What to Say to Your Ex When They Say They Miss You? – 19 Things to Tell Him

You never heard anything from your ex for months or even years and you have forgotten about him for good, but all of sudden, you got a text from him saying he misses you. That makes you feel totally confused and you smirk a little. 

What to say to your ex when they say they miss you depends on what you want to do with him next. If you don’t want him anymore, you can just ignore him. If you miss him too, that’s a green light. Yet if you hate him, you can play a little revenge. Well, let’s just find out what to tell your ex when he says he misses you! 

This Is What to Say to Your Ex When They Say They Miss You

Don’t you like it when your ex crawls back to you and tells you that he misses you? Whether you want him back or you hate him to the bone, it feels nice when someone who dumped you goes back to you and says he misses you. It feels like he already knows what he lost and you won! He must be regretting it now. 

Indeed, know what to tell your ex when he says he misses you below! 

1. I have been missing you too

You could replay him with “I have been missing you too” if you feel so. You might say that if you want to go back with him. Meanwhile, make sure that the future relationship that you would have with him is going to be healthy and worthy. Remember all the bad things he did, don’t make the same mistakes million times more. 

2. I know you will miss me 

You could reply “I know you will miss me” and let’s wait what he would say. This looks a little hopeful but also not too clingy. When he reads it, maybe he feels a bit attacked, smile a bit, and he might think you still want him back. 

Meanwhile, you can be a little shady and salty. After saying “I know you will miss me” then you could text, “but I don’t”. As you wish. If you want to be a little nice, you can continue the sweet text. If you don’t, let him hang waiting on the phone. 

3. I never really forget you 

Replay his “I miss you” text with “I never really forget you!” if you want him back. Meanwhile, make sure when you are getting back together, you both have grown up. Make sure that you will have a mature and healthy relationship. If you don’t, it’s gonna be tiring to break up with the same person twice. 

4. I know you are gonna say something like that 

When you say “I know you are gonna say something like that” after he says “I miss you” I bet he will get confused as heck. He will think if you might still like him or if you smirk at him, or if those lines mean you hate him now. 

  • “I miss you”
  • “I know you are gonna say something like that”
  • “Do you miss me too”
  • “I have heard that joke a million times” 

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5. Are you drunk again tonight?

You received his “I miss you” text at midnight or maybe at 3 in the morning every weekend. You know, he is drunk-text you again. He never really misses you or remembers you. He is just drunk, not the good drunk, but the bad-annoying-drunk-type. Meanwhile, you don’t want to talk to a drunk guy who will hurt you again when he gets sober. 

6. Somebody is bored I guess 

What to say to your ex when they say they miss you? There is the type of ex boyfriend who only texts you cause he gets bored. That could be in the morning, after lunch, and mostly at midnight he will text you “Hey, you up?” or “I miss you baby” cause he is just bored and he doesn’t have a great life. 

When he texts you again, just reply to him with “somebody is bored I guess”. He will feel pissed off.  @yourdevan

7. Somebody regrets break up with me I guess 

“Hey, I miss you!” 

“Somebody regrets break up with me I guess”

You could say that! That’s epic! He broke your heart but you knew one day he will slide into your DM saying things you can predict. Indeed, you no longer have that feeling for him, you might even hate him now. 

8. Same old drama 

“I miss the days when you were with me,” he says.

“Ah, same old drama!” you replay. 

That’s savage. You are just so tired of your ex who dumped you and now he says he misses you. He is just so funny. 

9. Sorry?

Reply him with “Sorry?” to explicitly tell him that you are confused, you are tired, and you found him annoying for saying that. This also means that you don’t give a damn about him anymore. You don’t care and you want him to please run away from you. 

10. Whose number is this?

This is so funny cause you don’t save his number anymore. You have deleted every trace of him and you have fixed what he broke in your life. 

11. Okay?

Short but you word shoots to kill. You could just say, “Okay?” and he will explain to you a very dramatic statement about how he misses you and he wants you back. One thing he doesn’t know, you have moved on. 

12. So?

  • Him: I miss you!
  • You: SO?
  • Him: Surprised Pikatchu face. 

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13. Thanks! 

There are so many things to be thankful to, like an ex who tells you he loves you now and a bad guy who says he is changed now and wants you back. Just reply to him “thanks!” to indicate a perfect rejection to him. 

14. Don’t respond back 

What to say to your ex when she says she misses you? You could just simply don’t respond back. You have a busy life. He regrets what he has lost. He needs to learn to appreciate people who were there for him, instead of dumping them like trash! 

15. Block his number 

Let’s say your ex is super annoying. He keeps texting you and asking you to come back. He tells you he misses you three times a day but you are so tired of him. For god sake, you can just block him for your own good mental state. 

16. Tell him that you moved on 

Be nice to tell him that you have moved on a long time ago. You appreciate his feelings but you can’t go back to the chapter when you two were together. It’s an old book you don’t want to read anymore. 

17. Tell him to move on 

What to say to your ex when they say they miss you? For worse or better, let bygones be bygones. Tell him in a mature way that maybe what you had with him was good, but something was broken and life keeps going. Moving on is somewhat hard, but it’s a must to do. 

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18. Tell him you are going to get married soon 

A brutal savage responds, send him the invitation to your wedding. It’s not like you want to hurt him, but it is what it is. You are ready for your new life, he can miss you all the time, but just cannot go back!  

19. Send him a link of particular savage song about ex 

I think, Dua Lipa has so many plays about exes in a savage way. When your ex texted you “I miss you” then you can replay it with Dua Lipa’s songs such as IDGAF and Don’t Start Now. A song would do. 

Now you know what to tell your ex when he says he misses you. You may want to reply to him with some other punchline, that would be cool. Just don’t let the same person ruin your life twice. 

Don’t show up, don’t come out
Don’t start caring about me now
Walk away, you know how
Don’t start caring about me now
Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa