her share hers also. 

6. Be responsive 

Some guys maybe don’t like texting much, this could make the girl feel bad. To prevent some childish fight because you don’t reply to the text fast, try to be a lil responsive if she texts about something serious or urgent. 

Other than that, tell her if you are going to be busy today and won’t be able to reply to any text message fast. Tell her when you are available to call or text later. I believe that you guys have matured enough to learn about it. 

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7. Love in person 

These days we use phones to communicate and get connected to people. Yet when it comes to a great relationship, please have a bigger effort than just text her over the phone. If you are not in a long distance relationship or not in quarantine, try to meet her in person as much as you can. 

Love her in person. Sometimes, text messages or even a phone call can lead into misinterpretation when it comes to a serious discussion. 

How do I make my girlfriend happy over text? Ah, you know dude. She will be happy even just to see your message pop up on her phone notification. Then, you gotta love her deeply in real action and leran to build a healthy relationship.