24 Hidden Signs She Likes You but is Shy (Knows Her Secrets)

When a girl likes somebody, there’s a feeling that no one can understand. She doesn’t tell anyone easily what she feels inside. No one knows exactly what’s going on in her mind and heart. Not even her friends, her siblings, or her parents. Yet there are some hidden signs she likes you but is shy to you!

Hidden Signs She Likes You but is Shy

She’s too shy to let people know that she has a crush on somebody. She even feels a little embarrassed to admit to herself that she catches feelings about a person. Every single thing about the person always gets her heart beats faster. Just one look from the person can make her get nervous.

Have you ever found a girl with such an attitude? A girl who shows a weird attitude that makes you question. Since she’s shy, you may not know if she likes you. Then, how do you know if she likes you if she’s too shy to let you know? Actually, you’re able to know if she likes you even though she doesn’t want to show it. You need to look at these signs she likes you but is shy.

1. She doesn’t want to look straight into your eyes

Every time you’re around her in a very close distance, she doesn’t look straight into your eyes. Whether when you are sitting close to where she is, or when you pass her by, she always tries to look in another direction but your eyes and your face. When a girl is so close to her crush, it will make her heart flattered. The closer she gets to him, she will more likely lose her control.

2. She hides

A less obvious but actually undeniable sign if a girl likes you but is shy is hiding out. Yeah, no one knows how someone hides unless they’re busted. You never know that a girl hides away from you until you find out yourself. At first, you think that everything is normal. It is until you catch her being where you are. You didn’t realize that she’s been there too and you think it was a coincidence.

Yeah, it was a coincidence until you realize she’s always there too everytime you’re there. She thinks you won’t see her. That’s the point of hiding out, isn’t it? But, now that you do know she’s been hiding in plain sight, you can move to the other related sign if she likes you but shy.

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3. She watches you from the distance

What do you think she wants to do by hiding in plain sight? Being where you are but hoping you won’t know that she’s been there too. The one thing she wants to do is watch you from the distance. She pays attention to your activities and the places you’ve been spending your time in.

She wants to be around you always and to know what you’re doing, so she does whatever she can. Watching you from a distance is the safest thing to admire someone without bothering them. So, if you catch her in the same place you’re in and despite the distance, you can see her, it’s just how she does to watch you from the distance.

4. She pretends like she doesn’t see you

Watching someone from the distance is not bothering until that person realizes that they’ve been watched. To avoid getting busted, she tries her best to not get caught up watching you. Every time she knows you’re about to look at her way, she pretends like she doesn’t see you. It needs a high ability to keep undercover. It will make her more embarrassed if you know she’s been looking at you, so she has to be careful.

5. She walks away when you bump into her accidentally

How to know if she likes you but is shy? At some point, being in the same place will make you bump into her accidentally. It’s not a good idea for her to get caught up. She will walk away and wishes she leaves no trace. But she doesn’t know that she leaves you wondering why she is there and doesn’t want to get caught. The hidden signs she likes you but shy are getting clearer here.

6. She’s stuttering while she talks

You have something to talk about with her, so you ask her if you and her can talk. She answers with a little trembling voice. She tries to act natural, but she can’t hide that the words she says just don’t come out easily. 

It takes her everything to look nice and treat you right. You may not know it, but talking to you is the best thing that happens to her. She wants to talk to you so bad, but she’s just scared to do it first. When you talk to her, even about a simple thing, it will mean the world to her. That’s one of many signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it. 

7. She gets awkward

Being shy around the person she likes only makes her lose her control. The consequence is she acts more awkward than she normally does. Through the simplest things she does, like walking, writing, or holding something, she will do it awkwardly. 

Here’s the hidden signs she likes you but is too shy. She tries to make it less obvious that she likes you, but it makes her look awkward more instead. She’s supposed to act natural, but she fails because the feeling she owns inside just gets in her way.

