How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text – Know 13 Punchlines

You like someone and you don’t know how to tell your crush you like them over text. Yup, we get so nervous and dumb to confess love in person so maybe text your crush can be the first best idea. Know how to tell your crush you really like them over text without being obvious here! 

How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text

Let’s say you get your crush number now and you want to make the first move by texting them but you don’t know what to do. There’s some fear of saying hello, the fear of rejection, and you just feel so damn nervous. You don’t know where and what to start the conversation. 

Indeed, we are giving you some tips about how to tell your crush you really like them over text without being obvious below!

1. Start by Simple Text 

A simple “Hey, what’s up” text to your crush won’t hurt. If your crush replays, then you can keep the conversation going. It depends on the situation and what you both are up into. If you guys are classmates, then continue the text with some topics about schools but don’t be boring. 

You can also talk about some random topics that you predicted your crush would love to talk about. For example, “I reread Harry Potter books during quarantine, how about you?” if your crush is a Potterhead or love reading something. 

Well, keep it simple and interesting. Start it with a “hey!” then pick a good conversation to light your crush days. 

2. Initiate Great Topic 

Choosing the topic to chat on the phone is the key to great conversation, the door’s key to what so called love. If you think you both love the same things, that would be easier to pick up the topic.

You should text your crush with hilarious topics such as: 

  • “Ever think about the robot that will eventually kill you?”
  • “Do you ever think Dobby was real?”
  • “Do you think we can call The Avengers to kill Coronavirus so we could declare #FreeCovid real soon? So we could hang out to the local coffee shop without wearing a mask cause I wanna see your smile again”

Anything. Pick up some fun or playful topic to talk about. You can keep going, just find some wild punchlines of your own.

3. Text Your Crush A Silly Meme to Light Up The Day 

How to tell your crush you really like them over text without being obvious? Try with something funny to make your crush laugh. Some meme posts will do. You could also send your crush funny video under 1 minute duration, some legend YouTube videos will do. 

How to tell your crush you like them over text without getting rejected? 

4. Ask Something You Both Interested to 

I hope you know something that you and your crush are interested in. You could check on her social media, what she usually posts about. If you and she likes to listen to the same type of music, books, schools, projects, or anything, then pick up that topic. You could also explore the talk by asking about your crush’s job, experiences, friends, or anything.

5. Don’t Rush The Process 

Just slow down. You are just casually texting your crush. Don’t expect anything so high. Know that it takes a while to get to know someone better just by texts, yet it could be a great approach to start. 

6. Don’t Double Text 

If your crush haven’t replied you just 5 hours, don’t be mad by texting the same question or double text them. People are busy, ok? Also, if you are rushing or too aggressive even by just text, your crush might feel off about you. 

Just wait until your crush reply. If they don’t reply fast or don’t reply at all, it will hurt you a lil bit but it’s okay. If your crush leave you in blue, it’s the sign to stop chasing. 

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7. Only Text in Normal Timezone 

You won’t bother your crush in busy hours like daytime where she or he might be at work or doing something important. You can’t text her at 2 AM or dawn because it will bother her and she might think that you text her cause you are just drunk or lonely at the time. 

Once you get to know your crush better and your crush seems to like you back, you can do more like ask her out, create a lil more intense conversations, or just deep talk more often by text or call her. 

8. Flirt A Bit 

How to tell your crush you like them over text without telling them? By flirting a bit, make it some fun, cute, or funny moment so you are not being obvious. 

How to tell your crush you really like them over text without being obvious? You could text your crush like: 

  • “T-rex have short and small hands, can’t hold the female T-rex. So sad but thank God I have normal hands to hold you across the street”
  • “You know, you are the only reasons why my phone is ringing and the notification pops up, and I love it”
  • “When was the last time you someone drove you to get McFlurry? I would do that again if you like to”

9. Create Meaningful Conversation 

When you have been talking to your crush and everything’s going good, you could now create a meaningful conversation. Pick any important topic like how you like your mom’s cooking, what is her unforgettable moment when she was a kid, ask about the pets if your crush has ones, or the songs that your crush plays at night to sleep. Anything. 

10. Don’t Expect A Relationship Too Soon 

Again, to jump to a quick conclusion that your crush is attracted to you just because they have been talking to each other on the phone and she/he might like you too. Wait until the two of you go on a date, spend time together, and get more and closer. 

11. Learn to Know Your Crush Better 

Give some time to learn about your crush better, also give them some time to learn about you better. Then, you can express your feelings and take the risk of rejection. Well, better trying than not knowing anything.

12. From Text, Now Call Her 

Sometimes texting is boring. Sometimes it leads to misinterpretation. You could call your crush, listen to their voices for real, remember the tones and conversation. That could be really beautiful.  

13. Video Call If Your Crush Prefer 

If things go smooth, your crush would love to call you and see you on a video call. Things get a lil closer and that smells like a good start to fall in love. 

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What to Text Your Crush 

How to tell your crush you like them over text without telling them? There you go: 

  • If we were in Hogwarts, are you gonna be in Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw?
  • I think I saw you at the bus stop but I didn’t say Hey cause I was running late.
  • You look good in blue, the only blue that doesn’t make me feel blue. But don’t leave me in blue, yea?
  • You always told me that you feel and look like a potato, but don’t you know, you are a sweet potato.
  • We could run on the jogging track so you can meet me but avoid talking to me.
  • Romeo and Juliet is actually the story of two teenagers in a 3 days relationship and caused 6 people to die. That’s not a love story and I think you and I have the better potential story than that. Wanna find out?

Well, that’s all about how to tell your crush you like them over text. You could pick up your own punchlines. Remember to not be needy, annoying, and obvious. If your crush doesn’t seem to care about you, then just let it go and find another crush. 

If you could see that I’m the one
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You belong with me
You belong with me

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