What to do when my boyfriend doesnt want sex as much as I do?

Umm, what to do when my boyfriend doesnt want sex as much as I do? That’s a sensitive question, so let’s find out some opinion about it. 

What to Do When My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Sex as Much as I Do?

Sex is different for everyone. For some people, it might be just a physical touch without any emotional connection. Yet for another couple, sex is something magical as a symbol of love, even could create a deeper bonding and connection to the couple. 

We don’t know about your sexual habit, but if you don’t feel right cause your man avoid having sex with you, here are some opinion you could consider: 

1. It’s Okay 

Maybe it’s just okay. There’s nothing wrong if your man doesnt want sex as much as you do, as long as he still invests all his love, his energy, and his time to you. As long as he is still intertwining his soul to you in another way. 

2. Ask Him 

Ask him why. Maybe you used to lovemaking with him but all of sudden, he seems cold. Also he changes a lot. He is no longer into you. 

If you think there is something wrong, talk nicely. Have a deep talk with him in a good moment. 

3. Discuss What’s Going On 

You know, people have bad days almost everyday. Maybe, he is experiencing a tough time this time and he doesn’t feel like it’s the right time to be nooky.

Support him, hug him, cuddle him. Kiss him in the forehead. Share him love, so he could feel better, and to open up about what he feels lately. 

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4. Respect Him 

Yea, respect his boundaries. Maybe he is not on his comfort lever when it comes to lovemaking lately. Give him some time. You need some time for yourself too. 

5. Find Alternative 

There are some other ways to be intimate with your lover, to build the deep connection other than just sex. You could have a romantic date, cook for him, Netflix and chill, cuddle on the couch, or share stories that remind him about how cute he is. 

6. Communicate 

If it’s about the relationship issue, talk it out. Tell him what you feel and what you want, or what you think that it’s better. Sometimes, a man distance himself when he has enough or when he wanna leave the relationship. 

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7. Reach A Professional Help 

If it’s about something more serious, like reproductive health issues, then please speak to a professional. Also, if he’s been stressed out about life problems and stuff. 

What to do when my boyfriend doesnt want sex as much as I do? You know there could be many possibilities, but talk to your man first about the root of the problem, and find a solution. 

Also, sometimes it’s not only about sex but emotional connection and feeling is more important. You guys also need to figure out the meaning of the relationship.