20 Scary Signs of A Psycho Ex Girlfriend

Breaking up is hard enough. It makes you feel sad for days and it makes your life go downhill. The worst part about breaking up with someone is having to deal with the person you left in the relationship. Our exes will always revoke some kind of nostalgia and sadness inside our heart. But what if there are other worse parts about breaking up with someone?

Signs of A Psycho Ex Girlfriend

Finding out that your ex girlfriend is a psycho is a shocking experience. It will leave you frightened and alert (in a negative way) for days. What is a psycho exactly? In the dating term, a psycho ex girlfriend is someone who is controlling, obsessive, and over dramatic about you when you guys are no longer together. 

Having a psycho ex girlfriend will be a scary experience. So, see these signs of a psycho ex girlfriend so that you know how to brace for it:

1. Your ex girlfriend constantly contact you

You know your ex girlfriend is crazy when she contacts you constantly after the break up. Calling once or twice a day might seem fine. But if she bombards your email, text, phone and social media with a million attempts to reach out, you can know that she is crazily obsessed with you.

She will try to do everything she can to contact you, even through your friend. This texting or constant contacting thing happens because they are afraid that you really are forgetting them, and they want you to keep them in your mind constantly. But because she is a psycho, this simple act of being afraid of being forgotten is exaggerated into a frightening act.

2. Your ex girlfriend follows you all around town

One of the signs of a psycho ex girlfriend that is portrayed many times in movies is that your psycho ex girlfriend will track you down wherever and whenever. She will do it discreetly by following you around town by walking, driving a car, or using other transportation media. 

You will feel a couple of eyes on you all the time, that means she is near you but she is staying hidden. If she really is a psycho, she will install some kind of technology so she can know what you are doing, where you are going, and who you are going with. They do it because they want to know if there is another reason for the break up you guys had.

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3. Your ex girlfriend tell fake big news to get you interested in her again

We would not want to meet someone who broke our heart but we will want to meet them when something really big and monumental happens to them, especially if that big news is related to us. Your crazy ex girlfriend knows this and she will use it to her advantage, especially when you are gullible and on the kind side. 

She will accidentally tell you that she is pregnant, or that she almost died, or she wants to kill herself if you don’t pick her up. Your psycho ex girlfriend will even be so dramatic about it. When the time comes for you to meet her, it turns out that she is fine and she just wants to talk about continuing the dead relationship between you guys.

4. Your ex girlfriend gets dramatic every time she sees you

When exes encounter each other in public, they usually avoid meeting with each other or they awkwardly say hi to each other because there is still that guilt and sadness that lingers deep in their heart. But the signs of a psycho ex girlfriend is that she will be really dramatic when she sees you. 

She will cry, scream, acts stupid, and she will even hold on to you and will not let go. Of course this is embarrassing, but for a psycho ex girlfriend, this does not matter. She will do everything and anything to make you go back to her.

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5. Your friend and family is afraid of her

Sometimes, we do not know what is in front of our eyes, but people around us will see it vividly. This is one of the signs of a psycho ex girlfriend, which is that your friends and family will know that she is a crazy girl long before you break up with her. 

They will be distant and scared for her because they think that she is dangerous and weird. Your friends and family will show you that they are afraid of her by disagreeing to every plan that involves you, her, and your family and friends. 

When you were in a relationship with your crazy ex girlfriend, they would not tell it straight away, but now that you broke up they will tell you straight on and you absolutely need to listen to them.

6. Your ex girlfriend shows up in different places when she knows that you are there

Meeting your ex girlfriend for the first, second, or even third time? Sometimes, it is not merely a coincidence. When you accidentally see your ex girlfriend a few times in completely random places, that could mean that she is following you just for the sake of keeping her in your mind. 

This makes her a psycho ex girlfriend. By meeting you at random places “accidentally”, she hopes that she can talk to you about the reason behind your break up or the possibility of you and her getting back together.

7. Your new girlfriend is afraid of your ex girlfriend

Just when you have a new, healthy relationship that is full of love, you see that your girlfriend is afraid. Her fright is directed towards your ex girlfriend. If your new girlfriend did this, it is confirmed that your ex girlfriend has the signs of a psycho ex girlfriend. 

