How to Know If A Leo Man Is Serious About You for A Relationship

Knowing someone loves you back is not enough to start a relationship. Oh well, actually it depends on you. There are some people who are into a relationship only to look for happiness and take nothing seriously. But, there are also some people who take relationships seriously where they want to look for a life partner.

How to Know If A Leo Man Is Serious About You for A Relationship

Indeed, if you are dating a Leo (people who are born between July 23 and August 22), you can see if he is really into you from the way he treats you. Here are some way on how to know if a Leo man is serious about you: 

Without any further due, here are some signs that you can notice on how to know if a leo man is serious about you.

1. He will start to open up to you

Honestly, Leo man is that type of guy who takes everything slowly. He might have stated that he likes you but this does not mean that he will open up about himself to you directly. 

If you are sure to get close to him and you like him that much, as much as he likes you, it’s going to be easy for both of you to get closer and closer. By then, you can actually build trust with him which will make your relationship with him better.

2. He will let you wear his things

Maybe you will see that a lot of couples used to live together in an apartment and change their clothes or simply lend their partner their clothes or jacket. But, this will not happen to Leo man that easy. It will take some time for him to actually trust you and let live with him and wear his clothes.

Don’t worry, this is one of his ways to get to know you better, and as time goes by you will understand him better. Once he is allowing you to wear his clothes and be more open to you, this is a sign that he is serious about you.

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3. Shows that he is in love in public

How to know if a Leo man is serious about you? You can see him showing his affection in public. When a Leo man is in love with you and serious about the relationship, he will try to show his love to you in public. He will act like he has the best girlfriend in the world and usually he will attract people’s attention towards both of you. 

4. He shows his true color 

When a Leo man is in love, he will show his true color that no one else sees. He will trust you to know his bad and good side. He is not afraid to tell you the truth cause he believes that you will still be by his side no matter what. 

5. He wants you around 

How do Leos act when they like someone? He wants to see you always. He looks up for you and gets comfortable time by time. 

Earlier, you see that Leo man is quiet and sometimes cold. Once he feels the love, he will constantly be calling and talking to you. 

6. He will tell his friends 

It’s not everyday that a Leo man wants to talk about love, but when he is trully in love, he will tell people about how grateful he is to be with his girlfriend right now. 

7. He will confess 

How to know if a Leo man is serious about you? He will tell you and he meant it. You will believe his words as he shows you his true actions. If Leo don’t tell you about his feelings, even when you both got close enough, it doesn’t mean he wants you. He might just feel alone or just being polite to you. 

8. He still wants his freedom 

How does a leo man behave when in love? A leo man is such an active and free person. He loves you and respects you, but you can limit him to do what he wants. He still wants his space, his freedom, and his world to all on his hand. 

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9. A rebellious side 

How does a leo man show interest in a woman? He will show you his rebellious side in the relationship. He might shock you with his unconventional side. He used to be so conservative in life, but he can be widely rebellious and want some crazy ideas about the life he wants with you. 

10. He will come closer 

How do you tell if a Leo man has a crush on you? He will come closer without you trying so hard to approach him. Leo man does not always approach someone, but when he did, he did that because he has a crush on you. He wants it so he does the first move. 

Ways to attract leo man

Whether he already showed some signs that he is serious about you and about to have a relationship with you, you can try to do some ways to attract your Leo man to have a closer bond with you. Here are the ways:

1. Make him as your hero

Leo man is that type of man who always wants to be your hero. He wants to be that person that you can count to.This attitude also wants to let you know that you will always have him when you need some help because he will help you. Apart from his zodiac sign, we can see that most guys want to be a hero to someone he loves.

2. Give more attention and compliments

How do you make a Leo man miss you? You don’t need to buy your Leo man a fancy and expensive thing to impress him and to get his attention to you. There is a way to attract him to you. 

Give him more attention and compliments to the little things that he does. Giving your attention and compliment to him even though he only does little things will show how much you respect and love him. And he will notice it as time goes by.

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3. Independent woman

Be an independent woman. Previously I mentioned that you need to let him be your hero, but this does not mean you can call him every single time. Understand the difference between making him your hero and making him as your bellboy. 

Call him when you really need him and when you feel stuck in a situation or a problem. He loves to know that he is about to have a relationship with an independent woman.

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