What are some simple yet memorable things you can do for your girlfriend to make her really happy?

“what are some simple yet memorable things you can do for your girlfriend to make her really happy?” I wish that kind question was what my boyfriend searched on the internet. Well, let’s find out some ideas to make the one we love happier even by just simple things. 

Simple things that make your girlfriend happy!

Sometimes we find happiness by simple things like a cup of ice cream in the summer or someone who gives you his flannel when you are feeling cold in November. Indeed, there are many simple things that would make us feel happy and blessed in life, also when it comes to a lover. 

So, here are some opinions about what are some simple yet memorable things you can do for your girlfriend to make her really happy!

1. Send Her A Playlist 

It’s so simple, just send her a link to your favorite song and tell about it. Tell her the meaning of the song for you, mostly if you have some personal experience related to that specific song. Also, tell her how you wish you could take her to the concert just to slow dance in the crowd to that song. 

Indeed, maybe you need to make her the whole playlist. Something like, “hey, here’s a one hour playlist for you to listen while you drive to town or whenever you have a long drive! Drive safe!” She will feel so happy and thinks it’s so damn sweet. 

Anyway, here’s my playlist to a guy I love: I dont say “I love u” but if I sent u dis, u know I do

2. Coffee Date 

Let’s go back to the classic coffee date, never failing. Even when she is not drinking too much coffee, taking her to a cafe nearby is so romantic. That would be greater if you remember her favorite go-to drink. Mention that menu first before she even orders some. She will be like, “hell yeah, that’s my fave!” 

During the date, talk to her eye to eye. Listen to her, make her feel comfortable, and just enjoy the time. Also, you could pick a random coffee shop or choose the rooftop seat, or the places you know she will like. In my personal opinion, choose the seat far from the homeband cause it would be hard to talk. 

3. Long Drive 

Long random drives could be one of the things that make your girlfriend happy. We don’t know about her, but long drives could be special even when you don’t know where to go. You could just drive, enjoy the views, turn the radio on, look around, get lost in town maybe, or explore the city a little bit. 

Also, you could order some food in the driveway, talk randomly, tell nice silly jokes, and just get along with her. Or you could also drive her to a specific beautiful places. Or take her to your old school, your fave street food, a local festival, anywhere. 

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4. Nail Polish 

We don’t know if she loves wearing nail polish but we think most girls do. Buy her nail polish with some soft or pastel color and apply it to her nails. Of course you are gonna mess up, that’s how the little cute fight starts. 

5. Play with Her Hair 

It’s classic and sometimes it’s cringy, but it always works. When you suddenly play with her hair, that’s kind of cute sometimes. Also, when your a little messy and he tries to fix it with your fingers, that’s gonna make her blush. 

6. Play with Makeup, Maybe? 

Do a lil game where you do her make up and see how you mess up. That would be some lil cute fights but it’s fun. Or, she can put a lil makeup on you, haha. 

7. Give Her Random Things 

What are some simple yet memorable things you can do for your girlfriend to make her really happy? Dude, buy her some random things like a strawberry juice box, some cotton candies, oar bar, or anything you she will love and smile at. You could also deliver her some food to her house without her knowing. 

8. Teach Her Your Hidden Talent 

Teach her about some of your talent, the talent that the world don’t really need but it’s fun, such as whistle, making bird noises like Kendall Jenner, playing card, cracking knuckles, snap fingers, or more silly things. That could make her laugh. 

9. Draw Her A Picture 

If you are really good at drawing, painting, or sketching, make one for her. That’s one of those simple cute things that make your girlfriend happy. Even if you can’t do that, your ugly drawings can be memorable too. 

10. Read Her A Book 

This might be my personal wish, but I love it when a guy reads me a book or recommends a very good book. That would be beautiful to get some to read you a book to sleep. 

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11. Some Memes 

Funny memes never failed to make you laugh, even when it’s sometimes cringy. I also love those short videos under 1 minute on YouTube, that’s always gold and never fails. Send her some to light up the day. 

12. Have A Lazy Day 

You could just chill at home doing nothing but cuddling, binge-watching cartoons, enjoy some songs, and fall asleep side by side. You know you guys have hard long weeks, so it’s a good idea to chill together. 

13. Send Her This 

TWICE – Feel Special

“You make me feel special” is the only line she understands and you meant it. 

14. Share Your World 

She will love to know you deeper and better. If you know how to play guitar, tell her how you first play the songs. Tell her about your views about current issues. Tell her your history and your future plan. 

15. Love Her 

Love her the way you do and the way she deserves. If you break her heart, put it back together. Stay through thick and thin and grow together. 

16. Take A Photo

Forgot to tell you about to take funny and cute pictures of her. A polaroid together. Also, take more candid pictures and compile it all for a video, send later to her birthday with sweet notes.

That’s the opinion about some of those things that make your girlfriend happy. Sometimes, the crazy little things are the sweetest but we didn’t realize how precious it was. Well, what’s your best idea to make her always happy?