What to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend?

Ex boyfriend posting pictures of new girlfriend and you are like, “It’s been just two weeks after we broke up and my broken heart has not healed yet and you are dating some random chicks?” Well, that’s another story of a broken heart. 

Meanwhile, maybe your ex was a total bad guy and you are happy that you two broke up already and you move on for good. When your ex-boyfriend posts pictures of new girlfriend, you will feel like a total queen saying, “Girl, you have chosen death to be with him. Goodluck!” 

So, what to say to your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend? It depends on the situation, but here some things to say to your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend: 

1. Say Nothing 

You have nothing to do with your ex, your ex’s new girlfriend, your ex’s dog, your ex’s problems, or anything. You don’t need to say a thing to him about everything cause you are way out of his league. 

You have your new life that should be a better and happy day. You don’t need to get involved or even give a short comment about what he is doing now. It’s just over so it’s over. Sit back and relax, queen, you don’t really need to know how his life is or who he is with now. 

2. Say Good Things, Maybe?

Maybe you are still friends with your ex and his new girlfriend is your other friend, so maybe you decide to say something good to them. I hope you have healed with the broken heart in the past and you show up to them as a mature ex girlfriend and you would say, “I heard you two are together now. Hope the relationship works”. Winks! 

I know, those words are strange to hear but maybe you are the type of chill girl and you are okay to be friends again with your ex and his new girlfriend. Also, you could maintain a good network with them. 

3. Say Something Mean, Eh?

I am half sure that you want to know some mean things to say to your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend. You would say, “Get ready for the worst case scenario cause he would say he loves you but you never knew how many girls he has been saying that to!” That could work if your ex is a pro cheater. 

You could also say something mean but funny like, “I didn’t know what was in my mind for dating a guy like that. He must have witchcrafted me or I was drunk for a year or so”. Indeed, you might say something like, “Are you ready for having your heart broken into million pieces? I hope you do!” 

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4. Tell Her to Run As Fast As She Can 

You knew your ex’s bad behaviour and your relationship with him was just unhealthy. You have learnt that maybe that guy cannot change and that new girl is kinda innocent and you want to help her. So, you could tell her to run as fast as you can. 

Your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend wouldn’t believe you and she might think that you haven’t moved on. Well, you can warn her one time and you don’t have to say anything more since. Let’s see if she is gonna have a heartbreak three months later. 

5. Tell Her Your Story, Maybe?

I really want to interview my boyfriend’s ex about my boyfriend’s trait when they were together just for a shot anticipation if he was good or not, or if I should run or stay. You know, it’s like checking reviews on a restaurant so I don’t end up ordering and eating disgusting food. 

Well, maybe she would love to listen to your story with him. The good things, the bad things, or maybe everything. If you found that your ex was abusive, manipulating, controlling, or just the “bad-bad type” then maybe you could save this new girl’s future. 

6. Give Her Love Tips 

It’s like, “I have been there. Do you want to hear some tips to survive?” You could do that if your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend is beautiful and your ex is actually a good one too. And you want them to be happy.

That’s grossy looks like a lame fairytale but may you want to do that. You could tell her about how he likes to be treated, or maybe something. Meanwhile, I am not sure about that cause who the heck wants to talk to ex’s new girlfriend like that? 

7. Send Her The Warning Signs 

What to say to your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend? Maybe you could give her some warning signs about how psycho and abusive that guy is. If that guy, your ex, was truly an abusive and psychopathic guy who refused to get some help. 

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8. Tell Her His Red Flags 

Women help women from a monster guy is a thing. You were out of the relationship because that guy was totally harming your life. Now you see he is dating a new innocent girl and you don’t want the same shits to happen to her, so you can tell her those warning signs about your ex. 

I knew, she won’t believe you. It’s also looks strange if you reach to them again. Just hope he learns to be a better person so he won’t hurt his new girlfriend the way he ruined your life. 

9. Tell Her The Good Side of Him

What’s more things to say to your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend? If you breakup with him for good and still have a good relationship with them after the breakup, then you can say good things if you want to. There is no beef or spill that tea. 

You can have dinner together, double date with your new boyfriend, and no competition could be good. That shows that you guys are mature enough to accept the fact that each other belongs to someone else. 

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10. Show Them You Are Happy Now 

Again, there is nothing to do with your ex in your life. You really don’t need to care about his life. If he is dating someone new, hope it’s going good. You only need to focus on your life and your new or your potential partner in the future. 

The next time, you don’t need to Google about what to say to your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend cause you know the answer. If your ex was a bad person, just pray for him to get better and be good cause we should believe that people can change for the better. If your ex was a good guy, also pray that he would find someone equal to him. Life can be so happy and blessed like that.