Your new girlfriend knows that she is watched by your ex girlfriend in every way. Your ex girlfriend is following and monitoring your new girlfriend’s every move, so that she could get into the relationship when it is on the brink of falling apart. Your ex girlfriend will also want to do everything she could to make the relationship fall apart, even if it means destroying the life of your new girlfriend.

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8. She stalks you on social media 

Instead of blocking you, she keeps stalking you on every social media. If you post something, she will comment on that. If you posted any girl photos even if she knows it’s your best friend, she gets jealous and thinks you cheated on her a long time ago before the breakup. 

Also, she will find out where you are from social media. Not only your account, but your friends’ social media, your family members, your neighbors, your co-workers, and anyone who seems close to you at the time. That’s all total signs of a psycho ex girlfriend you need to watch out. 

More signs that your ex becomes a psycho

Here are more signs of a psycho ex girlfriend: 

  • She doesn’t want anyone to have you ever.
  • She shows up at your door in a strange hour.
  • She stalks you on social media.
  • She finds a way to know information about you even after you block her.
  • She hacks into your account.
  • She sends you weird letters about your relationship.
  • She threatens you to get back with her.
  • She sabotages your love life.
  • She still posts about your breakup months after the actual breakup.
  • She still tries to get back with you months after the breakup.
  • She breaks your stuff by purpose.
  • She physically stopped you from leaving her.
  • She publicly humiliated you.
  • She doesn’t want to leave you but she wants to be with other boys also. 
  • She is toxic and she doesn’t know that. 
  • She is cute but psycho. 

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How to deal with a psycho ex girlfriend

A psycho ex girlfriend is frightening. You’ve known the signs and you have probably known if your ex girlfriend is a psycho or not. But how do you actually deal with psycho ex girlfriends? Here are our top picks on how to deal with your worst nightmare:

1. Ignore them

Do not engage in any activity or chat with them, even if the purpose of the activity is to make her go away. Even if you see her randomly, do not say hi or look long towards her. Anything you say or do to her after the breakup she will see as an attempt for you to win her heart back. 

Of course she is in a delusion. But if you engage, she will feel that she has more reason to convince you that  you need to get back together. And this is when the crazy, frightening activities started. Ignore them in the first phases of the breakup so that the crazy activity can mellow down

2. Control your emotions

Your psycho ex girlfriend has a stunning way to turn your emotion into something else that was not there. She will use whichever memory you have left from the relationship you both had and make you feel really guilty about it. 

Your ex will make you overthink about these things, which she hopes will eventually make you apologize to her and get you back into her arms. To deal with this, you need to stay strong and peaceful inside. Know how you feel and do not let her change that emotion.

3. Be kind

Okay, this might seem strange but if the ignoring part is done and she still does crazy things, you should be kind to her. Sometimes she only needs that little bit of love and understanding because this breakup is so shocking to her. Be the bigger man and be kind to her. 

Understand her feelings but that does not mean you should say yes to spending more time with her or do any other activities that can lead her to believe that you are on the road to get back her heart. Be kind, say sorry or acknowledge her feelings but clearly say to her that you guys are over and there is nothing that she could do about it.

4. Block her

If the steps above do not work, block her out of your life. Move away if you are uncomfortable, block her in social media, or just find a way to make a space between the both of you. Psycho ex girlfriends are weird and scary. Be safe by knowing the signs first and quickly doing something to simmer down the rage.

5. Talk to yourself 

Indeed, you need to talk to yourself and ask why she turned out to be such a psycho to you. She was sweet and everybody knows that. Maybe just maybe, you hurt her in the ways you can’t tell. Maybe you were just as bad as everyone else and you made her feel pain. Apologize, correct yourself. 

Meanwhile, that’s how to deal with a psycho ex girlfriend. You could just tell her to get over you and forget everything. She will understand. You need to understand the situation too. If you think she is gonna do something really dangerous, talk to someone who can take care of her then.