11 Reasons why my boyfriend is ignoring me and what to do

There are so many reasons why my boyfriend is ignoring me. Maybe he is not ready for a relationship, he is a player, he is busy, or that could be anything. Let’s find our every possible reason why he is ignoring you here! 

Reasons why my boyfriend is ignoring me 

He is not the way he is. All of sudden, he went cold to you. He cuts the conversation and avoids every question you ask. 

Here are possible reasons why is he ignoring you all of a sudden: 

1. He is busy 

He is busy with everything. Maybe his job, he’s playing online games, he’s with his homeboys doing shit, he is eating ramen, he is helping his mom, he’s making that YouTube money, he is creating something, or he is playing with cats. People are busy, you know, but he will make time for you if he loves you, when he finally get some free time. 

2. He hates texting 

Some guys are a lazy texter and he might also hate talking on the phone. Maybe he is the type of guy who admires a real conversation in person, so he could watch your eyes, your gesture, your real expression, and physical existences, and he just loves to see you in person. 

3. He is tired 

Reasons why my boyfriend is ignoring me? Maybe he is just tired that day. Tired of his job, schools, family, or everything. He might be also tired of you, just maybe he thinks you are being too much lately and he can’t say that. Give him some time to rest his mind. You can talk to him again later when you guys feel better. 

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4. You did something bad 

If that happens after a fight, he ignores you because he is mad at you. Maybe you did something bad and you hurt his feelings but you don’t realize it until he avoids you. 

I know. it’s unhealthy. When you mad at someone, you better talk it out. You could also tell something like, “this fight getting me crazy, I am crazy right now. I’ll talk to you later”. Instead of slowly disappearing, making things worse. And if you address you made a big mess to someone, be kind to say sorry first and understand the situation. 

5. You’ve been toxic 

Maybe you text him every minute to ask about annoying things, or interrogation him, or talk shits, or complain about life, or complain about him in some negative vibes that makes him wanna run away. Maybe you should get some time to think if you are doing him wrong untuk he feels this way. 

6.He’s into something 

Maybe it’s not about you, but he is just into something stressful in life lately and he can’t tell you. And you feel he is ignoring you. 

You could tell him something nice to support him, like “hey hope you are doing okay. If you need something, I am here”. Then you go your days and hope he is okay until he reaches back to you. 

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7. He needs some space 

Reasons why my boyfriend is ignoring me? Maybe he needs some space for some reasons. It has nothing to do with you, but life can always get you down to the point you just wanna be alone. Plus, if he is the introverted type of guy who most likely loves to be alone when he is frustrated or overwhelmed. 

I run away when things are good
And never really understood
The way you laid your eyes on me
In ways that no one ever could
And so it seems I broke your heart
My ignorance has struck again
I failed to see it from the start
And tore you open ’til the end
And I’m sorry to my unknown lover


8. He is thinking about breakup 

We don’t wanna say that, but one of the most common reasons why he is ignoring you is because he’s been thinking about breaking up with you. But he doesn’t know how or why. He also doesn’t want to hurt you, but ignoring you slowly hurts you the most. 

9. He is cheating 

If he ignores you all the time, even when you know he is not so bust, and it’s been weeks, that could be a sign of cheating. He might be busy with some other girl and never think about replying or picking up your calls. I know it hurts. Been there too. 

10. He wants to leave 

Maybe you are not dating the right guy. He is too cowardly to break up with you in person and he chooses the worst way to ignore you as an excuse. He will have an endless excuse about why he ignores you, until you decide to break up with him, so he will feel it’s you who end the relationship and he won’t feel guilty. 

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11. He doesn’t love you (anymore)

A guy or girl or anyone will never ignore the one they love, no matter how busy they are. They will always make time and place, and fight the world to just sit with you. 

What to Do When He Ignores you? 

Here’s some tips to do when a guy ignores you all of sudden: 

  • Don’t be thirsty. Text him one time then don’t wait. Only text him back when he reaches out. 
  • Don’t be needy. If you text him, just test him in some positive ways. You could ask him how he is doing and hope he is fine. That’s it. 
  • Be busy. Mind your own business. Be busy about your day. There are 6.000 better things to do then wait for a text message or a phone call from a person who ignores you or leaves you like a leftover food. 
  • Give him a chance for a week. If you haven’t heard anything from him for a week, then consider it a breakup. A hard pill to swallow. Unless he is lost in the wood, or mountain, or ocean where he couldn’t reach a phone to text you back. 

That’s about some reasons why my boyfriend is ignoring me. Remember that’s just some opinions and you might have different problems. You know your guy better and listen to what your gut tells you. I hope that helps you and I hope you are okay. Remember, the one who loves you never gonna ignore you all of sudden.