20 Signs That A Boy Has A Crush on You Secretly

You might notice a pair of eyes on you but when you turn around, no one is looking. You may feel that a special person is acting differently around you, and only you. Well, these signs that a boy has a crush on you means something. Yes, it means something big.

Signs That A Boy Has A Crush on You

For some girls, a boyfriend is always a comfort. The idea of love is always very special and amazing. You may be crushing on a boy or you feel like a boy is being weird around you.  

In a guy, showing feelings is not common so they may send you subtle codes. Do not dismiss it, start looking at these signs and determine if he is giving you hints that he wants to go to the next level. These are the signs he has a crush on you:

1. He is protective of you 

A guy does not always go out of his way and protect every girl. If you see that he is protecting you from other guys or from a possible trouble, you know that he has a massive crush on you. 

This is because it is natural for a guy to do the protection job in a relationship. And at the end of the day, he wants his girl to always be happy and free of problems.

2. The first texter

Looking for signs he has a crush on you over text? In the middle of the day he sends you a random text. Do not be confused. This is his way of saying that he thinks about you all the time and he can’t stop talking to you ever. 

He won’t just let the conversation die when it feels dry. He will always try to switch topics to get the conversation going with you. If you have a contact of a boy who chats with you every single day, he might be the secret admirer!

2. He gives you compliments

It is usually not common for a guy to randomly compliment a girl. And it’s usually something specific like your behavior or your thoughts. If you have a guy that likes to compliment you, it’s probably the one. 

He does this because he wants you to feel special and he wants you to see how you look from his eyes. This is one of the signs that a boy has a crush on you.

3. He is physically close to you

Whenever he is with you, he will always try to be next to you. And amidst being together, he will always do little things like grab your arms, rest his hand on your thighs, or wrap you with his arms. 

A guy that is comfortable with being this close to you usually does it because he loves it when you are close to you. He longs for intimacy with you by sneaking a move here and there. How to know if a guy has a crush on you at school? He always stays around you in every class. 

4. He stutters and he seems nervous

A guy is usually confident around girls they don’t have a crush on. But when you see someone who is confident and now he is always stuttering when he is alone with you, he is probably attracted to you. 

He is nervous when you are the only one in the room. He does this because he wants you to like her more and his attempt to make you blush is ruined by his utter adore to you.

5. He always confess that he is single

Being single is bad and horrible. A guy who likes you will make sure that he is single and is feeling all the negative results of being single. This is a sign that he might like you because the first thing that comes to a guy’s mind when talking to a girl is not usually about relationships. They usually steer clear from that because it is sensitive and it requires them to open their feelings.

While mentioning that he is single, he also mentions the fact that you are single. He will say that you are such an amazing girl and he wonders why no one is dating you. This is a sign that he is actually relieved that you are with no one so that you can end up with him.

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6. Not interested in other girls

Girls are in every guy’s mind and usually when a guy is swarmed with girls he will feel ecstatic and flattered. But if he has his eyes for only one girl, he will not care for another girl. 

how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it? He will brush off other girls when he is with you. In a conversation, he will also never mention other girls and his interest towards them. This is one of the signs that a boy has a crush on you! This means his interest is fully invested in you, the girl of his dreams.

7. You’re famous amidst his friend

We all know that guys are not the type to crush on someone and openly tell it to everyone. They usually tell someone they trust, like their best friends. And when you are known around his circle of friends that means he is sure about you. His friends will most likely try to get you two together by creating little plans and strategies.

8. He wants to know your opinion

Whenever he buys a new jacket or gets a new haircut, his first instinct is to tell you and ask for your opinion. A guy usually does not care about other people’s opinion. But since you are the one he likes, your opinion means the world to him. That’s how to know if a boy likes you. 

9. He makes plans with you

If he often asks you out for a cup of coffee or asks you to watch a movie with him, he might like you as a friend. But if he wants this plan to only be between the both of you, then he is definitely into you. That’s one of many signs that a boy have a crush on you.

