28 Sheerios Reasons Why We Want to Marry Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is male singer from British who became the brightest pop star in the music industry. Sheeran was born in West Yorkshire on 17 February 1991 and grew up with that artistic talent that no one cared before. By then, Ed Sheeran had been so good, not only as a singer, but he is also a great songwriter, guitarist, record producer, actor, and a great lover that every girl wished to hug him.

Indeed, Ed Sheeran secretly married Cherry Seaborn in January 2019 in a top-secret ceremony. He is the king of romantic singer and songwriter but he never really shared his personal romantic life, which is so beautiful and made me adore this brunette guy even more. In August 2020, Seaborn and Sheeran’s daughter was born named Lyra Antarctica. So beautiful. 

Indeed, I wrote about why girls want to date a guy like Ed Sheeran a few years ago. Now I still want to talk about why we want to marry a guy like Ed Sheraan. For this case, you might want to link your future lover as a perfect songwriter or someone just as sweet as every Ed Sheeran song on radio. I mean, Cherry Seaborn must be the happiest woman ever! 

Reasons Why We Want to Marry A Guy Like Ed Sheeran

Here all for all the Sheerios in the world, all insane reasons why we want to date a guy like Ed Sheeran:

1. There Will Be One Poetic and Lovely Song about You 

Ed Sheeran is a real songwriter where he wrote what he feels like a real poet. He is so honest to express his feelings into words and lyrics. Thus, don’t you also want a guy like that in real life? 

I mean, it’s so hard to find a guy who knows exactly how to express himself. You know, one somebody wrote you something deep, that must be his deepest and most honest feelings. You can tell by the words chosen that he is not lying about his feelings for you. That’s also the reasons why you should date a song writer. 

2. You Will Feel Just Fine 

Ed Sheeren is not just romantic but also has a good sense of humor. We women need those packets from a guy for sure. They guy tells you the dirtiest jokes and expresses his love at the same time. He must know how to treat his woman like a queen. 

3. He Will Ask You to Dance Barefoot in The Grass 

Damn, what’s better than that? In this modern world, you will find none of the guys asking you to dance barefoot with your favorite song. Nowadays guys only love dancing in the party and get you almost naked. Meanwhile, we need to find a sweet guy just like Ed Sheeran. Amen.

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4. You Wouldn’t Worry to Give All Your Life to That Kinda Guy 

You wouldn’t feel bad to spend the rest of life with this kind of guy cause he will totally love you like you never loved yourself before. I don’t know if I am obsessed with Ed Sheeran as the married guy now or I am just a hopeless romantic woman here wishing for such a perfect guy to come along. Duh! 

5. You Will Have Cute Babies 

Lyra Antarctica, Ed and Cherry’s daughter is so beautifully cute. This is what will happen when you have a kid from someone who you love and equally love you. Also, that’s going to be a beautiful marriage that we hope lasts forever. 

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More Reasons to Find A Guy Like Ed Sheeran

Meanwhile, with those naturally good attitudes, talents, and shining eyes, there are many reasons why we want to marry a guy like Ed Sheeran. Do you agree with me? Here all for all the Sheerios in the world, all insane reasons why we want to marry a guy like Ed Sheeran:

  1. Get a guy who would write a romantic song about you and tell the world how much he loves you is all the girl wants. 
  2. A guy with a beautiful heart and sweet smile.
  3. Ed Sheeran got a unique face, not so handsome as Leonardo DiCaprio or the Jonas Brothers, but he got such a sweet and cute lovable face.
  4. Who doesn’t want to marry a cute, humble, smart, lovely, passionate, and funny man like him? 
  5. Only a guy like Ed Sheeran who would love you till seventy and even older.
  6. Ed Sheeran is totally so simple but deep. He can read your mind and tell you beautiful simple things just to make you feel okay again.
  7. He got that magic look, too.
  8. Ed Sheeran can tell you all the things that girls want to hear from the lovers.
  9. He got beautiful and meaningful tattoos, that’s not just tattoos.
  10. Artist with heart, I can tell you that Ed Sheeran is out of fame but so friendly and sweet. 
  11. You wouldn’t believe there will be one Ed Sheeran song in every moment of your life.
  12. Even your real boyfriend will totally feel envious and jealous of Ed Sheeran, but he never realizes that he is just like Ed. 
  13. There will be one poetic lyric everyday.
  14. That will absolutely feel like heaven to love someone like what it’s written in ‘Thinking Out Loud’ song. Yeah, the reasons why you should date a song writer. 

So, do you agree with those reasons why we want to marry a guy Ed Sheeran? I know, it seems so magical but it’s not wrong to have a dream man, right? Indeed, you need to be as sweet and smart as Cherry Seaborn to find one like Ed. Whatever that is, I hope you find one perfect lover for you that fits you like a love song. 

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