Sluggish Signs His Friends Are More Important Than You

At some point, you feel like your lover don’t care about you at all and you find him always spending time with his friends, and you don’t know that. He doesn’t even tell you about his friends and what he likes to do.

Signs His Friends Are More Important Than You

In a relationship, of course you want to be your lover’s priority. You want all focus on you and nothing more. But what if your boyfriend has some more important thing in his life? Know the signs his friends are more important than you here!

1. He Rather Hang Out with His Friends Than You 

Whenever he has free time, he would spend it hanging out with his friends rather than hanging out with you. He thinks that you do not need attention and the relationship can just be left hanging. He also keeps going out with them even when you ask him to be with you. 

2. He Does Not Listen to You

When you are busy thinking about someone else, it’s going to be hard to focus. Your boyfriend is going through these phases where he can’t listen to you because he is not with you. He is thinking about his friends.

3. He Talks About His Friends

He seems to always talk about his friends whenever he has the chance to. Whether it’s about their traits or what they enjoy together. It seems like you are always out of his mind.

4. He Compares You to His Friends

The worse thing he will do is he will compare you to his friends. More often than not, you will always look way uglier and worse than his friends. He will even tell you to start acting more like his friends. More fun like his friends or cooler like them. 

5. He Chats His Friends All The Time

I know, you say “my boyfriend would rather be with his friends than me”. You know you don’t lock your boyfriend to be with you 24/7, you wish only some time to spend with him, but you see he is never there with you but always makes time to hang out with his friends. 

There will be absolutely no time to talk to you or even ask about how your day is going. He will be preoccupied in bonding more with his friend through chat.

6. He Will Defend His Friends

Just when you start to complain even a little bit of not having time with him and the cause is his friend, he will defend his friend straight away. In these arguments he won’t even admit that you are right, even a little bit. 

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7. He Will Accuse You

When you do get jealous about all his time with his friend, he will accuse you of not supporting his life and trying to change him. In truth, you are not but he will twist the fact to make you feel like you are wrong.

8. He Will Sacrifice More to His Friends

You tell, “my boyfriend spends more time with his friends than me”. Your boyfriend will start sacrificing more to his friends including his time, his energy, or even his money. But on the other end, he will not spend an ounce of time and energy on you.

9. He Lies About Meeting His Friend

Just so you don’t get jealous or mad, he will start lying about his whereabouts when he is hanging out with his friend. This is a clear sign that your relationship with him is stained and it is not a good everlasting relationship anymore.

More Ways to Know If He Loves His Friends More Than He Could Ever Love You

Boys sometimes are good liars so these signs can be hidden by them. These are the more detailed and little ways to know the signs his friends are more important than you:

1. Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Care about Your Emotion Anymore 

Your boyfriend doesn’t try to understand your emotion or even apologize. If you keep feeling like, “my boyfriend would rather be with his friends than me”, then maybe he is just not into you and he uses his friends as an excuse. 

2. The Relationship is Left to Rot 

He seems to let the relationship get worse and worse, so that he will be free from you. This will be hard and painful to watch.

3. You Are Never on His Social Media 

It seems that he always posts his love for his friends but never for you which makes you question your relationship. Yes, maybe he said he wants to keep the relationship private, but you feel he just doesn’t think you exist. 

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4. His Friend Heard that You Are Annoying 

You know that your relationship with him is a lie when his friend sees you as annoying. This is probably because that is how your boyfriend portrays you to his friend.

5. His Friends Told You to Stay Away 

Your boyfriend probably hates you so much that he can’t help but ask his friend to make you stay away. This is a childish, yet painful thing to do.

6. He Loves Playing Online Games 

He loves playing online games with his friends rather than taking you out for dinner. Yes, boys like to play video games and you can’t force someone to follow what you want. Indeed, he is just never there for you and he doesn’t want to talk about the relationship.  

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Tips to Fix This Relationship

The signs are painful and heart-breaking. So, here are how to deal with a broken relationship: 

  • Grow Self Love – All these rejection, painful words, and action probably hurt so bad. That is why you need time to grow self love and appreciate yourself more.
  • Find Space – Find space to think clearly on the problem, so that you do not make terrible decisions.
  • Talk with Him – The best way to make the problem sorted is to confront your boyfriend. Demand to talk to him about your concerns and worries about his behaviour. Make sure he knows that deep down you still love him. This might soften his heart a little bit and cause your boyfriend to soften down.
  • Sort the Problem Together – If the relationship is still worth fighting for, sort the problem together with an open heart and an open mind. It will make you closer and make the problem go away easier.
  • Move On – Do not be stuck in a relationship that gives you no joy or peace. If you love yourself, you should not stay in a relationship where you are a second choice.

The signs his friends are more important than you will come and make you really hurt. You need to be fully aware of this sign so you can do something about it. At the end of the day, do something that will make you happy in the name of love. This will benefit both of you.

Disclaimer: On other side, you should not be clingy and needy if your lover spends time with their friends. Your lover has life too. Yet if you think your relationship causing you headache whatever the reasons are, just quit.