Is It OK If My Girlfriend Hangs Out with Guy Friends?

Here’s the questions, “is it ok if my girlfriend hangs out with guy friends?” we hear some boys wonder. There’s jealousy, trust issues, fright, and uncertainty behind the questions. 

Is It OK If My Girlfriend Hangs Out with Guy Friends?

Well, it depends on every guy but if we could share some thoughts, this is the point. It’s totally okay if your girlfriend wants to hang out around with other people. Why would you ever put her in your cage to only spend time with you?

Here’s is the reasons why you should let her to go out with another guy: 

  • You can trust her that she will not cheat you with another guy. She can spend her time with anyone but she will only intertwine her soul with. 
  • Dude, she has so many friends. She has a great life. People love her and you know it. Again, you don’t need to worry cause she will come home with you. 
  • That can be unhealthy if you stop her from going out with her friends, her male or female friend. Let her have a life, let her be friends with people. 
  • You know she loves you so much that she will never want to replace you with some other guy. 
  • You know her male friends she is going with, that could be her old friends, her best friends since she was 13, or homie bros. You can also hangout with them as well. 
  • She opens up with you. She didn’t hide things. When she is going out with male friends, she will tell you what’s that about. 
  • You know her better than anyone else. You know her love belongs only for you. 
  • She can do what she wants to do. If she is loyal and wants to fight for your love, she won’t do anything that will upset you. 
  • Don’t be so jealous. Just chill and ask her what’s the urge to go out with male friends if you are really not sure. 
  • That males friends could be her school friends, her old co-workers, her neighboards, or anywhere. Nothing special. No romantic conversation going on. 
  • She still puts her 100% attention and love on you. 
  • Don’t be that possessive annoying boyfriend who won’t let her go out or talk to people. 
  • Love is supposed to be a good idea for both people. If one cannot trust the other, or the other doesn’t keep the trust, it’s unhealthy. 

Well, is it okay for my girlfriend to hang out with another guy alone? It is okay if you are sure that she ain’t going to do you wrong. Also, if you know that she is hanging out with friends with 100% no romantic feeling going on behind you. 

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Otherwise, it’s a red flag that your girlfriend wants to see another guy alone if: 

  • She falls in love with every single guy she meets. 
  • You and her lately have trust issues and relationship problems. 
  • She no longer shows her love to you. She went cold and she threatened you with goodbye.
  • You know she lost interest in you and that’s why she is out there looking for a new potential partner. 
  • Her and her male friend don’t seem just like regular friends. 
  • You smell infidelity in her every excuse. 
  • You found so much evidence that she could be cheating. 
  • Again, she gives you weird excuses when you caught her talking to someone else. 
  • She has changed a lot. She doesn’t love you anymore. 
  • She doesn’t wanna talk and she just casually ignores you all the time. 

If you ask “my girlfriend wants to go to dinner with another guy” then it depends on you and the context, you could allow her or you could not. It’s actually normal if you feel wonder and a bit jealous. The point is, if she falls in love with every other guy she talks to, then you need to break up with a girl like that. 

And that’s the thing about illicit affairs
And clandestine meetings
And stolen stares
They show their truth one single time
But they lie, and they lie, and they lie
A billion little times. illicit affairs – Taylor Swift

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  1. Total BS. Your girl should not want to go out with other guys if she’s with you. If she goes, dump her because she doesn’t respect you.

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