What to do when my boyfriend is traveling without me?

I don’t know if the word “traveling” makes sense to us during this damn pandemic season, and we don’t know when it’s going to be safe to travel again. Indeed, some places seem to be open to visit and use the health protocol to keep it safe. 

What to do when my boyfriend is traveling without me?

Well, if your boyfriend travel alone without you, after a very long bad quarantine, this is what to do when my boyfriend is traveling without me: 

1. Talk 

You could just nicely ask where he is going and how long it’s gonna be. It’s okay to ask with whom is he going, like maybe he travels with homeboys to enjoy some time off, and they agree not to bring some girls with them. 

Also, maybe he wants to travel alone to feel okay. Don’t you like it to travel alone sometimes? You just want some peace, a moment to clear your mind, after a long period of bad days. So, don’t freak out if your lover wants to take you to travel together. 

2. Ask 

You could just ask if you want to join or if you could join him. He will tell you a yes or a no, and some reasons too. 

I don’t know about you but holidays must be well-planned for me and I can’t just go on holiday right away just because my bf wants to. I mean, the budget and schedules, you are busy and stuff, that’s maybe the reason you cannot go travel with him. 

3. Maybe It’s A Business Trip 

Maybe he is going on a business trip that you cannot go. Yes, he is traveling but he is also working. You cannot go there for some reason. 

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4. Keep Communication Going 

While he is traveling out there, keep the convo sparks in a fun way. You could start a convo about what’s going on, what’s the beautiful things there, the food, the people, the weather, his feelings, and all the fun things he is excited about. 

Indeed, you can’t expect him to reply to you right away cause he’s on his holiday. He must enjoy his time. Don’t disturb him too much.

5. Let Him Enjoy 

Yes, let him enjoy the world. Let him enjoy his time wherever he is going. He will tell you how happy he is, and I bet that makes you happy too to see him happy. 

6. Don’t Be Jealous 

What to do when my boyfriend is traveling without me? You could just chill, relax, and don’t get jealous or overthinking about where he is. You might think bad about him, like maybe he hooks up with some random girls or he goes to a hot bar, or might be cheating. Don’t do that. Just don’t. 

7. Trust Him 

If he loves you, he loves you. He will keep his love for you no matter what. He will be faithful to you. He can be traveling with beautiful female group friends, but he ain’t do anything bad. 

8. Enjoy Your Own Time 

Fill your days with valuable things, instead of overthinking about bae on his holiday. Tell him you also have a good time there even when you cannot wait to see him again. 

9. Be In Touch with Him 

He is away but he is not gone. Ask him like if he could give you some pictures of beautiful places, or video calls you so it feels like you are there together. 

10. Don’t Say Bad Things 

Tell him you miss him and you wish you were there. Don’t tell him you are worried that he will hook up there. Tell him you are happy he finally got the chance to visit the places he’s been dreaming.

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11. Keep Each Other Updated 

Yes, there are always ways to keep communicating in a very warm convo. Tell him about what you are up to. Send him nice jokes or cute selfies. And he also needs to do the same. 

12. Don’t Worry 

He will tell you all the nice things happening there. He will tell you how he wishes you were there, and would be happier. He will remember you when he sees a beautiful sunset, good food, nice places, and will tell you that it would be more beautiful to experience this with you. 

13. Plan Next Trip Together 

Don’t worry, just plan the next trip together. Pick up the places that you guys would love to see, save the money, prepare the schedule, and list all the things you guys wanna do. That would be beautiful. 

What to do when my boyfriend is traveling without me? Basically just mind your own business but keep the communication and trust sparks. You guys need to enjoy the relationship and find ways to feel each other close, even when in long distance for a short period.