What to do when my boyfriend said he’s been thinking about breaking up with me?

What to do when my boyfriend said he’s been thinking about breaking up with me? We know, that feeling makes you feel bad.

You think everything is okay, and you kinda love him, you believe he loves you too, but all of sudden he told you about breaking up. 

What to do when my boyfriend said he’s been thinking about breaking up with me?

That’s not the thing you want to hear. Let’s find some opinion about what to do when your partner is thinking of leaving you. 

1. Let Him Explain 

Give him some time and place how he feels about you and what he really wants. You please don’t be so worried, panic, or anxious about the worst scenario he could say. Listen to him first. 

There are many possible causes why he feels that way, about breaking up with you. Maybe, he doesn’t feel good about the idea of relationship. He might not be ready. He have another big plan for his future; moving out to another city, looking for a better job, focusing on study, family stuff, and more. You just need to listen. 

2. Keep Listening and Understanding

He might tell you that you are not that woman he’s looking for (worst scenario). He might think that the relationship doesn’t feel right, unhealthy, or he is not happy about it. 

Also, ask him to elaborate what went wrong. If it’s about you or if it’s about anyone else. Or if it’s about him and his own issue. 

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3. Talk 

Don’t be mad or sad. Try to talk about it to avoid misunderstanding. He talks his things, you talk your opinion. Don’t blame him, don’t talk in anger, don’t make decisions when you don’t feel fine. 

Maybe get two cup of mint tea when you guys are talking. Just to create a better mood to express your feelings. 

4. Find Solution 

If you know the root of the problem, about why he thinks about breaking up with him, now you think and ask him if there is another way to work it out. If you still wanna be with him, if some things could change to be better, if there’s a chance to be together in a healthy way. 

5. Don’t Force Him 

what to do when my boyfriend said he’s been thinking about breaking up with me? Maybe nothing. If you ask him politely, if you offer some better solution, and he is still thinking that it’s the best to break up, then you should break up with him. 

If you ask someone to stay with you and he won’t, he won’t. If you need to ask someone to stay with you, you know he doesn’t love you. Cause if he loves you, he would stay no matter what. He would fight to stay. 

6. Think about Yourself

I think, you don’t wanna be with someone who thinks about leaving you every second. If one is not happy or not loyal in a relationship, that’s gonna lead to an unhealthy relationship phase. You shouldn’t keep it up. 

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7. Make Decision 

The worst thing could happen on a beautiful day. If he chooses to leave you, then lead him to the exit door. Tell him thank you and sorry. Maybe he wasn’t meant for you, and you will be fine. 

If he thinks you guys can work it out, then solve the problems. If there is something about you that makes him feel bad, change to be better. He also needs to change to be a better person, to be a better lover. 

8. You Know When It’s Time to Go

So, what to do when your partner is thinking of leaving you? You know it. If the love is worth fighting, then fight. If he was worth fighting, then fight. But don’t fight the relationship alone. The two of you should be in the same frequency to keep holding on together. And you know when it’s time to go. 

That old familiar body ache

The snaps from the same little breaks in your soul

You know when it’s time to go

Sometimes giving up is the strong thing

Sometimes to run is the brave thing

Sometimes walking out is the one thing

That will find you the right thing

Taylor Swift – it’s time to go

Author: Terdevan

I'll write to you. A super-long letter, like in an old-fashioned novel.” — Haruki Murakami

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