All The Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Attractive (Really?)

People on the internet write about “reasons why my boyfriend is attractive” and all the single old lonely people (also me) reading that in the dark room be like, “okay, thank you for the information”. 

I honestly don’t know what to say about that. Good for you if you have an attractive boyfriend, but everyone wears different glasses and believes different things. 

Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Attractive: New Relationship Energy (NRE)

There is something called New Relationship Energy (NRE), the moment when you just dated someone and you feel so bloody happy. You fell in love, you go crazy, you hallucinate about your lover, and you fly. 

You fly so high and you think that person is the one. You’re gonna marry them and happily live ever after. That’s the idea of falling in love, at first. 

During that NRE moment, your brain cells believe that he is attractive, he is hotter than ever, and he is such a goddess. Your best friend sits there and tells you that, “umm, I think he is not really that good…” And I remember the old sayings, “The most wasteful thing in life is advising your friend who is in love”.

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Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Attractive: Positive Illusion 

At the beginning, our brain naturally makes the positive illusion about our new lover. The stronger the illusion, the more attractive and good you look at your lover.

In early relationships, people tend to show the best version of themselves, create the best first impression, just to catch the attention. That’s where you feel and you believe that your bae is perfect and he is everything you ever wanted. 

Mostly for women, they carry on that positive illusion so much, they even wear red coloured glass to blend the red flag. Woman feels more committed to her partner, thinks it’s a committed relationship when the fact is it’s just her positive illusion. Her partner could be the best one as what she believed, or that’s just an illusion. 

Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Attractive: The Idea of Love 

I remember this song lyrics by Justin Bieber ft Halsey: 

Am I in love with you? Am I in love with you?

Or am I in love with the feeling?

Trying to find the truth, trying to find the truth

Sometimes the heart is deceiving

Justin Bieber ft. Halsey – The Feeling

I feel confused if I love him or it’s just my idea of being in love, if it’s just my idea of love. 

I have been lonely for so many years. I have been watching Disney and read so many Wattpad stories or K-pop fangirls. That makes falling in love seem harder, you know. Maybe I just love being with him because he dressed up nice like Jimin BTS. 

And the list of “reasons why my boyfriend is cute” goes on not because he is really cute, but it’s just your idea of being with a cute guy. And he could act like he is really cute or perfect. 

Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Attractive: You Compare Him with Your Ex 

Nina was in a bad relationship and she managed to move on. Her ex now looks unattractive, ugly, and jerky. Nina decided that her next bf should be better than her ex. Then, this new guy who gave his best first impression to Nina walked in, and Nina have that positive illusion so they got along. 

Nina said, “ah this guy looks better than my ex”. What’s really happened here is, Nina and her positive illusion. She compares his now bf to his ex, thinking it’s gonna get better. Thinking he is more attractive than his ex.

Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Attractive: You Wear That Rose Coloured Glasses

That’s a figurative or an idiom about an optimistic perception and illusion of something that you think it’s better than actually is. Everything about your boyfriend is attractive, cute, cool, amazing, brilliant, and yeah. 

You don’t feel like he would do anything wrong to hurt you. Even when you notice the red flag, it’s cryptic because all you see in pinky love stories. You will exaggerate the whole story like, “oh he bought me chocolate”. Well, it’s just chocolate. If chocolate can be the indicator of love, ok let’s talk about Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. 

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Reasons Why My Boyfriend Is Attractive: He Is, Until He Dump You 

Boyfriend is attractive until he dumps you in the saddest way to break up with someone. While you are staying with your boyfriend in mutual agreement, his dreamy eyes, his sweet talk, his lullaby, his riddles, even his little white lies make sense to you. 

When you guys break up, no matter what, you will continue ranking your ex about how unattractive he was and how foolish you were. You will likely regret those lists of “reasons why my boyfriend is attractive” or “reasons why my boyfriend is cute”. 

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