What to do when my boyfriend is being difficult and won’t tell me what he wants for valentines day?

So, Valentine’s day is coming but your relationship goes off? And now you wonder what to do when my boyfriend is being difficult and won’t tell me what he wants for valentines day? 

Couple argue about everything, but it won’t be a good idea to fight during Valentine’s day. Let’s find out some opinion about what’s best to do in that kind of situation. 

What to do when my boyfriend is being difficult and wont tell me what he wants for valentines day?

Maybe it’s not about Valentine’s day, but you two have been suffering from some relationship problems quite lately. Then one person thought Valentine’s is important, but the other just ignored it because something not good is going on. You guys need to communicate.

1. What’s Valentine’s Day?

We don’t really wanna talk about the history of Valentine’s day, but as most people believe today, Valentine’s day is the love day where couples send gifts, surprises, cards and flowers, and celebrate love with their lovers in the most lovely ways possible. But then you need to know, love day should be everyday. 

It’s okay if your boyfriend doesn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s cause maybe he is not that romantic type of guy, or he has his way to express how much he loves you. Everyday, you will see how much he loves you day by day. 

2. Love Comparisons 

We scroll into Instagram with the #Valentines and there are thousands couple posting about their cute lovely relationship, and sometimes we want the same things from our lovers. We start to compare our relationship with their relationship. We start to have an unrealistic expectation about love. 

I think we should not do that. We should know that most Instagram posts have nothing to do with reality. We should know that our lover is a different person and he has his way to love you. Much better. 

3. Tell Him You Are Not Comfortable 

If you approach your boy about what you wanna do for Valentine with him, but he seems not interested, then maybe you should tell him why you don’t feel it is comfortable. I mean, communicate with him nicely about what makes you happy, loved, and appreciated.

Tell him, if you feel unloved that he doesn’t do the ABCDERFG things during Valentine’s. Also, you need to keep your expectation realistic for him. 

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4. Communicate about Your Idea of Romance 

You two are two different people with different personalities. Maybe your idea of romance is way different with his idea of romance. Maybe he thinks it’s okay to just take you out for coffee during valentine’s day, but for you it’s not. Maybe you want a special gift, kisses, hugs, movies, and more. Communicate it all. 

Also, listen to him about what is his idea of romance. Maybe he has a sweeter idea for you. Discuss about it, find the nice solution where both people feel okay, loved, and appreciated. 

5. Find The Root of The Problems 

Is it because he is not into Valentine or he’s not actually into you? You can see that from his actions. Does he really care about you everyday? Does he really show his love to you? If he is ignorant to you on a daily basis, that could be a red flag. Like, maybe he doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s, but we wish he shows his love to you in other better ways. 

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6. Spend Time with Yourself 

Maybe you don’t really need him to be happy? Or maybe you can love yourself. Dress up, do your hair real nice, and take a very cute picture. Then, send it online. When he sees that, he will regret not taking you out on Valentine’s day. No, feel beautiful for yourself. Look at you, you are nice and cute.