In a guy’s mind, doing something with a girl that is not related to work or study falls into the category of a date. This is the time where he wants to get to know you personally and actually get close to you.

10. He is ready to hear and be heard

Whenever you have a problem he will always be the first one to show his concern, that’s one of many signs he has a crush on you. He will also let you know that he is there for you whenever. So, when you text him about your feelings but he replies late, he will feel so awful and he will overreact. This is a sure sign that he likes you.

He will also start opening up to a girl that he is sure of. This is not common for guys. So when you hear him talk about his deepest secret, this is probably because he has a massive crush on you.

11. He notices every single changes

You have your hair a milliliter short or you change the side of your bangs. For a guy who likes you, this is something big and he will mention this the first time you arrive. This happens because he uses so much time to watch you, study your every aspect, and memorize it in his brain. No wonder he can notice the slightest of change.

12. They ask something deep

A guy who doesn’t like you will stay on the surface when you guys are conversing. But a guy who has a crush on you will not be afraid to ask for your opinion on something that feels deep and personal. Your conversation will start to feel very meaningful and thought provoking. Date a guy that makes you wonder.

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13. You heard that he have been talking about you

Whispers may lead you to the conclusion that he likes you. If you hear that he has been talking about you from someone else, that means he is officially crushing on you. Now that it is out in the open, why not make a move too?

Disclaimer: Everyone expresses and feels love differenly. If someone not showing you the love signs, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Jusy watch and see what they gonna do to be with you, and stay with you.

More Signs He Has A Crush on You

Here are more signs that a boy has a crush on you secretly:

  • He talks sweet things.
  • He calls you by a cute nickname.
  • He actually knows everything about you.
  • He smiles.
  • But he fakes a smile when you’re around someone else.
  • He feels sad when something bad happens to you.
  • He wants to talk more.
  • But he confuses what to talk about.
  • He must be shy.
  • And sweet as heck.
  • He plays with his hair.
  • Well, I mean your hair tho.
  • He dresses up like a mess.
  • And is so cool.
  • He tells you jokes, umm, dirty jokes.
  • And laughs even when it’s not funny.
  • He calls you just to make sure you are home safely.
  • He wants to ask you out.
  • For a date.
  • And everything.
  • He is your best friend.
  • He tells you you are his best friend, means he is in love with you. 

Well, do you find those signs that a boy have a crush on you? Or, one name must come up on your mind when you read it. Well, signs that a boy has a crush on you lately is really on point. Find love.

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How to Make Him Confess

Now that you’ve determined if he is attracted to you or not, it is time to make the big move. Now you have to decide if all the rumors are true. Here are steps to make him confess:

1. Determine your reason

Of course you so badly want to know if all the rumors are real. But if you are just doing this because you want to rip his heart apart, then don’t. Before asking him, try to determine your feelings towards him and why you need to know if it is true. 

Do not ask him if you just want to know the reality or if you want to make fun of it. Be kind to him or do not do anything at all.

2. Choose the place and time

Find a time and place where you both are completely alone. Confessing our deepest feelings are hard for everyone. The possible humiliation that emerges when you are in the middle of a crowd makes confessing a lot harder. So make it easy, choose somewhere secluded and when you guys have all the time in the world.

3. Listen what he have to say

When he is confessing, soak up all the words that he is trying to tell you. This guy has been concealing his feelings for such a long time. These words are probably the words he has been repeating in an imaginary scenario in his head. So, listen to what he has to say and make him feel safe.

4. Tell him what you mean to him

Either you are attracted to him or not, tell him what you mean to him. If you don’t like him, this will give him closure. If you do, he will feel happy and safer with you.

By the end of the day, notice the guy who is kind, compassionate and someone who makes you the most happy and safe person on earth. Well, you now know the signs that a boy has a crush on you. If you have found him, then continue your love journey my friends!

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