How to Make Her Love You #27 Ways to Get A Girlfriend Today

You are dying to know how to make her love you. You have been loving this girl for quite some time but she doesn’t give you that love signals. We all know, that’s kinda hurt but don’t you worry. 

Follow this tricks about how to make her love you more and more: 

1. Learn about Love Language 

It’s not about how you confess “I love you!” directly but it’s about how you give her those love signals indirectly but spot on. You need to know her better to love her. What’s gonna make her happy and what’s gonna turn her off. 

When you know about love gestures, you can catch any girl you want in the streets. Learn how to be a really great man that women love. Be gentle, be good, be sexy, and be smart. Women love that kind of man! 

2. Make Eye Contact 

Everytime you talk to her, look her in the eye. But don’t be so creepy or she will run. Just pay attention to her, listen to her, and remember every detail about her when you get the chance. 

How to make her love you even more? Give that ocean blue eyes look to her. You know, eyes are like the door of someone’s else. You stare at her, she stares at you, let’s see the first glance of love there. 

3. Smile!

You know, everyone is looking good wearing the best smile. Give her that smile that also gonna make her smile back at you. That’s beautiful. 

Indeed, when she talks about something exciting, funny, or random good topics, reply to her with confident talks and then smile! I believe you look so yummy in your smile. This is also a good first move to tell her that you are nice, happy, and lovely. 

4. Check Out on Her! 

Check out on her in random situations. Like, you guys are in the same room and you can take a quick glance. I know, it’s not the best way to make her notice you but you can secretly watch her gestures and activities. 

Don’t mean to stalk on her, just want to know her better right? Meanwhile, if you finally notice her most ordered coffee or salad dressing, you can surprise her with that someday. Meanwhile, don’t check her out all the time cause you can scare her. 

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5. Get A Little Closer 

Be brave to get closer to her by starting the good conversation. Pick up a brilliant topic that you think she might be interested in. If she likes sport, ask her about what kind of sport she would do on a rainy day. 

If she likes some particular music, talk to her about the first time you learned to play guitar and your fingertips got scratched. Anything! You can think about some cute and hot pickup lines as you like!

6. The Power of Jokes

Every girl loves funny boys who can make her laugh and brighten the days! Be fun and playful! Tell some random jokes as you like and hope she will find it cute and hot at the same time. Meanwhile, you don’t need to joke about love to her! 

7. Be Best Friend 

Be that kind of loyal and care friend to her that she can run into when everything feels wrong. Be there for her and be cool. Don’t show off your love too much. You know, girls like it when you don’t seem really like her. By that, you can be 100% yourself and you don’t hide anything just to look good in front of her! 

8. Be Shoulder to Lean On

Be there for her during thick and thin. When she is into something that make her feel mad, be there and give her one or two words to comfort her. You can be that shoulder for her to lean on physically and mentally. 

9. Be Ear to Listen 

You know how to make her love you even more? That’s when you can listen to her no matter what she is saying. Women need to be listened to, that’s it. Be patient and just listen to her. When she stops talking, it’s your turn to tell her what you think about that, with no judgement! 

10. Don’t Be Overconfident 

Sometimes, men can be so annoying thinking they are the alpha type and they are way too over confident in approaching a woman. Don’t do that. You must do things nicely and slowly to get to know her better.

11. Keeps Things Going Naturally 

You don’t need to force anything but just follow where the water is gonna flow. When you are friends with her, you and her will know each other. Love comes naturally in between. 

You just need to be the best version of yourself. Also, give that love signals. If you two belong together, it’s natural and love will grow for you and her. 

You might need to learn about how to approach women, how to treat women, and how to be a good man. If you know how, it’s easy to get her for you. 

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12. Don’t Be in A Rush 

I know you love her and you want to know how to make her love you more through text, but just stay cool, man! Don’t be in a rush! You need to focus on your life too. 

On one Sunday morning you can tell her that you are gonna be busy all day to do some important things in life. Women love that active and passionate type of guy, instead of that guy he keeps chasing her like he doesn’t have other things to do in life. 

