How to Know If A Leo Woman Doesn’t Like You Back

When you are in love with someone, you will feel so happy when she is showing the obvious signs that she likes you back. These signs can help you not only to generate happiness but also to make sure that she is also into you. 

How to Know If A Leo Woman Doesn’t Like You Back

By then, after you know the answer and the signs from her, you can actually move to think about the next step. To help you with this, here is some information related to how to know if a Leo woman doesn’t like you, that can help you to know more.

1. She got busy all of sudden 

She is suddenly busier than she ever has been. Everytime you reach out, she will give an excuse that she got work to do. She avoids you but doesn’t want to hurt you directly. If you keep forcing her to connect with you, she will get bothered more. 

2. Avoid eye contact

If you meet her, she doesn’t want to look you in the eye. She might lose interest in you or she just never interested in you. 

She might still talk to you but the conversation is not so deep. She will hide, give you an excuse, or close her heart for you. That’s how to know if a Leo woman doesn’t like you back.

3. They shut up 

The signs a leo woman doesn’t like you, leo woman distant are they shut up or they shut you up. Leo is usually so fun, powerful, and has a very active social life. If a Leo woman doesn’t like you back, she still invites you to the party but she barely talks to you. She enjoys the party like you are not there. 

4. Don’t want your company 

She stops making schedule to meet you cause she simply doesn’t want to spend time with you. She stops replying to your text, your calls, or any occasion related to your existence. Leo woman distant and you feel it. 

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5. She makes you feel bad 

How do you know if a Leo woman is not interested? You will see. She will make you feel bad with her aggressive attitude. She will be very critical and sees you with negative vibes. That’s the signs a leo woman doesn’t like you back. 

6. She doesn’t care 

A typical Leo personality is they tend to love listening to people and make conversation. Yet if Leo woman doesn’t like you, she will show that she doesn’t care. She can act like what you do or say is wrong when it’s actually not. 

7. She dumps you 

She actually can hide her feelings when she doesn’t like you. She ignores you slowly, then she can’t be polite no more. She will dump you right away. You can try for more but when a Leo woman stops talking to you, she won’t talk to you. 

8. She is just for herself 

How to know if a Leo woman doesn’t like you back? She becomes distant and no longer includes you in her life. She puts herself first, makes her own priority, and makes you feel like a dirty laundry. That’s one of many signs a leo woman is not interested in you. 

9. Available for everyone but not for you 

Leo is the life of the party. You know, she is friendly, easy going, and mostly communicative. Yet when she doesn’t like you, she can be available for everyone but you. You can be in the same room as her and she talks to everyone but you. If you say your opinion, you can say that, but she will think that’s irrelevant for her. 

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Signs A Leo Woman likes you

Do not give up first. Maybe after some effort that you did, she is showing her interest to get to know you better. You can know whether she starts to like you or not by seeing some signs below.

1. Looking for your attention

Leo woman loves to be the center of attention. When she likes you, she will show her interest to you. She will try to get your attention more here. By then, she will understand that you like her back. So, do not waste your chance once she shows you this sign.

2. Pouring you with love

When she starts to care and pay attention to the little things that you do, this means that she likes you. What you need to know about a Leo woman is that she wants to be loved back by showing that she loves you. 

So, when she is paying attention to the little things that you do, she is hoping that you will do the same thing to her. You can also make some moves since she is looking for your attention and she is already into you.

So, this is the end of our article today which is about how to know if a leo woman doesn’t like you back. Thank you for giving your time to read our article, I hope you can find some useful love tips here. Meanwhile, hope you find your true love real soon. 

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  1. Here goes, I’m wondering should I walk away from a friendship or let take its course. Late last year, i developed a friendship with a female Leo and I’m a female Sagittarius.. In midst of our friendship I developed feelings for her. My behavior showed just saying and doing things I never would do. Like being way more sensitive and Defensive than normal. It all came to a head when we had an big argument. Our friendship hasnt Been the same since. She still talks to me but i have to reach out to her , the convo isnt that deep,.. ppl I’ve told about this says the damage is done leave but i dont wanna miss out it may the friendship being repaired ..HELP??

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