31 Songs about Birthday Celebration (Not A Mainstream One)

You are getting older and your life is a lil more fucked up than it was before. Today is your birthday or someone’s birthday but you don’t feel so happy about it and you can’t sing that original Happy Birthday song. So here you go, more songs about birthdays to light up your day. 

1. The Birthday Song – Caroline Konstnar 

Send this song to a birthday of someone you hate. The lyrics are so sarcastically funny, sing it: 

‘Cause it’s just your birthday

Why do we even celebrate?

Screw your dinner party

I’ll just stay home and masturbate

The Birthday Song – Caroline Konstnar 

Play Caroline Konstnar’s songs about your birthday here: 

2. BIRTHDAY – Anne-Marie 

I personally really like this song from Anne-Marie entitled Birthday. Different from other songs of birthday wishes who wants you to be wiser and bigger, Anne Marie told you to do whatever you want on your birthday. She also sings that it’s okay if you don’t learn your lesson, wanna get tattot, wanna party hard, or just do some stupid shit. 

Here are my favorite lyrics, happy birthday song lyrics: 

It’s my birthday

I’ma do what I like

I’ma eat what I like

I’ma kiss who I like

It’s my birthday

I’ma do what I like

I’ma wear what I like

I’ma party tonight

Goddamn, it’s my birthday

Everybody love me

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Look at me, give me money

Damn, it’s my birthday

Everybody love me

And I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you

It’s my birthday

BIRTHDAY – Anne-Marie 

It’s best to listen on your birthday and you are alone. This song will make you instantly happy. 

3. Birthday – Katy Perry 

It’s a common birthday party for boys and girls in the era. This song fits for a happy birthday. If your baby has a birthday today, send this song and dance along. 

Boy, when you’re with me

I’ll give you a taste

Make it like your birthday everyday

I know you like it sweet

So you can have your cake

Give you something good to celebrate

So make a wish

I’ll make it like your birthday everyday

I’ll be your gift

Give you something good to celebrate

Birthday – Katy Perry 

4. Birthday Sex – Jeremih 

Happy birthday song lyrics by Jeremih: 

Birthday sex

Birthday sex

(It’s the best day of the year girl)

Birthday sex

Birthday sex

It feels like, feels like

Lemme hit that G-spot, G-spot, girl

Birthday Sex – Jeremih 

The lyrics are too sensual. I don’t think you can send this on your girlfriend’s birthday but don’t want a birthday sex? 

5. Lesley Gore – It’s my party

If you just casually listen to this song from your parent’s room, you might think it’s a happy party song. Yet if you clearly learn the lyrics, it’s about the sad party of her. 

Happy birthday song lyrics by Lesley Gore: 

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, 

cry if I want to, cry if I want to. 

You would cry too if it happened to you.

Play all my records, keep dancing all night, 

but leave me alone for a while, 

’til Johnny’s dancing with me,

I’ve got no reason to smile.

Lesley Gore – It’s my party

6. Unhappy Birthday – The Smiths 

We love The Smiths, don’t you? This Unhappy Birthday is the best song to your ex. Here’s the lyrics: 

I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday

I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday

‘Cause you’re evil

And you lie

And if you should die

I may feel slightly sad

But I won’t cry

Unhappy Birthday – The Smiths 

This is what to wish to your ex on his birthday! The songs for birthday wishes for an evil ex! We love this song! 

7. I’m Not Mad – Halsey 

It’s not a birthday song but if you are looking for songs with birthday in it, here it is. This is about an ex girlfriend who wishes her ex girlfriend would live to 85 years so he would live in pain forevermore!

I don’t even hope you die these days

I hope you live ’til 85 these days

Regretting that you ever lied these days

I hope it’s eating you alive these days, yeah

I hope you’re up late in a bathroom

Just wishing I’ma change my mind and come back soon

I hope that when you’re 35 years, you’ll wish that you tried to

‘Cause I know that I do

I’m Not Mad – Halsey 

We love Halsey for writing sarcastic songs about her ex-boyfriend. The national anthem we never thought we needed! 

8. The Moment I Knew – Taylor Swift 

One of many songs with birthday in it. The Moment I Knew is a song about the tragic and the saddest birthday Taylor Swift ever had. It is simply about how her lover at the time didn’t make it to her birthday party. She felt totally sad and that was the moment she knew he wasn’t in love with her. 

And it was like slow motion

Standing there in my party dress

In red lipstick

With no one to impress

And they’re all standing around me singing

“Happy birthday to you”

But there was one thing missing

And that was the moment I knew

Ooh, I knew

The Moment I Knew – Taylor Swift 

9. Coney Island – Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver

Songs with birthday in it but actually not a birthday song. This masterpiece from Taylor and Bon Iver narrates a sad story about two lovers who are no longer together, but they still have those feelings. 

Were you standing in the hallway

With a big cake, happy birthday

Did I paint your bluest skies the darkest gray?

A universe away

Coney Island – Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver

10. Selena Gomez – “Birthday”

Don’t forget about this underrated Birthday song from the queen Selena Gomez. I will dance to this song on my birthday! 

More Songs about Your Birthday

Here are songs of birthday wishes! Another way to wish someone happy birthday! 

11. The Beatles – “Birthday”

12. Rihanna – “Birthday Cake”

13. 50 Cent – “In Da Club”

14. Trey Songz – “Say Aah”

15. Twista – “Birthday”

16. Madonna feat. M.I.A. – “B-Day Song”

17. The Click Five – Happy Birthday”

18. Kings of Leon – “Birthday”

19. Destiny’s Child – “Birthday”

20. Loretta Lynn – “Happy Birthday”

21. Pet Shop Boys – “Birthday Boy”

22. Frankie Cosmos – “Birthday Song”

23. Weird Al Yankovic – “Happy Birthday”

24. Kygo feat. John Legend – “Happy Birthday”

25. Moby – “Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)”

26. Sufjan Stevens – “Happy Birthday”

27. New Kids On The Block – “Happy Birthday”

28. Marilyn Monroe – Happy Birthday Mr. President

This is the iconic performance from The Queen Marline Monroe singing the birthday song for Mr. President. This is just so beautiful.

29. Epik High – Happy Birthday To Me

30. 박재범 Jay Park – ‘Birthday Remix (feat. Ugly Duck, Woodie Gochild & Hoody)

31. 22 – Taylor Swift

even when I turn 42, I will keep singing this song!

What’s your favorite songs of birthday wishes? Mine is songs for birthday wishes from Caroline, Ana-Marie, and Taylor Swift. Well, happy birthday to me and happy birtday to you!