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8. She turns her face when you look at her

When you and her are around, you unintentionally watch her. She catches you looking at them and suddenly turns her face off. She seems a little surprised right then quickly turns her face from you. You may see if she looks a little uncomfortable knowing that you’ve been watching her. It’s the hidden signs she likes you but is shy, that the way you look at her makes her nervous and she’s trying not to show it.

9. She hardly smiles

Being shy and nervous makes her unable to decide what to do and what not to do. She’s trying hard to find the right attitude so she won’t do something wrong. Be careful of the facial expression that she’s trying to keep. Scared to make a wrong expression, she hardly smiles. She does it to hide her feelings. The feeling she has for you. That’s one of many signs she likes you but is shy. 

10. You get a random call

You get a call from an unknown number. When you say hello, there’s no one talking and then hang up. It’s a little creepy if you watch too many horror movies. 

But, if you watch some chick flick about a girl who has a crush on someone but too shy to show it, she will probably make a random call to the person just to hear his voice. It sounds classic, and weird, and it’s so 90’s and childish, but it’s one of the ways to express her secret admiration.

11. You receive a gift from an anonymous

Here are more signs she likes you but is shy, another classic sign that should convince you that she likes you but too shy to let you know. She sends you a gift without putting her name on it. You may not know who sends that first, but you should know that there’s a girl wanting to express her feelings for you but too shy.

It’s clear that someone has been keeping a secret of how she feels and wait for the right time to let you know. Since she’s too shy to show you, she gives you something to make you happy without knowing who sends it.

12. She intentionally drops something in front of you

This is the other old-fashioned thing that a girl does when she likes you but shy. But, this one is a little bit more obvious and can steal your attention directly. 

You often watch it in the movies, yeah, dropping something in front of her crush. If that girl drops her thing right in front of you, it will make you help her and focus on her for a while. Look at the way she responds to your help. If she seems nervous, it’s because she likes you.

13. She joins a group, club or organization that you’re in

This won’t be any clearer if you don’t open your mind why she joins your club when she is not really into it. Being in the same club, group, or organization will give a more intimate connection between you and her. It’s one of the ways to get closer to you through social activities. You will spend more time with her when she joins your club.

14. She orders the same food as you

Let’s say if you guys are hanging out together or with other friends, she wants to know what your favorite food, so she orders the same menu. She will pay attention to every detail about you. I know, it’s getting crazy sometimes. 

15. She stalks you on social media 

How to know if she likes you but is shy? She stalks on your social media until one day you noticed that you two never really talk but she keeps an eye on your social media. Okay, you two might be talking and close enough, and she still stalks you on your social media, comments on that, or even posts some code posts to you. 

Although it’s the best feeling when a girl is being so close to the one she dreams of, looking straight into his face and eyes become more dangerous. When she looks into his eyes and face in a very close distance will only make her flutter and fall more in love. See, if there’s a girl who looks scared to look into your eyes when you both are so close to each other, it’s because she likes you but too shy.

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More Signs A Shy Girl Likes You but Is Afraid of Rejection 

Here are more hidden signs she likes you but is shy, watch it out:

  • She daydreams more often.
  • She becomes quieter around her friends.
  • She cares about you more than you ever thought. 
  • She shows how much she cares about you sometimes. 
  • She follows your social media accounts but never speaks.
  • Yet she likes all your photos there.
  • She talks slow when you are around.
  • She secretly knows your things.
  • She smiles when you are around.
  • She stares at you but spreads it away when you catch her.
  • She gets nervous in front of you.
  • Well, she fakes a smile most of the time.

Those are signs she likes you but is shy that you need to know. It’s a precious thing when there’s someone who likes you but doesn’t want to show you clearly. It means that she won’t force you to accept her love and she prefers to admire you in the way she won’t bother you. When a girl likes you but shy, she may be nervous and awkward, but she cares more than you think. She knows everything about you, your favorite place, your favorite food, your schedule, and some other thing.