What to Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend and Can’t Talk to Him? (16 Love Tips!)

It’s normal to not be with your lover 24/7 and don’t worry about that. We provide the ideas about what to do when you miss your boyfriend and can’t talk to him on this articles. 

What to Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend and Can’t Talk to Him?

You don’t know what to do when you miss your boyfriend and can’t talk to him. That feeling is really hard to deal with, sitting on your bedroom floor and thinking how much you want to hug your boyfriend but he is currently far from you for whatever reason. 

Maybe he is busy at work, you guys are in a long distance relationship, you are in the middle of nowhere, or currently in a bad communication with him so you cannot express how much you miss him. We got it when you say “I miss my boyfriend so much it hurts”. Indeed, check out what to say when you miss your boyfriend ! 

1. Text Him, Maybe?

You could just text him right away, tell him you miss him but don’t text-boomb him with silly texts. Sis, don’t be so desperate. Learn that it’s normal that you and him are not together every single minute. People are busy, right? Understand that he got something to do in life and he will reach out to you when he is free and good. 

2. Leave A Voice Note 

Meanwhile, this is how to tell your boyfriend you miss him through text or a voice note: 

  • Hey, just want to let you know that I kinda miss your silly jokes! Hope we can spend some time after work. 
  • Baby, I hope you have a great day today. It’s gonna be busy but it’s gonna be fine.
  • I will be missing you all day but let’s finish our tasks first. Good day! 
  • You must be tired after work. I know, maybe a little silly conversation with me can relieve your bad day? 
  • Hey, wanna grab some coffee tonight? I need a coffee and I kinda miss my man.

You can also remind him about his stuff as well as you wish him to have a good day. Also, ask him about how his days were, hope it’s gonna make him feel a little better instead of directly saying you miss him. 

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3. Call Him Later

You must know his schedule. Only call him when you know he is free or he has finished his work. Meanwhile, you know how your man is. If he is okay to pick up the phone during a busy evening, then you can. 

If he is the type of guy who can only talk on the phone when he is free, then only call him when he allows you to. Yet most people don’t like to talk on the phone when he is in the middle of doing something. 

4. Send Him A Cute Silly Selfie 

What to do when you miss your boyfriend and can’t talk to him? You can take your cute or silly selfie and send him with some romantic or funny captions. That could make him smile a little and he will tell you that he misses you too.

5. Send Him Something 

Maybe you don’t quite know what to say when you miss your boyfriend. You can send him something like maybe, a lunchbox to his office or a cup of coffee from a delivery order. That shows him about how much you care about him. It’s more meaningful than just I miss you words. 

6. Wear His Oversized-Hoodie 

Why do I miss my boyfriend right after he leaves? Cause you miss his existence and the way he comforts you during bad days. You can just wear his oversized-hoodie or t-shirt that he left on your closet, just to feel him a little closer in your arms. Then, take a selfie and send him. Tell him that you wear his hoodie because you miss his warm hugs. 

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7. Listen to Some Song 

The two of you must have at least one theme song that hits. Any romantic song or the song you listened to when you both first met. Play that song just to remind you how great it was. You can also send the link of the song to him, so he will notice that you kinda miss him. 

8. Look at Some Old Pictures

Just scroll down to the old photos in your phone when you miss him. You can feel him alive in those pictures. You can also reminisce about how great it was and how you wish you can feel the same way twice. 

9. Remind Him You Are There for Him 

How to tell your boyfriend you miss him through text? Just remind him that you are there for him no matter what. Also, you are okay and you understand that you guys are busy but when the time is right, you can spend some time with him again. 

10. Talk to His Friends or Family 

This is only if you know his family or close enough with his family members. Again, don’t be so desperate that you are away from him. You reach out to his friends just to have a small talk about some fun things about him or something else. You don’t need to tell them that you miss him. 

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What to Do When You Miss Your Boyfriend So Much It Hurts?

It’s everyday we say, “I miss my boyfriend so much I cry” and yeah, that’s a sad beautiful tragic. But girl, don’t let it eat you alive. If you really believe that your boyfriend loves you and wants to fight the relationship with you, you should not be worried too much. 

The communication should be easy no matter how far or how bussy the two of you are. Meanwhile, the next time you miss him and you find it hard to express that to him, then you should just focus on yourself. The man will reach out to you if he really wants to prove that he loves you. 

Other than that, you should just have fun and keep creating the best version of you. This what to do when you miss your boyfriend so much it hurts:

1. Work on Your Hobby 

Maybe this is a better way to miss someone. If you like to sing, you could sing and record it then send it to him. Also if you like to play a guitar or something, play it and let them know you play some great tones for them. 

Other than that, just work on your hobby, anything you like. It’s not only about him, but it is for you. I believe when you do your hobby, that would make you feel happier and maybe, it makes you grow and feel better. 

2. Go Out with Your Friends

It’s time to catch up with your friends. Maybe you could just call them to ask them how they have been. It’s been a long time, right? It’s time to socialize with them again cause maybe you forget them long enough as you are busy with your boyfriend. Also, have fun! Best friends are the best people in life. 

3. Finish Your Work 

I know, you have love and affection going on and you want to pour it to your lover. But, maybe you should also focus on your job, or study, or your life goals as he is also getting busy with his. Finish your work and yeah!

4. Distract Yourself 

Your boyfriend is not going anywhere if he loves you. He will reach out to you anytime soon. So, you don’t need to be worried too much. Distract yourself with some important things to do in life, entertain yourself, and just make yourself happy first! Also, boys don’t really like those needy and clingy girls. 

5. Write Him A Letter 

Maybe just maybe, it’s been such a long time since the last time you met your boyfriend. You could write him a letter, like a really long text-novel to him about everything. You could write to him if you really believe he feels the same way as you. Other than that, he doesn’t deserve a word from you. 

6. Pray for Him 

Maybe just close your eyes and pray for him. Pray for the relationship to keep going and getting better. If you are not the type of pareyer-people, then just make a few wishes. 

That’s what to do when you miss your boyfriend and can’t talk to him. I know, missing someone is a deep uncomfortable feeling and all you do is wanna hug them right away. But, be patient and don’t look so desperate. He will be with you again sooner. 

You’re my love, my life,
The air that I breathe.
You’re my soul, my happiness,
The all that I need.

Dean Coombes
Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/how-much-i-love-you-poem-my-everything