Signs and Tips on How to Know When A Leo Man Is Playing You

There are times when you need to give your full effort in order to get what you want but you also need to know and realize when you need to stop chasing something. Indeed, you might want to fight so hard to keep your lover around but what if he is just a Leo who is playing with you? 

Once someone is in love, it will be hard for other people to give them advice for their own good. But don’t be a fool, this is how to know when a Leo man is playing you!

How to Know When A Leo Man Is Playing You

You need to remember your worth. Remember to leave him when you start to see the signs that he is playing with you and not showing a real act to take a serious relationship with you. To help you know the signs, here are some signs of how to know when a Leo man is playing you.

1. He will not listen to you

When he is interested in you, he will listen to you. He will consider your advice and appreciate that. If they are not into you, they will not listen to you. Even when you have a problem or the things you want to share with him, he will not listen to your story. 

He may look like he is listening to you, but he does not care about what happened to you. He ignores you without you even realizing it.

2. Keep talking about himself

Leo man’s main focus is himself. It feels like there are a lot of things outside himself, but he will only talk about himself. Whether it is his goal, his vision, things that he wants, and etc. He doesn’t give you a chance to share your story. It could be they don’t think you are that important or they have another important thing to talk about.

3. Arrogant

Love is the foundation of any kind of relationship. Someone who really loves you will choose to do anything to make you happy in a relationship with him. If that person becomes arrogant and limits you in many aspects of your life and makes you cry lots of time, you need to start thinking, are you dating a boy or an onion?

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4. You feel like you are not in his life

He tells you anything about his life but doesn’t really tell you everything. Your intuition says that he is only talking to you to make him feel better about himself. 

5. He’s not there for you 

He is not there when you have a bad day and needs someone to talk. You feels it’s hard to with him or get him around. 

6. He don’t want to talk about you 

How to know when a Leo man is playing you? Everything you feel for him, he blocks you out. He doesn’t want to come to you or involve himself in your life story. It hurts when a Leo man dumps you, you slowly feel his absence. 

How do you know if a Leo man is losing interest? You can see it from how he treats you. You think Leo man testing you? No. He doesn’t care about you, he is cold and blue, and he simply makes you feel worthless even when you show him how much you love him.

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How to Get Over A Guy Who Played You

When a Leo man leaves you, it feels so bad. Sometimes he doesn’t want to say directly that he doesn’t want to be with you but he shows signs Leo man is not interested. 

Indeed, you can’t just sit crying on your bed. You need to move on and get over him. Here are some tips about how to move on over a guy who played you: 

1. Make some space

To get over someone, the first thing that you need to do is to create a space. This space will distance yourself and that particular person. The longer and the bigger the distance or space you created will give you less influence from that person. This will help you to think about yourself first than others.

2. Surround yourself with positivity

When you are being used by someone you love, it will be hard for you to accept or even to know the reality. To help you to get over him, surround yourself with positivity. Positivity can come from everywhere such as your family, friends, or the things you like to do.

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3. Support another people

You do realize that you don’t live in this world all alone. You are in the society and a lot of problems are going on. The best way to see that you chose the wrong person who does not respect your worth in the past is by helping other people. By helping other people, you can slowly get your consciousness back and think more logically.

4. Focus on yourself

Last one, focus on yourself. Your happiness is the most important thing and no one has the right to let you down. You are the one who defines your happiness and stays in a happy feeling. You decide what you want to do and feel.

5. No boys can make you cry 

Either he is a Leo, Capricorn, or falling from Mars, please note that no boys can make you cry. You need to be brave, strong, and pretty enough not to let them make you feel down. If someone decides to leave you, then tell him the exit door. 

Now you know the signs Leo man is not interested and how to know when a Leo man is playing you. There is nothing to do when a Leo man is done with you, but you have to move on and be a better lover for the next guy. I hope this information can help you think about what’s better. I know it’s hard but loving is always hard. Isn’t it?