13. Once in A Great Time, Ask Her Out 

When you feel like you have invested much to her, and she seems to love you back, it’s time to take her out to a perfect special date. Wear your best outfit, a smile, and look at her with those shiny eyes. She will like it and she will say yes! 

14. Compliment Her

Women love compliments, an honest compliment. You can tell her what you like about her, even if it’s just a little thing like her earrings, her lipstick color, of the way she talks about food. That will make her day!

15. Flirting A Little Bit 

Flirt her a little bit, like you can pick one silly punchline to blush her cheek. Don’t be too serious or too dirty, just a casual and cool punchline will work. You could giggle a bit while telling the punchline, but you really meant it. 

16. Ask Her On Date 

Again, set up on a special date that you think she will like! You can show more about you, like if you like a private luxury dining or go casual but unforgettable by taking her to your favorite restaurant that you used to take your mom to. You just want to have fun and enjoy the moment there! 

17. Learn to Communicate 

Most men don’t know how to communicate and that’s why most relationships cannot work. They might never learn how to say things, leave the girls keep guessing, and it sends you two apart. Please, learn how to communicate with her heart by heart even when you are not officially together, but you are seeing her. 

18. Be A Mysterious Guy

Let’s say you have been seeing her for months and you two are getting closer. You can play a little hide and seek with her, be a little mysterious but don’t be childish or annoying. 

Say you are busy on weekdays but don’t tell her what you are up to. Tell her you will be on the phone only at 8 pm cause you are into something, but don’t tell her the details. That’s how to make her love you more through text, but don’t leave on read. 

19. Be Gentle

Be gentle, not only to her but please tug in as your personality. You don’t need to look sweet, but show her that you are a good man, not perfect, but you know how to treat her gently. 

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20. Win Her Friends, Maybe? 

Not sure if it’s gonna work, but you can also be friends with her friends. Her friends can tell her about their opinion about you. If you are nice, and passionate about life, and all the boyfriend material, then her friends can approach her to say yes to you. 

21. Know Her Better 

How to make her love you even more? Know her better! Understand how she feels about everything. If she needs someone to talk, if she feels bad, if she needs someone to cheer her up, you can be the one. You must know how to listen and how to talk to her. 

22. Show Her Why She Must Love You

She is so beautiful and some men out there love her too. You can show her why you must be the one she chooses. You should improve yourself to be the best man, at least for her. 

You might be annoying, silly, and awkward sometimes. Yet, show her that no one would love her the way you do. Show her that she can only feel the world with you. 

24. Sing Her A Song 

It’s perfect if you can sing or play any music instrument. If you can’t, at least you are trying and she can laugh about that. Women love to romanticize things, so try to sing her some love songs. 

25. Hold Her 

Yes, just hold her tight. Both her feelings and her body. This is how to make her love you even more. 

26. Let Her Be Herself

Then, just let her spin around the room. Let her talk her talks. Let her be what she wanna be when she is around you. She might be rude, cruel, unpleasant, but that’s what a girl be like. You just need to be tough and sweet to her. Also, don’t you find it cute when she is just being herself? The feminin power. 

27. Show Something 

How to get a girlfriend or keep a girlfriend? Man, you can’t tell you love someone if you didn’t show it. At least, tell her something you really mean. Or say good things about her. Tell her that she is beautiful and you want to be with her.

Well, that’s how to make her love you more. You can try those love tips but you need to love yourself first to love her. If you don’t love yourself or you have unfinished business in your past, you will only put her in trouble and the relationship won’t work. 

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How to Win Her Heart? 

I have some tips for you, this is how to make her love you even more:

  • Keep The Romance Going – Even when you have been together for years, please keep the romance going. The love should even grow more and everlasting.
  • Build A Healthy Relationship – This means the two of you still have boundaries even if you guys are together. Respect and understand your partner’s decision. Communicating is better than fighting. 
  • Grow Together – I believe being in a relationship means you two share the worlds and it’s to learn to be a better person individually. You two or together but each’s personal life should be fine. 

That’s how to make her love you more. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner!

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