Learn about Dating Culture Differences between East and West

You might be wondering about dating culture differences between east and west. Since dating worlds are vary and fascinating. It’s true that “I don’t care who you are and when you’re from” but it’s gonna affect someone’s behaviours, included in their love and dating preferences but there are dating culture differences between East and West.

Dating Culture Differences between East and West

Indeed, let’s learn more better about what are the differences between dating in east and west here! Eastern countries are the terms used to tell Asian and the Middle East countries. While Western world includes Europe and America. 

1. The Cultures

Dating another person from a different culture can be a challenging and fantastic opportunity. Let’s say you are an American dating an Asian, you will learn so much about cultures, traditions, and some rules to follow maybe. In Eastern worlds, they are most likely religious and family oriented. They are also tied up to some cultures with rules to follow. For dating case, most of them will only have sex after married, no showing public affaction, and attitude must be held on the first place. 

While in Westerns world, dating culture is most likely free and expressive. You can live with your lover without having your neighbor bad mouthing you. Westerns also have many terms on dating such as one night stand, casual relationship, same sex love, and more things that considered as taboo things in most of Eastern cultures. Meanwhile, you can learn those traditions, culture shock exchange, and more beauty in the differences. 

2. The Dating Traditions

Many places and countries have very different points of views on dating and marriage. Some love stories get harder because of the difference of traditions, cultures, religions, social values, and more unpleasant issues to debate. Some of them are lucky enough to find their significant other at a young age. 

Maybe in some Southeast Asian beliefs, the tradition is to get married as soon as possible. In some traditions also, it’s forbidden to even date someone. While the Western dating tradition is no tradition. You can get married, or don’t want to, or want to just hook up with every girl you meet in the club. It’s all up to you. 

3. The Races Traditions 

Not trying to be racist, but in some part of the Eastern and Western world, the race tradition is still a thing. One can only date someone from the same blood. For example, Javanese will likely only want to marry another Javanese because of some “myth”. 

In India, the Hindus will only be allowed to date or get married with another Hindu from their own clan. Meanwhile, there will be so many dating culture differences between east and west to deal with. Yet if you are in love, true love, you will cross the border to marry them. Let’s admire Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ love story! 

4. The Female Status 

In the East, gender equality is still a big issue. Women are always seen under men power, that’s also happened in the dating or marriage world. It’s like men go to work and women stay at home still become the stereotype in the households.

Opposite in the West, women have spoken about gender equality. When it comes to dating, I remember Jennifer Lopez’s song Ain’t Your Mama that shows about gender equality in a perfect dating application. 

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5. Matchmaking Traditions 

Some countries in the East such as India, Indonesia, and Pakistan can sometimes narrow this further by having arranged marriages for their son or daughter. That means that the individual has no choice at all regarding who they marry because their parents arranged for them. In the West, you marry who you wanna marry even when your mother say no, it’s okay. 

6. Family Cultures 

What are the differences between dating in east and west? The East people are mostly family oriented, as I said before. Even in their love life, the family intervenes with you on who is a better match for you. If the parents say no, no matter how much you want to marry your love, it’s a no-no!

It’s totally different in the West, the family doesn’t really intervene in your life choice. You can do what you want, marry who you love, and do the things you love the most in life. You just need to take responsibility for everything. 

7. Family Life

Do you want two points talking about how family holds the difference dating culture east and west? Yes. In the East, marrying someone means you are also marrying the whole family. For example in the Middle Eastern, they will spend more time with their fiance’s relatives than with your fiance. This can lead to misunderstanding between you and their relatives if they don’t know you better.

8. The Beliefs 

Since dating before marriage is not generally the norm in the East, they would expect that things should go quickly and try to level up the relationship into a higher level, a marriage. They will consider religions, cultures, and beliefs. Mostly, Eastern people hold the religion as the first obligation, yet it’s a contrast for typical Western people. In Western, it’s up to the individual if you want to follow your family beliefs or not. 

9. The People’s Characteristics 

Eastern people’s personal lives are private, this means they would prefer to keep what they do very private or behind the closed doors. While we know in West countries, people would share intimates about relationships with the world, and sharing intimates is not a big deal to you. For example, showing affection in public is cool and okay in the Western. 

10. The Religions 

This is obviously very different to the West countries where you can marry who you want. In most Eastern countries, you chose your significant other based on their religion. If they don’t have the same religion as you, then it’s a bye-bye. Some people might get new insight and convert to their couple’s religion. 

11. The Habits 

Some Asians should graduate first before they get into a relationship. Typically, Western people don’t go to parties to find someone, they don’t really go to clubs too. They should be studying, in the room, following the parents. 

This might be in contrast to Western life where the teenagers start to be in relationships at school age. They even have learnt or done sex under 17 years old. For Eastern kids, they don’t know sex but they know how to cook good fried rice. 

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12. The Lifestyle 

The big dating culture differences between east and west is the lifestyle. Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, or Singapore are more westernized in few points than India, Indonesia, Thailand, or Vietnam. Thus, the dating habit is likely different. 

In the Western, you can live together with your girlfriend, kiss them in public, or even tell your parent that you had sex last night. In the East, you will be beaten to death if you say you had sex with random dude at 20. Religion, cultures, and family do so much in Eastern people dating live. 

13. Different Dating Cultures 

Dating culture east and west is totally different! In most East countries, they date someone to marry. Even if the partner isn’t compatible, they still go for marriage because they have been dating for too long. In the West country, you date someone to find the best life to spend with. Well, it’s not always but typical. 

14. The Customs 

As a rule, many Eastern countries will believe that women have a supportive role in the home and stay at home as the housewife. Clean the house, cook, take care of their babies, et cetera.

For example, such as areas in Egypt, will require their women to walk behind their men and to keep their skin covered when they are going out. Women are obligated to only serve their men. Where some families will have become more relaxed about these traditions because they have already been doing it for a very long time.

15. The Relationship Style 

Eastern are typically adopt the shy and strict dating rules. No free sex. No public affection. Not to cross the border. While in the Western live, they are likely more free, easy going, and livable. 

Meanwhile, it’s not the stereotype but typical dating culture East and West. Again, it’s all depan on the individuals. Even today, there are many Eastern people who are open-minded and easy going to learn about the world in another next level. Also, there are many Western who follow the rules and traditions. 

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More Insight about Dating Culture Differences Between East and West

Indeed, there are many dating culture differences between east and west as their religions, races, cultures, flags, time and zone and everything are just way too different. So, here are more details about dating culture in East and West.

Eastern People Dating Rules

  • Manner: Good boys and good girls belong together.
  • Attitude: You need to ask their parents permission to ask her for a date.
  • Listen to Mama: “Don’t come back home late!” You need to go back home at 9 PM.
  • Taboo: No sex before marry. Not even a body contact. Not a kiss or a hug.
  • The Strict Rules: You just can’t date anyone, they said.

But the worlds are growing and people change. Nowadays, most of Asian are just welcome with whatever culture comes through their home. Still, the traditional Eastern people are just so beautiful and pure.

Western People Dating Culture:

  • Open Minded: They are welcome for all people to come and love.
  • Freedom: They can do whatever they want.
  • Expressive: If they love, they express it with hugs, kisses, or sex.

Aspects of dating can also be different and not always be like what we mentioned above. With the length of courtships varying, as well as the ages of marriage, I believe everyone can blend in. There are many dating culture differences between east and west, but true love will unite us.