Should I Give Up on My Crush If She Has A Boyfriend?

People say that love can touch anyone in any age at any condition. Love is unpredictable and it will shock you somehow. A lot of people are falling in love with someone they can’t have. Yes, loving a crush can be hurt if they don’t notice you or if they have somebody else. You ask yourself then, “should I give up on my crush if she has a boyfriend?” 

Why You Shuold Give Up On Your Crush

There are some reasons to give up on that girl who is likely to be your crush. These reasons will give you a clear explanation to help you understand more whether you should give up or not.

1. There are more than one girl

Seriously, man? If she already has a boyfriend you are going to chase her like there are no other girls in this world? The fact that she has a boyfriend already shows you that you are not her type. So, stop to think to take her from her boyfriend and start to think and focus on how you become a better person. 

2. You can find someone better than her 

Never mind you will find someone better than her. The one who is gonna love you equally. Give up your crush and give another girl a chance to be with you. Sometimes, we focus on someone who ignores us while we block the one who really loves us. 

3. Don’t waste your time 

Dude, you might be wasting yourself waiting on someone who is not going to look at you sooner or later. I know, you love her and you can’t help it. Yet, don’t waste your time and energy on her any longer. Instead of focusing on her, focus on yourself to be the kind of guy she will regret years by now. 

4. Are you gonna ruin her relationship? 

No, you don’t. You can’t ruin her relationship with her bf so she would choose. I can tell you, two people who are in love cannot be separated. They are madly in love, you can’t fight it. If you are still asking “is it bad to have a crush when you have a boyfriend?” So, it’s wiser to just give up. 

Should I give up on my crush if she has a boyfriend?” I think you should. It’s gonna break your hear a lil bit, but it’s gonna be okay. It doesn’t mean you are a loser or a weak person, it’s just not meant for you. Some other girl will love you, you know that.

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Tips To Get Over Your Crush

I know it is hard to forget someone you love even in this case. So, I will give you some tips that you can apply in order to forget her. No more questions such as “what to do if the girl you like has a boyfriend?” It is important to help you to start over a new and better life.

1. Stop looking at their social media

Honestly, blocking someone in the past in order not to stalk or see them around is good. Your past needs to stay in the past and not follow you in the present or future time. So, unfriend her or just block her to help you to move on. If you keep looking at her current pictures with her bf, you will be hurt. 

You need to take the lesson of your past and learn better in order not to create the same mistake again. So, stop looking at your crush social media, if you can’t then just block or delete your social media, sometimes you need to be bold. 

2. Accept the reality and let go

Second and most important one is to accept reality and let it go. What else can you do? It already happened, she has a boyfriend and this does not mean that you are too late to approach her and ask her to be your girlfriend. 

This means that you guys do not belong to be together. Because if you guys do then why did you take so long to be with her? Shouldn’t it be faster because both sides were trying to be together? Accept it and let it go. 

3. Know that you will get over it

Should I give up on my crush if she has a boyfriend? Yes. Your life will not end that easy if you are not able to be with her. Know your worth. Know that this problem will pass and you will eventually get over it and live your life happily. 

Stop asking questions like, “is it bad to have a crush when you have a boyfriend?” It is not bad or good. It’s just something you need to deal with. If she is meant to be with you, she will be with you no matter what. If she meant to be with someone else, nothing you do can make her close to you. 

4. Focus on you 

You might not want to be with someone else in the meantime. You need to heal yourself now from the pain of one sided love. Maybe, you need to focus on your things now. Switch the focus on you, eat greens, go to the gym, earn more money, and succeed in your field. 

5. Don’t force things 

“How do you impress your crush if she has a boyfriend?” Nothing. Don’t force things. I guess, you have tried all your best to impress you and the result is nothing. She is now with someone else. She might be impressed at the things you do, but as just friends. So, be low key. 

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6. Relax 

It’s not like you want to get married real soon. I believe you still have many choices later in life. You are young and smart and attractive. Someone will find you and appreciate you as a lover. Just relax now. 

Also, don’t try hard to forget her. The more you try to forget someone, it’s harder. Feel the pain. Time will heal. By time, you will figure out and laugh about your stupidity in waiting for someone who is waiting for someone else. 

“Should I give up on my crush if she has a boyfriend?” Now it depends on you. You want to hurt yourself for more or you want to feel pain now but move on later.