What to do when my boyfriend stopped texting me after I said I love him?

Few months ago I wondered about what to do when my boyfriend stopped texting me after I said I love him. I got clingy, overthinking, and just so mad about it. I wanted to know how he is feeling about me, but then I received nothing. 

Based on those unpleasant experiences, I would like to tell you about ways to respond when your boyfriend stop texting. 

1. Don’t Freak Out 

It’s not that he doesn’t love you back, but sometimes saying “I love you” directly is not easy. Yet we can express love in any other ways, maybe a sweeter way. Check out here about Other Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You.

2. You Are Not Texting Him 24/7 

We don’t need to text a boyfriend every single minute, to say I love you, or anything. We don’t even need to confess ‘I love you’ everyday. It might be sweet but it could be cringe, you know. 

Just know he loves you by the way he treats you, more than just an “I love you” text message. It is the form of love when he talks to you about essential things, when he listens, when he really cares about you, and makes you feel special even in a weird way. 

3. He Is Not That Romantic Kind of Guy 

Maybe your guy is just a little too shy to say “I love you too baby” but he does love you. Saying those three words is strange for him. And it’s okay as long as he stays and cares about you.

4. Don’t Do Anything 

What does it mean if your boyfriend suddenly stops texting you? Nothing. You could just chill and relax. You love him, okay, but you are not obsessing about your bf. 

You should not show him that you are needy, clingy, freak out, or desperate to just hear him saying ‘I love you’. That doesn’t seem like what an attractive girlfriend would do. 

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5. Watch Out The Relationship 

Um, figure out about the phase of your relationship with him. At the beginning, some guys would be on fire to chase his girl. He would do anything to keep you around, and maybe text “I love you” almost all the time. 

When he stops doing that, you will freak out thinking he doesn’t love you anymore. It’s normal, maybe you come into the “honeymoon phase”. You guys still love each other but not as attached as the beginning. 

6. Find Out The Meaning of Love 

I am an injured handyman now

I work with words all day

Shut up, I know the irony!

When I was young, I was taught that the trick to dominating language

was breaking it down

Convincing it that it was worthless

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you;

See, nothing

Repetition – Phil Kaye

I don’t know if the quotation from Phil Kaye’s poem above is related to you or not. But the meaning is about when you repeat something over and over again it loses its meaning.

You text him I love you, I love you, I love you; See, nothing. Those words could become just three meaningless words cause we heard that all the time, overrated, lost the sparks, and just nothing.

7. Know When to Say ‘I love you’

Most guys I know will say “I love you” only when he loves you, when he feels you like his home. They don’t say it daily. They don’t send that on a text message. 

When you always text him “love you” and he replies “I love you too”, that’s mostly just a response to you. A proper response cause he doesn’t wanna be rude to you, not because he really meant it. 

8. Don’t Think about It 

If he loves you, he loves you. He doesn’t need to say I love you sometimes, but you feel it right in your heart that he loves you. So, you don’t need to think about what to do when my boyfriend stopped texting me after I said I love him, cause he proves his love by his good action. 

9. Keep Being A Happy Girlfriend 

I heard that many times, they said a happy woman is an attractive girlfriend. Instead of wondering about what does it mean when your boyfriend stops communicating, you better just mind your own business. Don’t wait for his “I love you too” text message. Just shut down the phone, and finish your job. 

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10. Learn about A Healthy Relationship 

The two of you should learn about what a healthy relationship is. Figure out how to communicate, how to treat each other right, what’s good what’s not, how to ask, to respect the boundaries, and how to build a mature healthy committed relationship. 

If you  two have problems, discuss it nicely. Just because your boyfriend stopped texting you after you said you love him, don’t jump into conclusion that he doesn’t love you. You should talk to him, and learn to find a solution.