10 Reason Why My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Me Sexually Anymore (This Is What to Do!)

Why my boyfriend doesn’t want me sexually anymore? He was so into it and now he goes so cold almost like a dead soul. Find out the reasons why my boyfriend doesn’t seem interested in me sexually anymore here! 

Reason Why My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want Me Sexually Anymore 

We believe that sex is not the main course of the relationship but it is the cherry of the big cake. It is somehow the best action to express your love to him, it is equal to woman and man. On the opposite, it is really unhealthy if your relationship is all about sex and only sex. 

Indeed, if you both are sexually active and have the best relationship, you will notice if he changes the patterns of that sexually. Maybe not only sex, but he refuses to kiss or hug you like it was before. 

Here we will tell you why your boyfriend doesn’t want me sexually anymore! 

1. Too Tired That Night 

Maybe he gets a little tired that night when you jump out the bed. He wants a proper sleep, to take a rest, to clear his mind after a long hard day at work. 

Please don’t be mad if that’s his reason. You can be that nice lil girl. Cuddle him to sleep and make him a cup of coffee the next morning. 

2. Busy Somehow 

When he seems to shut down in a relationship, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore. He might be so busy at work or somewhere to do some important things in life. When he is busy, you cannot force him to make out somehow. 

You can keep talking to him, asking him if everything is okay. He will tell you that he is busy but when it’s weekend, he will manage to run to your arms again. 

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3. Physical Health Issues

Maybe he gets some physical health issues that makes it hard to have intimate moments with you or anything sexually. You can tell if he is okay or not. Maybe he got back pain or something more serious. Call a doctor or be a doctor for him, iykwim.

4. Low Energy Levels 

I don’t think that a man can do it every time. Maybe, that night he is experiencing low energy levels. Again, he works so hard at work, he is into something that drains his energy. Meanwhile, you can recharge his energy not by doing sex, but do something sweet like wrap his arms around you and talk about funny things to cheer him up.  

5. Experiencing Bad Days Lately 

Again, bad days affect people. That could lead people off, make him mad, and lower his sexual drive maybe. Maybe you two need to go somewhere, have fun, to recharge each other’s mood and relationship. 

6. Sexual Dysfunction or Other Condition 

Some medicine uses and illness can have some complications such as sexual dysfunctions. Maybe it was not about your partner’s feelings towards you but other health conditions that affect his sexual needs and performance. 

7. He Changes His Mind about You 

This is another case of my boyfriend doesn’t seem interested in me sexually anymore. This could be one of many reasons that your man changes his mind about you. Maybe, he doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore. You know, people change their minds faster than anyone changes their clothes. No matter how great the relationship is, some can always have a change of mind. No guarantee one can stay forevermore. 

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8. He Fall Out of Love 

What does it mean when your boyfriend rejects you sexually? This is the worst case scenario that he might fall out of love with you. You can see it by his eyes. He doesn’t want to hug you, kiss you, cuddle you, or touch you anymore. Even when you are the best version of yourself, it’s hard to keep someone who doesn’t want you to stay. 

9. He Is Not That Guy 

Maybe he wants just sex with you. When he has enough, he will leave the side of the door. Maybe he is not that guy you can go home with. Let him sink it. @yourdevan

10. He Wants More Than Just Sex 

If you are Asian or people who doesn’t do sex before marriage, then he don’t want you just for sexual pleasure. He wants to spend more time and moments and memories with you. 

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want You Sexually Anymore 

Here’s what to do when your boyfriend doesn’t want you sexually:

  • Talk to him, ask nicely why. Create a calm space to ask, hopefully you guys can solve the problems. 
  • Ask him what’s going on in life. If he had a bad day, busy, or something unusual about his feelings toward you. 
  • For now, respect his boundaries. Making a lil space is good sometimes. 
  • If you have another better idea to solve it, say it. You guys maybe have disagreement about sex or life views in general. 
  • Have some time alone with yourself. 
  • If it is needed, talk to a professional. 

That’s all about why my boyfriend doesn’t want me sexually anymore. But again, it depends on you and him. You could just ask him what the problems are. 

Love without sex is still the most efficient form of hell known to man.

Peter Porter