An Open Letter to My Abusive Ex Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend

Dear my ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend,

Let me jot an open letter to my abusive ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend

I would like to say “been there, done that” in a different way. I was there in your place a few moments before with the guy I thought would never hurt me, turned out, it was the worst thing I ever experienced. It was a hard bitter pill to swallow, that the one you love is the one who is gonna hurt you brutally. 

Well, I wanted to say sorry to you, in advance, for the pain he is about to make you feel. I knew, when we are in a relationship, we need to get ready for the worst case scenario. That was the worst case scenario I wish I could revise. But what can we do? The warning signs always feel like they are butterflies, right? 

He broke my heart into a million pieces. If I could count them down, I could write a novel about how abusive he was and how I wish I ran as fast as I could before the fire could catch me up. But then I got burnt out, burnt down. He told me I was different and he loved me to the moon and back, he told you the same, right? But once I gave it all, he turned out to be someone who was so creepy, and crazy, and sick. Really sick. 

I am not trying to scare you, but if you want to listen to my words, it could save a life. He abused me emotionally and mentally. One day he loved me and the next minute, like an ameture magicion, he acted like I was the worst woman in the world where all I did was give him my best and pushed myself away to fill his cups until it overflowed. He lied a million times about a million little things. He changed his mind more than I changed my dresses in a day. He’s got too many versions of himself and I was emotionally drained of it. 

At first, he got you the idea of a perfect picture, a perfect man walking the room in blue jeans and nice hair, talking so sweetly like he deserved all the best things you can offer. Now I bet, he tells you that I was a crazy girlfriend, needy, clingy, and emotionally unavailable and I broke his heart. The truth was, I made a mistake and I apologized. I fell in love with him, the one I didn’t really know, and I let him break my dreams and everything, that way my mistakes I am talking about. 

Woman to woman, maybe you should take this as a warning sign or a red flag of him. Now I know, you want to say that he has changed and now is better like he learnt something from a previous failure in a relationship. I hope he does. I really hope he does. But this is something psychological, there is something about him that doesn’t heal unless he wants to afford a therapy session with a professional. He needs to get some help, I guess. 

You don’t believe me today, it is okay. But if you could imagine how worst it could be, you will think twice. I know now, there is a huge love beating in your, your cheeks turn red when he kisses you, and there are butterflies in your stomach. But again, it’s funny how the warning signs can feel like they are butterflies —Halsey sings. 

There will be days when you are wondering where he is and how he is feeling about you. It’s gonna be everyday when you are sitting there on your bedroom floor waiting, crying, thinking, and blaming yourself about how bad he treats you. He can replace you with every girl he meets at the local bars. He can jump to every other girl to fill his empty soul, and he will always feel empty and dark and sick. 

Being was him was like walking on fire and I tell myself it didn’t burn me when it actually killed me inside and out. Being with him was like walking in the very thin line and wishing I didn’t fall off the cliff. Being with him was like bracing myself that the poison from his lips wouldn’t kill me, and that I was dead in secret. I felt that. It took me some time to heal myself for what he did to me. Even today, it still hurts me when I remember about his emotional abusive habit to me. 

Now that you are there. I hope he didn’t put you in the position I was. I really hope he has healed and could treat someone better than the way he treated me. I really wish you didn’t feel the pain that I felt. I think you seem like a very nice person, like a very good woman who just wants to love and be loved. Like most women who are in love, we do everything to prove to them but sadly, we tend to fall in love with the one who is gonna hurt you cause yeah, it’s sad but true. 

I really wish everything turns out just well. It’s hard to imagine how one man who seems so sweet could break your life into million pieces. We keep finding the wrong boyfriends yet we still want love. We need love. We send and receive love but sometimes, it doesn’t go the way we predict. 

Meanwhile, I just wish he is not going to hurt you like he did to me. If he did to you, I wish you would heal very soon. I hope you can dodge the bullet and don’t let anyone break our bones. At the end of the day, hope we find our true lovers. May he and his sick of need could learn to love someone better and to appreciate the ones who love him. 

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This song is for all the women out there
That been lied to by their men
And I know you all been lied to
Over and over again
This is for y’all
“Caught Out There” by Kelis @yourdevan

This is an open letter to my abusive ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend. I hope you are doing good aka run as fast as you can.