35 Signs He’s Boyfriend Material (No.12 is Everything!)

So, you have been dating this guy for quite some time now and you feel like you could imagine having a serious relationship with him. You are probably wondering about the signs he’s boyfriend material? Some people feel being in a relationship is only attractive when a person is ready to settle down or build a commitment. 

It’s also cooler if they’ve found someone that they’re not willing to let go of that easily and someone irreplaceable. You might also think, if you don’t see eye to eye on the subject why are you doing the relationship, there is no point in wasting your time. Especially, if someone will end up getting hurt or make you only his sexual object.

Signs He’s Boyfriend Material

First thing first, you need to know what is the definition of boyfriend material. Boyfriend material is someone who takes care of you and loves you more than anything (get a guy like this please!). Someone who accepts you the way you are and supports you na matter your circumstances. If you have all of these, he may be the winner!

You come to the point that you should be thinking of someone whom you can imagine yourself having a long-term relationship with or even spending your life with them and building a family. Not all men are classed as boyfriend material, even not many taken men are boyfriend material (true!). It can be hard to find out if they’re boyfriend material or not in the beginning of a relationship. So here are the tips to identify the signs he’s boyfriend material:

1. He Introduces You to His Friends

If your man waits too long to introduce you to his friends, you should be curious. Because, no one that is in a serious relationship would hide their partner. Instead he will let all his friends know about his partner and he wants his partner to know his friends.

2. He Is A Great Lover

There are so many things that make a man become a great lover. Does not have to mean he is the best you have ever had in technical sense. No matter how highly skilled he is, he has to be open to you and willing to make you happy, but as well as expressing that he is happy to be with you. A man who identified as boyfriend material is receptive to your needs and communicate about his own needs.

3. Man Who Lets His Girl Have Her Own Space

Get a man who is not possessive to you and trust you. A boyfriend material dude will understand that you have a life and friends. We as a girl don’t want to feel like our man trying to control everything. The more space your man gives you, the more time you want to spend time with him.

4. He Will Support Your Decision

A man who really loves you and into you will never make you feel bad about your decision, instead they will support you and give you lots of motivation whenever you are feeling down. And even if he does not agree with you, he will explain why he does not agree with you in a nice way.

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5. He Will Always Open and Honest With You

Perfect man will always be honest and be open with you. They usually feel bad whenever he is not telling you the truth even when the truth hurts. You should never have a question about how he is feeling cause he will tell you the complete story.

6. Compromises

How to know if he’s boyfriend material? Let’s talk about compromises. A boyfriend material dude will make certain compromises to get close to you. Maybe he starts keeping his car clean so you can put your stuff there or he keeps his house clean so you have your own space there. A non boyfriend material dude will never be ready for changes in their lives for someone else and may be put blame on you for trying to disrupt their life at the moment.

7. He Understands the Difference between the Good and Wrong

He won’t even try to lie, cheat, or hurt you because he loves and respects you so well. He already knows how to treat you well. He knows what’s gonna make you cry. When he knows everything, the healthy relationship is easy and possible to last longer. 

8. He Is Ready for Committed in Relationship With You

We know that commitment is not for everyone. Some people would consider cheating from their partner even after they’re married! But you find him different from the other. He acts like he is ready to be in a serious relationship and commitment, he really is. 

You can see the signs he is a boyfriend material by the way he treats you. He will show to you that he is ready for you and he will try to be with you. If people act like they are super duper busy and don’t make time for you, well that’s one of the signs he’s not boyfriend material for you.

9. He Listens to You

Some men will say that women talk too much, but there is one thing that you should know: real men will listen to you without complaining or label you with ‘big mouth’. He probably will participate with your subject. He will listen to know and understand you better. You also need to listen to him. Teamwork is needed for a healthy and lovable relationship. 

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10. He Always Tells You That You Are Beautiful All the Time

By ‘beautiful’ does not mean you have to dress up and put your makeup on all the time. Because we know, we feel comfortable without putting efforts to do makeup or curl your hair with the iron. 

He will still adore you even if you wake up in the morning with your natural hair, t-shirt, and no make up on your face. And you know, kindness and your pure heart are the beautiful things you can alway wear. 

A man should always make his lady feel sexy and beautiful.

11. He Always Wants to Improve to Be Better

I believe self improvements are needed in a relationship. Good man would do this and try to get rid of their bad behavior for his partner. For example, before he met you he was the partying kind of guy, a player, or a drunk with a bad future. 

