19 Signs of a love spell (No.13 is most undesirable)

Love should be one of the most beautiful things in life. It brings joy, happiness, and optimism to everyone who is in love. But sometimes, love could be dangerous, too. There’s a saying that love is blind. That may be true, because people in love will never hesitate to do anything to get his love. They often choose the wrong way such as casting some love spell to that person. 

Know the signs of a love spell

In this era of technology and modernity, love spells did exist. You have to watch out every person in your surrounding who behaves strangely, as they might be the victims of a love spell. Here are some signs of a love spell, that indicate you are under the love spell.

1. You behave extremely different than a day before

One of the initial signs of a love spell that indicates you are under the love spell is how you behave than yesterday. You start obsessively talking and thinking about someone you have never had feelings for. You suddenly have this anxiety and great desire to be with someone you never care before. 

The signs of love spell can be told right away, as it is different from actual love. People under the love spell tend to be obsessive towards the person who ordered it, and they don’t care about everyone in their surroundings, make people around them uncomfortable and irritated.

2. You are having over anxiety

People under the love spell always feel worried all the time. They are having continuous anxiety. The victim always feels nervous and worried that he can’t live without the person he’s obsessed with. If the victim of the love spell is a man, he even feel guilty of having sex with another woman. In the case, if the man is married already, they stopped making love with their spouse and not coming back home as he was afraid to enter it.

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3. You don’t care about anything else

Beside the continuous anxiety, the victim of a love spell gets tired easily and loses interest with anyone and anything around him. He is too lazy to go to work, he loses interest in his children (if he is already married), and not doing any daily activities. All in his mind is the person who cast the love spell. Well, this one is kinda extreme signs of a love spell.

4. You (suddenly) have a severe insomnia

If you never stay up late at night, and one day you suddenly find yourself hardly sleeping, you have to be suspicious (it might be impossible for you to notice, but people around you would). Due to the excessive anxious feeling, you will lose interest in sleeping too. The anxious feeling will keep you awake all day just to think about someone specific.

5. You are haunted by nightmare

Having difficulty to sleep apparently doesn’t end just like that. Once you have the chance to rest your body, you will be haunted with a series of unstoppable nightmares. The nightmare itself isn’t necessarily about the person you’re obsessive with all the time, but it’s enough to make you feel uneasy and afraid once you wake up and know signs of a love spell.

6. You become very sentimental

The love spell can cause overly sentimental feelings to the victims. They suddenly become emotionally sensitive towards everything. Their emotion changed quite fast, becoming extremely happy on one thing and suddenly becoming overly sad about other things. This unstable feeling is due to the anxiety, lack of sleep, and obsession with the one who ordered the spell.

7. You have a depression and heart pains

Anyone cast under the love spell will have a great depression and heart pain all of sudden. This is due to the extreme fear of losing someone he thinks he loves. He became depressed all by himself without any reasonable cause.

8. You tend to cause trouble

The behavior of someone under the love spell is often not understandable. He behaves strangely and causes trouble everywhere. This is connected to the anxious and sentimental feeling. Nothing is really going right in his mind and drunk in love.

9. The love hate feeling at the same thing

One of the symptoms you have when you are under the love spell is the feeling of loving and hating at the same time. You know you love whoever put the love spell on you, but at the same time you become unsure whether you belong to this life or not, whether you deserve the love of that person or not. This mixed feeling is the result of the involvement of the black magic used by the love spell caster.

10. You become easily manipulated

Losing the grab of this life makes you get into trouble easily (even created some of them) and you become weak-willed. Thus, irresponsible people will use you easily. They might ask you to do some reckless deeds and get you into trouble. People under the spell of love tend to obey orders easily as they have no intention in their life themselves.

11. You become sorry and guilty for no reason

People under love spell will have some dreams of having sex with the people he is obsessed with. Instead of feeling happy, they would feel extremely guilty and sorry. He thinks it’s inappropriate to be having sex with the person, as it’s the same as taking the benefit out of her.

12. You have repetitive mood swings

Due to the sentimental feeling that doesn’t usually belong to you, it resulted in the extreme mood swing that you might not be familiar with before. People under love spell easily feeling sad at the minute, and smiling brightly all of a sudden the next minute. His mood is simply unpredictable and brings an uncomfortable feeling to his peers.

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13. You become estranged from your family. Uh oh!

This may be the most undesirable symptoms caused by the love spell. Who in the world would like to be estranged from the family? But if you suddenly (but surely) develop a strange feeling towards your family, you might be under the love spell. You are losing your interest to them and no longer feel the warmth of their presence.

14. You feel distant from your close friends

Not only your family, you will also feel distant from your close friends. You don’t hang out with them anymore because you feel you don’t belong with them. In the end you stopped seeing them and made you grow apart from them. This is really sad, right?

15. You no longer love doing your hobbies

Losing interest in life while casted under the love spell means you literally lose every single feature in your life. Including hobbies. You no longer find reading is interesting, you stop doing exercise, you don’t watch movies anymore. Simply put, your life becomes extremely boring.

16. You have problem with your work and careers

After family and friends, work and careers are next on list ready to be destroyed by the love spell. You will lose focus on work and seem to be unable to do things right. As a result, your boss will go mad at you and of course your career will be affected directly.

17. You slowly lose yourself

Being under the love spell, you lose the purpose and interest in life. You wake up day by day with only a specific person to fill your mind. You can see nothing but her face only, and how you can get her love. But at the same time you feel insecure and do not deserve her. 

You become confused of your own self and you no longer know what your heart really wants. You are no longer insane and in your right mind. At the point where you are left by your family and close relatives, you start to lose yourself.

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18. You can’t do anything about it

Sometimes, people under the love spell gain their consciousness. He becomes aware of what is going on and what happens to himself. Unfortunately, he can’t do anything about it. He can’t simply escape even if he wants. He is unwillingly tied by the spell. If you are under the love spell, seek help from your family and friends at the period you are aware of it.

19. Your life will be ruined eventually

The ultimate effect of continuously being under the love spell is none other than the destruction of your life. With all of the strange things happening, losing spirit in life, being over obsessive towards someone, and no longer caring about the surroundings will make the society leave you out and don’t welcome you anymore. You will be outcast and feeling unwelcome by people around you.

That’s the signs of a love spell. However, casting a love spell to someone to love you back was never a right thing to do. Love should be beautifully felt by both sides, not become the obsession of one of them. What’s good of having the one you love physically while you never truly gained her heart? 

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  1. Roll with the punches and keep on trucking…Hence, easier said than done. Especially the bad dreams and heart ache for no apparent reason about that specific person. Five months and counting… Didn’t realize such a thing exists.

  2. I tried doing a love spell on a crush I had…..now, we hate each other. Does this usually happen?? I only tried this because of a witch on youtube made it look so easy.

  3. I thought I was going nuts but I’ve been having all these signs for months now. I told my friend about it and she suggested that he might have put a spell on me and I thought she was nuts but it all adds up perfectly now. Anyone know how to somehow get out of the spell?

  4. Please help I don’t know how to get rid of it, it really hurts.. I don’t know why he’d put a spell on me but everything adds up.

  5. Omg thank you so much for posting this every single sign is true. It was horrible it was degrading I’m completely in awe 😡

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