What Should I Do for My Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday Party? Reasons and Ideas to Celebrate

It’s her birthday and you are asking yourself “what should I do for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday?” 21st birthday is close to the meaning of maturity. Surely, the 21st birthday will be different with the previous birthday celebration. On the 21st birthday, someone is acknowledged as an adult where you can have the freedom and responsibility as an adult.

What Should I Do for My Girlfriend’s 21st Birthday Party?

As a boyfriend, you should make her birthday special. It’s not only about you love her but you it’s a nice thing to make someone day. So, here’s creative 21st birthday gift ideas for her!

1. Candle light dinner

The first idea to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday is by having a candle light dinner together. Candle light dinner can provide a good ambiance for you and your girlfriend. Most restaurants will provide a birthday service if someone is having their birthday, which will make the dinner better.

Here’s a better idea if you currently can’t afford a luxury restaurant or simply if you want it to be something more magical or unforgettable. You can cook for her, make breakfast in bed maybe. You can also set up your room like a romantic spot. Have neon lights, candles, chocolate pudding, and all her favorite food. 

If you can’t cook, it’s okay to have delivery food as long as you can surprise it with a little romantic touch. Also, wear your best clothes dud. 

2. Movie date

How about a movie date? Bought her a movie ticket and made sure that the movie can excite her. She surely will appreciate the simple effort you did. Meanwhile, if you can choose the right movie, a movie date won’t be less romantic than dinner. 

The point of making someone feel special is to make her happy, if she is happy with the movie, the mission is accomplished. If you can’t go out to the movie, Netflix and chill can be the least option. You can also try to set up a home theater with a mini projector and play those series. Indeed, bring the popcorn with a little hug. 

3. Party

Looking for gift ideas for 21st birthday females? Birthday celebration is identical with a party, whether it is big or small. You can also create a small party for your girlfriend with your and her friends. Make sure that she is the center of attention and enjoying the party. She will be so happy to be treated that way.

4. Surprise

If you think you can’t party for her, you still can give her a surprise. Whether it is a simple or a big surprise for her, at least you already give a try to make her feel special. And who does not like surprises from a special person? That could be a cake, shoes, t-shirts, or if you can, maybe an iPhone or a Chanel bag. 

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5. Jewelry 

What is a good gift for a 21 year old female? Jewelry can never go wrong for a woman. You can buy her gold bracelet or necklace. She will also like an anklet with your initial on it. 

There are so many designs and brands you can choose. You know your girlfriend more than I do, so you will know what kind of accessories she will like. Meanwhile, I don’t suggest you buy her diamond ring cause that could be misunderstood. 

6. Flower 

If you are the type of guy who thinks flowers can’t go wrong, then go buy her flowers. White rose means purity. Red rose is another way to say I love you. Pink rose is happiness. Lavender rose is love at first sight. That’s the 21st birthday ideas for girls. 

7. A Makeup Set 

If you keep asking about “what should I do for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday?” Then, maybe you can buy her a makeup set of her favorite (if she’s into makeup). Else, you can buy her some lipstick maybe with a little note like, “I want to feel this lipstick on your lips”.

8. Perfume 

What is best gift for lover? Perfume. She already smells good but it’s okay if you want to buy her perfume. Someone’s perfume could also be a signature memory. Wherever you smell that perfume, you will think of her. 

9. Shoes 

Branded shoes is the luxury 21st birthday gifts for her. If she has been telling you about her dream shoes, you can surprise her with that. If you want it sweeter, you can buy matching shoes for the two of you. 

10. A Book 

I don’t know but if she is a pro reader, giving her a book can make her day. Also, you can tuck a little love note or thank you note in the middle of the book pages secretly. 

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Unique 21st Birthday Gifts for Her

Answering your “what should I do for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday?” questions, here are more birthday ideas.

1. Mixtapes 

Have all songs that she likes in one mixtape and compile it on CD or flash disk or any device you like. If you can play any instrument and sing, go on. She would love to listen to your beautiful songs. That’s gonna be the best gift ever for her. 

2. Custom Shirts 

I am not talking about matching a couple t-shirt, that’s lame. I mean, you can design a special customized shirt for her. That could be a funny line like, “vote this girl for the next president!” Any creative design could be a cool gift.

3. A Note 

Man, you can go simple but deep. Write her a note about how you are so thankful to be with you. Then, take her out for dinner, a movie date, a pizza date, or walk to an open garden at night so you both can see stars with open eyes. 

 4. A Mini Projector 

Next unique 21st birthday gifts for her is a mini projector so you both can always watch a movie together without having to go out. It’s more private and romantic. 

5. Succulents 

What to do for your girlfriend’s 21st? Um, plant a succulent maybe? It’s nice to grow a plant together, that can be a love symbol. Later on, you can grow roses tree together or green trees together so your love can save the earth too. 

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6. Anything She Likes 

What is best gift for lover? Give anything she likes. Let’s say she loves The 1975 songs, so buy her the newest merch of The 1975. If she likes to paint, buy her new painting set. If she is into animals, buy her kitties. 

7. Anything You Can 

This is how you show her your effort. Let’s say you are a pianist, then play her a romantic instrument. If you can cook, then cook her. Even the silly talent you have, you can use that to express your love on her birthday. 

8. Everything That Reminds Her of You 

You can give her your favorite t-shirt, hoodie, flannel, hat, or anything so all the time she will remember you. Also, it feels like you give her a piece of you. 

9. Handmade Masterpiece 

I don’t know if any guys can create something handmade, but let’s give it a try. You can draw, paint, or photograph her in a beautiful frame, then hang it on the wall. Try all the creative 21st birthday gift ideas for her.

10. A Vacation 

Vocation, the two of you or with some best friends, can be the best idea ever. Anywhere you want to go, you need to set it up from months before. Unless, you guys are pretty rich to go anywhere without thinking about the budget. Indeed, you can also go to nice places around the cities. 

11. Stay Home and Celebrate

Celebrate her birthday at home, with nice food, and some real friends around are the best. It feels homie, warm, and romantic. Sometimes, the best gift is as simply as spending time with people you love. Even where there’s no special things to blow up, they are special for you. 

The key to keep winning a girl’s heart is to make her feel special. Any kind of action in order to make her feel special is already a good start. Try to keep it original, by your own way and not copying other people’s way to surprise their girlfriend. So, if you are still confused about girlfriend 21st birthday gift ideas, I think you already know the answer.