After meeting you, he decided to improve himself and didn’t want to do the same behavior in the past. He will try to win your heart. He also tries to be a better person for himself and for his future. It’s not like you change them or you nurture them like a baby, but there’s something he can’t explain that opens his eyes. 

12. He Is Not Shy to Hold Your Hands in Public

I personally like holding hands with my partner, holding hands means so much to me. I believe a good boyfriend will not be shy to hold your hands in public. It’s kinda showing that you’re his. And this kind of makes other ladies out there jealous because your man is such a gentleman!

13. He Will Consider You As His Best Friend Too

By the end of the day, he should want to spend time with you over anyone else. He feels like you are not a burden. And feels comfortable to be with you, you should feel the same way as him. You make him attracted to you in a good way. That’s also the signs he’s boyfriend material. 

14. He Won’t Play a Games With You

So you’ve been hanging out with this guy for a while, but he often doesn’t text you back or he only texts you when he wants to meet you. Or only talk to you when he needs your help or something from you? This is the kind of a guy who is not worth your time. That’s the signs he’s not boyfriend material. It is better for you to let him go and wipe the memories you had with him.

15. You Feel Comfortable Being Around Him

New relationship could be frightening for some people but in a good way. Even if you get so nervous while you were with him in the beginning, you feel so comfortable being with him that you don’t get that feeling from someone else. 

Based on people’s experience, being comfortable is the most important thing a couple needs to achieve. If you feel like you are so comfortable when he’s around, that could be the signs he is bf material. 

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16. You Spend A Lot of Time Together

Did he make plans for the weekend? Did he ask you out almost everyday? (if you guys did not live together). If you’re going to be in a relationship with someone, you’re definitely going to spend a lot of time with them.

I know, life is busy and you guys have a bunch of things to do. Sometimes you can’t meet or hangout with them. You guys might be in a long distance relationship. Indeed, here’s the signs that he is boyfriend material, he will make time for you even if it’s just a 3 second goodnight text or voice note. You both keep maintaining good communication. 

17. It’s Cool Spending Time with Him 

If you’re going to be with someone, I mean in a relationship, it would be better if the two people never get bored talking about anything. Not just important stuff but also some stupid stuff and making fool of one another in a good way. 

You share about what you think, or share about how your day was and ask him the same without being annoying or toxic. He won’t make you bored whilst doing a long trip, for example the 8 hours trip in the car, the trip must be boring right?  But with him it feels so enjoyable and fun and you want another long trip with him. 

There are always new things, new happiness, new life lessons, and brand new days with him. Even when you guys are busy, you still trust each other but communicate and keep supporting each other. 

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More Signs of A Boyfriend Material 

Meanwhile, there thousands signs he’s a boyfriend material, there are more here:

  • He looks at your eyes when he talks to you.
  • He opens the door for you. Whether he opens the car door or supermarket door.
  • He tells a silly joke that makes you laugh so hard.
  • He calls exactly when he says he would.
  • He picks you up on time.
  • He makes his promises right.
  • He sings you a song when you feel bad.
  • He is a bad boy but he is so good.
  • He wears black t-shirt almost all the time.
  • He brings his sweeter for you.
  • He asks you to dance in the rain.
  • He sends a song to the radio so you could listen.
  • He kisses you in the car.
  • He hugs you really tight.
  • He teaches you life lessons without teaching you right away. You know what I mean?
  • He makes you a better person. 
  • He stays with you in thick and thin. 
  • He makes you grow to be a big woman. 
  • He doesn’t play with you. 
  • He stays when everyone leaves you. 

Meanwhile, is your boyfriend one of those lists? Yes, there are many signs he is a boyfriend material. You see that in him and that’s why you love him so much.

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Tips to Hold A Boyfriend Material

If he shows you the signs he is a boyfriend material, then it’s the tips to keep him forever:

  • Never let him go.
  • Always tie him with love.
  • Trust him, love him.
  • Make him cookies.
  • Love him with all of your heart. 
  • Grow old together. 
  • Know that he is not perfect but the best for you.

Indeed, it’s so lucky to have a boyfriend material lover that will keep you forever. Getting a boyfriend material dude is not as difficult as it seems. They could be someone you’ve been friendzoned for so long too! However, you shouldn’t waste much of your time on guys who are not worth your time. 

Getting the right man for your life takes time, don’t be in a rush! You need to also improve yourself as a person, a woman, a great human being so you attract the nicest guy just as nice as you. That’s all about the signs he’s boyfriend material. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner!