What to Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Be with You Anymore?

“What to do when your boyfriend doesn’t want to be with you anymore?” Some cute people out there might be experiencing that bad feeling right now. Let’s find out some opinion about what’s best to do here.

Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Relationship 

In a relationship, most people usually cannot say it directly when they won’t be in a relationship, or they wait for the right time to finally break up, or they let the ship sink slowly but sure. But people show signs about what they are feeling toward somebody. 

That could be a warning sign or a red flag. Here’s some signs they don’t want relationship with you: 

1. No Effort

They don’t do anything to make things right. They do nothing to show up to. Your boyfriend maybe not interested in spending time with you. 

Never call you to ask how you are doing. Never pick up the phone. They don’t tell you what’s going on. They just slowly get you alone and you wonder why. 

2. Excuses 

They will tell you that they have been busy and overwhelmed in life, that’s why he never show up lately. Girl, yeah we are busy in life. We are so damn busy but if your significant other never really making time for you, never sacrifices his energy to you, you know he never really wants that idea of a relationship with you. 

3. Your Gut Feeling Is Always Right 

You might have been suffering and overthinking about what’s going on with him. If he loves you, if he’s not. You try to calm yourself like, “oh no, it’s just me and my overthinking… he loves me. He does”. 

Girl, your instinct is almost always right. He sends you the signal that he doesn’t want you around. A man cannot be ignorant to a woman he loves, no matter how busy he is. Plus, he was never really that busy all day. 

Then how do you know when your boyfriend doesn’t want to be with you anymore? Dear, it’s like working on a group job project but you are the one who finishes all the work. That won’t make you happy to fight alone and the other is just laying on the couch. 

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Reasons Why He Doesn’t Want A Relationship 

People come up with so many ideas, feelings, personalities, behaviors, and everything. Sometimes you cannot just guess why he does that to you. He was good to you and that’s all you think about him. 

Never in your bad day you would think he wanna leave you or cut all ties. Even the reasons in unclear, this is common possibilities why they don’t want a relationship: 

1. Emotionally Unavailable 

He looks okay but maybe he never really tells you about the bad experiences he had in the past relationship. Yes, bad memories change people. He might be just emotionally unavailable to start a new relationship with anyone. 

Yes, they come to you so nicely earlier. When he notices you catch a deeper feeling, he will back off. He doesn’t feel comfortable about the idea of a romantic relationship cause he hasn’t really cured from the bad trauma of the last relationship. 

2. Prioritize 

He believes that you are a really nice girl, but he is not ready for that. He might have another priority in life lately, there are many aspects like career, family, study, personal growth, and more. He might also think that he must achieve something or his dream before he would fill his life with a committed relationship. 

3. He Wants to Keep His Option Opens 

Maybe he was too young for a committed relationship or maybe he was just a bad guy in your story. Some guys may prefer for a casual date instead of a committed relationship, cause he thinks those girls in the street are quite hot. 

4. He Is The Guy Who Can’t Be Moved 

‘Cause if one day you wake up and find that you’re missing me

And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be

Thinking maybe you’ll come back here to the place that we’d meet

And you’ll see me waiting for you on the corner of the street

So I’m not moving, I’m not moving 

The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Maybe he hasn’t moved on yet from his past relationship or doesn’t wanna move. He might be still waiting for that ex-girlfriend on the corner of the street, but she ain’t coming back. 

We don’t know the complete version of his story. Maybe he had a really best love story with his ex that is so unforgettable, maybe he made a big mistake, or maybe he just was not sure about himself.

5. It’s Not You 

It hurts to know that the one who you love, doesn’t love you back. For this case, maybe he wants a relationship and he is ready for it, but it’s not you. It’s one-sided love. I felt that. 

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What to Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Be with You Anymore?

No one can tell if you ask what does it mean when a man doesn’t want a relationship, but you. You know that person better that all of us. You are the one who can decide what is right, but here are some opinion: 

1. Talk to Him 

Just ask him, “are you in it or not?” He will tell you so many reasons, try to understand it but don’t buy it. You need to think clearly if that makes sense to you. 

2. Find Solution 

Let’s say he wants to try it with you. You both can find a solution to balance the relationship. You guys should have the same job to work it out. Try to talk, communicate, listen, understand, and love each other better. 

3. Have You Standard 

Have a list of what is the deal-breaker of a guy in your relationship. We know you love him so much that you can tolerate him, you will always be able to forgive him, but stood up for yourself too.

The deal-breaker lists will help you to determine if he’s the right one for you or not, to know ehn is time to go. That will help you to keep the relationship healthy. 

4. Work on Yourself 

Are you so desperate to be with him until you Googling about what does it mean when a man doesn’t want a relationship? Then, you should focus on your personal growth instead of chasing him. If he’s not ready for a relationship, you can just leave. You don’t wanna wait for the bus on the wrong route. 

5. Ask for Help 

There’s another story, you can ask for help from a licensed mental health professional about your condition. This will also help you build your personal growth.

6. Make Decision 

If you think you wanna fight to stay with that one guy, you can and take the risk. If your decision can make you sleep well at night, it’s okay. 

But if you wanna leave him and move on, that’s also a good idea. It’s gonna hurt, but trust me it’s not gonna hurt forever. I think it would be more painful to stay with a guy who never loves you, never see the beauty in you. Also, you deserve the right man who treats you right. 

That’s a little opinion about what to do when your boyfriend doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Hope we all find our true love and happiness.