32 Sweet Things to Say to Your Crush on His Birthday

Birthday is a special moment to celebrate, as it’s the turning point of maturity, experience, and how we grow in life. Thus, we want special things on our birthdays as well as we want to send the best special things to people we love on their birthdays.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Crush on His Birthday

So, how about your crush’s birthday? What to say to your crush on his birthday? It’s the precious moment you should take to show that you love him or her.

Thus, here’s the cute things to say to your crush on his birthday:

1. A simple Wishes is Never Enough

You couldn’t go with just, “Hey, happy birthday!” It’s too lame and shows no effort. If he was your crush and you love him so bad, then you must take very special action.

Here’s the sweetest birthday greetings idea:

  • “Do you know today is my future lover’s birthday?”
  • “You got older I hope you are going to find your true soulmate so you don’t have to feel so lonely anymore! I mean, look at me, eh?”
  • “Do you have plans for birthday night tonight? If not, I know something fun to do”
  • “Today’s your birthday, what about a romantic dinner tonight?”
  • “Someone cool I know to be mine in the future is having a birthday today.”
  • “What about a kiss on the cheek for the birthday boy tonight?”

2. A Cute Surprise

It may be lame, but we love birthday surprises all the time! The surprise can be anything you like, anything he likes.

Here’s the birthday surprise idea:

  • Take him in the middle of the night and slice a cake!
  • Send him a voice note of his favorite song, with birthday wishes afterwards!
  • Cook him special dishes.
  • A video call might be cool for her birthday. 
  • Edit photos of videos of them with cute and funny captions. 
  • Send your crush a box of gifts with your initial. Let him wonder and realise that you have been waiting for them for quite a long time. 

If you have been knowing your crush for so long, you can do something further. You must like what he or she wants the most as a birthday gift. Try to send them one. 

3. Sends Him Unforgettable Gift

Buy him watches, t-shirt, or shoes? That’s not what they want! You should find the things that your crush really loves, then bring it on!

Here’s some special birthday gift ideas:

  • You could send him a DVD of his favorite band. Everyone likes music, right?
  • Take them out for a walk, stay cute, if you think they like you too, then just blow your crush a friendly kiss!
  • Send him a novel if he was a pro reader.
  • Send her perfume, flower, or food. 

Indeed, things to say to your crush on his birthday is maybe nothing but give him signals that you really care about him and you want to try to love him even better than he ever got. 

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4. Writes Him A Love Letter

It’s a classic way to find love, but it never gets old. You could just pick up your favorite color on the love note, then write your things about him. It works. It’s always. 

You still confuse what to say to your crush on their birthday? You could write about all the things you like about your crush. Tell your crush you might forget all the things you talked to them about, but you knew it was the best conversation you ever had with someone. 

5. Social Media 

Nowadays, everything is easy on social media. When it comes to his birthday, you could just create one cute post about your crush, then send it online. Let the world know about that lovely birthday boy or girl. Also, you know what to say to your crush for his birthday, don’t be serious just be cute and funny. 

6. But Nah, Keep it Private and Romantic!

Talk to your crush, eye to eye, wish it more than just a birthday greeting. Let it fall between heart to heart. You could also take this opportunity to confess how much you want to be with them. Take the risk. If you never confess, you would never know. 

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More Cute Things to Say to Your Crush on His Birthday

This is what to say to your crush on his birthday: 

  1. “Happy birthday, may your life be full of good things. I mean, good girl like me maybe.”
  2. Sends him some cool happy birthday songs.
  3. Send him your cute selfie with a happy birthday note on it. 
  4. “You are the best thing that was born today”
  5. “A very happy birthday to the very charming guy that I’ve been loving since forever.”  
  6. “I wish we could celebrate your birthday as something more than just friends. Just maybe?”
  7. “I want to wish you happy birthday and wish I could still see you on your every birthdays years by now”
  8. “Ramen birth-date?”
  9. “The next time when my birthday coming, I want to see you the first time when I wake up”
  10.  “If your birthday wish is to find a future lover for you, you got the loudest amen from me”
  11. “Pizza birth-date maybe?”
  12. “Tell your mom thank you for giving a birth to such a lovely man today”
  13. Happy birthday! I heard Taylor Swift sang You Belong with Me”
  14. “What’s your biggest wish this year? I hope I am on those lists. If I am not, I wish I could get along and support you until those wishes come true”
  15. “I wish you to be healthier and happier. I hope you find everything you have been looking for. I wish you all the greatest things in life” 
  16. “I hope you don’t go with another girl tonight because I have the prettiest and stupidest birthday song for you”
  17. “A sweet girl like you can’t celebrate birthday alone. Wanna celebrate it with me?”. That can be the alternative to what do you say to your crush on his birthday. 

There are many cute things to say to your crush on his birthday. Those are just some examples. You can be creative. You can say everything you have been dying to say, before it’s too late. 

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How to Wish Him When You Are Too Shy

Shy and sad girl doesn’t know what to say to your crush when it’s his birthday. Here are more cute things to say to your crush on his birthday, even when you feel shy to express it:

  1. Text him anyway you like and gently wish him like, “Happy birthday! Hope your life is full of happiness, like the happiness I got when I look at you!”
  2. If you can’t be the first person to show up on his birthday, it’s okay to be the last. He will remember it. 
  3. Send him an online birthday card would be a nice idea.
  4. Ah, what about tagging him on Instagram of random funny birthday posts?
  5. Send a YouTube link about how he must feel blessed on his birthday.
  6. Prays. Prays for him from the deep of your heart.
  7. Send your crush secret gifts. Be savage and mysterious!
  8. Send him a sticker, a gitfs, of birthday emojis. 
  9. If he has a birthday party or something. Dress up a little and show up. He will be shocked that you are so cute. 

Most of us are shy to our crush. If you know that your crush is still single, you should be braver and move faster to show him that you think you guys are cute together. If your crush is having somebody, I know it hurts, so maybe you need to be tough, wise, and have a second plan for another crush maybe. 

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What to Do if Your Crush Don’t Give A Damn about You

Let’s say you have all the cute things to say to your crush on his birthday but your crush seems cold and doesn’t give a damn about you. Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t give a damn about you.
  2. Stop your feelings if it’s just hurting you.
  3. Don’t even care about his birthday if he doesn’t care about yours.
  4. Gifts yourself someone better to love.
  5. If you are tougher, you can try harder until your crush sees you. 
  6. Be better and brighter so everyone will see you as a potential lovely lover. 

Now you know what do you say to your crush on his birthday. Don’t be confused. Be straightforward and unforgettable. Also, you can confess your feelings without being creepy or extreme. You can try to send a simple happy birthday text or some naughty cute text. You choose your weapon. Stay cool and classy!

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