15 Signs of Someone Playing Hard to Get

Everybody needs a lover who can complete them. They will do anything just to be with the one they have been looking for. Some people will cross the ocean, some will climb the highest heights. A man will do anything to get the heart of a woman he loves. 

Sometimes, a woman will play hard to get when she knows a man trying to show her his love. It’s her way to test his seriousness of loving her. That way, she will understand if his love is real. Anyhow, she doesn’t want to give her love to the wrong person.

Some people wish to find their love in the right time and in the right place. It’s better to get through something easily without any odds. But the truth is, life is never easy. When you find a girl you like, you can’t tell if she feels the same about you or not. There is a chance that she doesn’t like you or she just plays hard to get. 

Signs of someone playing hard to get 

If you think that a girl who plays hard to get is actually not into you, you’re wrong. There’s a possibility that she is, but she just doesn’t want to hurry to accept you. She wants to know if you really love her and will do whatever it takes to be with her. If you just give up since the very beginning, you’ll probably miss out. 

You will never know if she may feel the same about you. You will regret your whole life if you let go a girl you’ve been looking for who turns out to love you too.

To know if she is really into you but playing hard to get, you must take a look at these Signs Someone is Playing Hard to Get. Keep trying to get close to her and convince her that you want to be the one for her. If you don’t try, how will you know if she feels the same way about you?

1. She doesn’t look at you in the eyes while talking

Looking straight in the eyes may be a sign that someone is interested in talking to you. It shows that they are feeling comfortable with being around you and having a nice conversation with you. 

There’s this girl you like who doesn’t look straight into your eyes while talking to you. She knows that you like her, she might be shy, but she doesn’t seem to show her true feelings toward you.

2. She avoids eyes contacts

You are hanging out with your friends and the girl you like, but she doesn’t seem to want to look at you. When she does, she doesn’t want you to catch her looking at you. She avoids eye contact between the two of you. 

When she knows that you’re about to check on her, she’s managed to look like she isn’t looking. It’s either you look at her, or she looks at you.

3. She doesn’t call you first

Someone who tries to play hard to get doesn’t want to make a visible move. They let the one who chases them make a move over and over again. Like when you want to go out with them, it’s you who calls first. 

Looking for signs she’s playing hard to get over text? They don’t want to go out with you unless you call them out. Maybe it takes some calls to finally get them to go out with you.

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4. She doesn’t talk to you first

One of many visible signs of playing hard to get is that they don’t want to start a conversation with you. But, when you talk to them first, they respond. Although their response may not show their enthusiasm, they don’t ignore you to keep talking to you. Still, they will look a bit not interested. The truth is not like what it seems, though.

5. She tries to catch your attention invisibly

There are many things to do to steal someone else’s attention. Sometimes, a person will dress nicely to impress somebody else. That girl you like may try to catch your attention, but she doesn’t want it to be too obvious. 

You can check it by the way she dresses or the way she moves. If you catch any difference in the way she dresses and the way she moves, she’s probably trying to impress you.

6. She can’t hide her jealousy

When you’re talking to another girl in front of her, you can tell by her face that she’s a bit jealous. A woman can hide her feelings for years, but she can’t hide her jealousy for a second.

And you know, if a girl is jealous it means that she likes you. This can be a nice clue that she’s into you and playing hard to get cause she doesn’t want to let you know what she’s feeling inside. That’s one of many signs of someone playing hard to get. 

7. She pretends like she doesn’t care when she actually does

More signs of someone playing hard to get, she doesn’t want to look like she cares about you. You may think she really doesn’t. But actually, she is only pretending that she doesn’t care. She does care. 

You will see it if she really cares. It can be in the way she looks at you or the way she ignores you. It’s hard sometimes to understand a girl’s language. The lips can tell a lie, but eyes can’t.

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8. She asks someone else about you

What’s more signs of someone is playing hard to get? You don’t show up like you usually do. She barely knows what’s happening with you. You think that she doesn’t want to know where you are and what you’re doing. 

But, you know from your friends that she asks about you when you’re not around. Now you know that she actually cares. It may be a time for you to cheer up a little bit. Your chance of winning her heart may come bigger.

9. She ignores you in public

She may be feeling insecure of how people will think of you and her. That’s probably why she seems to ignore you when there are people around. But, when nobody’s around and you catch her by herself, she can accept you. She can treat you right when there are only the two of you.

10. You neither got her nor lost her

Although you really haven’t got a chance to have her as your girlfriend, at least you haven’t even lost her in your way. You guys aren’t even a thing, but you and her are still keeping in touch. There is still a chance for you to get into her heart. You just need more power to get through. Keep going and you will see.

11. She changes her mind easily

She can be nice one time and not really into you the other time. A part of her wants to let you in, but the other part of her is not sure. Don’t put your armor down yet if she changes her mind. She may change her mind, but it doesn’t mean that she changes her true feelings.

12. She is talking in code

Here are some signs she’s playing hard to get through text. She doesn’t speak up directly. You need to break a code she gives. It’s kinda complicated, indeed. But, once you know what she actually means, you will have your mind blown. She gives an invisible clue of how she feels by telling it in code.

13. She gets a little nervous when you confess your feelings

You tell her that you love her and you know that she won’t tell you that she loves you too right away. Although she doesn’t say it, you can tell that it makes her a little nervous and shocked when you say you love her. 

It’s a sign that she likes you but she’s not sure. When you tell her what you feel, she’s a bit surprised how you tell your feelings sincerely. It makes her convinced that you really mean it when you show your love this whole time.

14. It takes everything to get her to say ‘I Love You’ to you

After all the things you’ve been through and shown to her, she finally confesses that she loves you. She’s definitely in love with you and playing hard to get to testify your love.

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More signs of someone playing hard to get 

Indeed, here are more signs she’s playing hard to get through text:

  • They never tell you their own feelings.
  • They take a long time to respond to you.
  • They talk about someone else over again, not you.
  • Hot and cold two different acts at the same time.
  • They act mysterious.
  • They look different than they were before.
  • They are on and the next day she is off. You can’t tell why. 

Those are signs of someone playing hard to get. There are some reasons why a girl plays hard to get. It can be because she wants to know how far you will go to get her. She likes it when a guy does anything to convince her how much he wants her. 

She finds it interesting when a guy is overwhelmed. The insecurity of being in a relationship can also be a reason why a girl plays hard to get. She’s not sure of what she feels toward you, but she just doesn’t want to let you pass by. She wants to know if you’re for real or just fooling around. She doesn’t want to fall for the wrong person with a temporary love.

However, whatever the reason is, a girl who plays hard to get is actually into you but doesn’t want to let you in easily. Somehow, it’s really challenging to chase a girl who plays hard to get. She can flip your world upside down. Too hard to reach, but too in love to let it go. Anyway, boys, don’t give up. It’s worth it when you try your best to win your love.

People come and go, but true love only comes once in a lifetime. @yourdevan