28 Madly Signs That He Is In Love with You but Can’t Say

It’s hard to predict what a man is feeling because they are not too vocal about expressing their own feelings. They hide it and restrain themselves from expressing too much. That is why, often women are left guessing in the dark. But men usually express it in a different kind of way. They show it through gestures and small moves that we will miss if we don’t know the signs already.

Signs That He Is In Love with You but Can’t Say

Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the most common signs of a smitten man who is madly in love with you. Well, here are the signs that he is in love with you but can’t say:

1. He gives it to you

As we all know, love is all about give and take. For a man who is in love, he feels that the woman he is interested in has given him so much joy and warmth. That is why he felt the nerve to give back. 

He can do this act of giving by giving gifts or kind gestures, like cooking her a meal, or making her laugh. A guy who is in love loves to give and give, this is a gesture of love.

2. He lit up when the person he is interested in comes into the room

A simple smile is usual, but a smile that lingers to only one person is a special kind of smile. To know that a guy is in love, you need to see if he lit up when a specific person enters the room. Even in his darkest day, he will always have a bit of a smile directed towards the person he is interested in. 

What he does is he has this big goofy grin and he also looks excited to see her. He will look a little bit nervous but ultimately, really happy to even see the face of a person he really loves. Well, that’s the signs that he is in love with you.

2. His friend knows

When guys hang out, they don’t usually talk about love. They talk about sports, cars, or other things. Usually, men feelings are out of the topic. But, when a guy is really serious about his love for a specific person, he will tell his friends. His friends will know everything about that girl already. They will even try to make that girl fall in love with him.

4. He becomes a bit distant

Looking for signs a man loves you without saying it? For some men, love is just too much. It is different with women. When women are in love, all we want to do is to be with that guy all day and every day. But for some men, being in love is a shift that is just too big. 

Especially if he is madly in love with you, he will feel a big change in every aspect of his life and he will freak out for a while or nervous or don’t know how to express it. But don’t worry. If a man really does love you, he will turn back to you when he finally figure it out himself. After all, you should not date a person who is not ready to give and receive love.

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5. He asks for advice

What’s more signs he loves you without saying it? It’s not common for a guy to admit that he has some troubles. Furthermore, to admit that they need help. If he ever gets to this point that means he really trusts his person and he is ready to be vulnerable with this person.

Both of these qualities are signs that a guy loves you secretly, someone madly in love with you. Because once a guy trusts someone enough to ask for their advice, that means that person has a really special place in his heart and he wants this person to be more involved with him and his life.

6. He thinks of a future with that special person

The imagination of a perfect and romantic future is usually what someone has when they are madly in love. For a guy, if he is really in love with this special person, this imagination will be crystal clear. 

He will even tell it to this special person if he is ready. If a guy has already thought about a future with you, that means he is ready for a lifelong commitment with a person he loves more than anything in the world.

7. He always remembers

Dates and schedules might be dreadful for man. When a guy doesn’t care about a thing too much, he will easily forget and brush it off. But it is a different case for a man who is in love. 

A man who is in love will never forget anything you say and do. He will remember dates, schedules, plans that you’ve made together. This is because all of those things are very important to you. And whatever is important to you is important to him too.

8. He’ll do anything for you

A guy who is in love will make you his priority because you are the most important person in the world for him. Even when he has a busy schedule or when he is really tired, he will always make time for you. 

He will even drop everything once he knows that you are unhappy or is in danger. A guy who is in love with you is kind of like a superman for you only. Well, we wish you to find these signs that he is in love with you.

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9. He loves being close to you

Distance will suck for someone who is absolutely love struck. For a guy who is madly in love with someone, being away from that person will make him miserable. This is because he can’t get enough of the specific person that makes him the happiest man in the world. Because of this reason,he will start doing something and initiating plans that could make that person closer to him for a longer time.

10. He stares at the person he loves

Staring is the most common signs of attraction. For a guy who is in love, the sight of a person that he is in love with will never be enough. So, even when that person is not looking, he will stare. But not in a scary way that stalkers do. But in an affectionate dreamy way that makes every girl’s heart flutter.

11. He is always there

Here are more signs that he is in love with you but can’t say. Through thick and thin, through good times and bad times is the motto of every long lasting relationship. It is what a guy that loves someone will do. He will not leave that person’s side even after a big fight, a tantrum, or a bad episode. 

He will understand. He will take care of the person and know that these bad episodes are what makes that person, and he vow to love every aspect of that person forever.

12. He supports you

If you want to look for a guy who is madly in love, find the biggest supporter. Because of his love, a guy will feel the need to make that person happy by supporting her, even though the things she does are obscure. 

How to know if a guy loves you but is hiding it? He will always give you motivation and kind words. The challenges you face will be his challenge too. A guy who loves someone will not stop supporting this special person and taking care of her.

13. He compliments you

All there is in the mind of a guy who is in love is that person and her perfection. So he will compliment her every time he can to let her know how beautiful she is. She will also compliment her when there is no one around.

That’s all the signs that he is in love with you but can’t say. Maybe predictions are not enough. Now, how do you make them confess?

More signs that a guy loves you secretly

Here are more signs a man loves you but is afraid:

  • He takes you places.
  • He compliments you all the time.
  • New little things about you are always noticed by him.
  • He checks in on you every day.
  • He tells you he misses you.
  • His family knows you.
  • He loves to hug you.
  • He gets jealous.
  • He is himself around you.
  • He admits that he is happy that you are around.
  • He pampers you.
  • He takes you to do things you like.
  • He protects you.
  • He will drop everything for you.
  • He makes you happy.
  • He told you about his family and his worst past. 
  • He wants to know how you are doing everyday. 

Indeed, there are many hidden signs that he is in love with you, but love will find you back home.

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How to make a guy confess his love

If you catch the signs that he is in love with you, now is your job to make him confess it right.

1. Know why you are asking

Before you ask him if he is in love, know the reason why you want to ask him. Maybe it’s because you like him or maybe you want to help him.  You should have a reason that is solid and good. 

A guy will not confess his deepest feelings to someone who just wants to know for the fun of it. This feeling is very special to him and he needs a very special reason if you want to know the truth.

2. Pick the place

The place where he confesses his love should be private and secluded. If it is crowded he will feel embarrassed, like everyone is looking at him. That way he will not confess. Try to find a place where there is only you and him and where there will not be any interference.

3. Let him talk first

Do not rush to the point. If you do, he will feel ambushed and unsafe. It is hard for a man to open up and confess his deepest feeling. So let him talk first. Since you have picked a secluded and safe place, he will feel safer to start talking first about the thing that has been lingering in his heart. 

He might not jump straight to it but give him time. Maybe start talking about your deepest feelings first, that way he will feel safe to convey his secret feeling too.

4. Listen

Now that you have successfully made him confess, you have to listen. He will say everything that has been in his mind and more. His worries, his happiness, his feelings. If you do not listen closely, he will feel like confessing is a waste of time. He will feel lonely and humiliated. Listen closely and make him feel safe.

The tricks to surely know if a guy is in love have been revealed! Now that you know these signs that he is in love with you and tips, observe and follow closely. You’ll be spotting the guy that is in love anytime soon!

That’s all the subtle signs that he is in love with you but can’t say. If you found those signs in your specific person, then lucky you! Hope love will unite the two of you, and be happy there! 

Note: Everyone feel and express love differently. If he didn’t show you those signs, it doesn’t men he doesn’t have love for you. Just watch and see if he stays with you or not.