Break Up During Quarantine, What to Do? — A Tragic Personal Experience

Break up during quarantine hurts more than anything in the world. I felt that a few months ago and here I go to share with you some tips to move on and what to do next. I hope this is gonna be useful for any lovers who have recently been through the worst heartbreak, about break up during pandemic! 

Breaking Up During Quarantine, The Worst Feeling Ever 

It’s pandemic — the pestiferous COVID-19 — seems ruined everyone’s life in 2020 and we don’t know if it’s really gonna end, but we pray it’s going to be okay very soon. The quarantine is a must to prevent the Coronavirus spreading but it has side effects for every aspect of life, like, people lost jobs, every crowded place like schools, offices, colleges, markets, and everywhere is closed for a longer period, and we didn’t live the way we used to. 

Also, we cannot meet everyone. We started losing our sanity. The worst part could happen, you break up with your lover when you need them the most. I mean, could you just wait several months until COVID is over to break up with me? Didn’t he think about, “should I break up during quarantine?” and decide it NO. 

During these hard times, we need people we love to keep connected but they left tragically, like so painful. Even without them leaving us, life is already so painful during this quarantine COVID-19 whole situation. 

Yeah, we broke up during quarantine. 

I broke up with him in late August 2020, the worst scenario happened. I spent some quarantine days with him but then suddenly he told me that he didn’t love me anymore (or not at all). So, I left his apartment without even packing my bags. 

Well maybe, he was just a total heartless man who never loved anyone. Even in the worst days, he never thought of my feelings and he didn’t care if I was okay, he just left me like that. And I really hate that COVID-19 stays longer than his love ever could. 

Break Up During Quarantine, What to Do?

I can relate to couples breaking up in quarantine. I can feel the pain. As breaking up during quarantine is more stressful than the regular break up that happened in 2019 or before because you can’t deny the pain by going out or traveling or meeting new people like the old ways to move on. 

Indeed, I am writing this so we could learn together how to move on during quarantine. I hope we all can heal very soon and we can take a very great life lesson from this. 

1. Mindfulness Meditation 

I have been doing a mindfulness meditation since August 2020. I actually don’t really know how to do that, and I always fall asleep during meditation, but I feel better and calmer. 

You can also just play relaxing music, light aromatherapy candles, and have a you-time for 15 minutes or hours. Here’s the guide of mindfulness meditation

2. Focus on Your Priority 

It’s not about your love story with him anymore but it’s all about you now. During quarantine, sure you have more time at home to think about what went wrong and how to make it right or better. 

Then, we will learn how to switch the focus only focus on essential priority. If you are a student, focus on online school days. Focus on jobs we still have cuss people out there lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Just focus on everything that could make us feel better and be better after this quarantine. 

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3. Attend Every Webinar 

I attended some webinars during quarantine. First, to make myself a little busy and second, it’s fun and that could make you a little smarter I guess. I had some online cooking lessons which was fun. You can find so many free online meetings or seminars for your interests. 

4. Learn New Skills 

It’s like everyone during quarantine trying everything to keep busy and learn new skills. Some people try TikTok, doing silly dances, or singing in the balcony. Other people learn to cook, bake some cake, cook ugly churros, and do sports at home. 

For me, I learn how to paint, I plant cactus, I cook pasta sometimes, and I play with orbeez too much. Also, I want to learn how to play guitar, I write some rhymes, and hopefully I can add more new skills. I hope you do too. 

5. Get Closer to Family or People You Have The Quarantine with 

Quarantine could be good cause you can now get closer to your family member or people you spend the quarantine with. You will care about them than you were before. It’s also nice to do little fun things with them. Find some fun things to do together like watching movies, sing along together, cook together, or do sports. 

6. Listen to Folklore Album by Taylor Swift 

I thank God and I thank Taylor Swift for releasing a surprise album Folklore in July 2020. Yeah break up rate during quarantine is so tragically high, but it’s all good cause I can feel sad with all the songs on the Folklore album. 

I mean, crying with beautiful songs won’t make you look ugly. I can say, Taylor Swift saved my 2020 sad year. She realesed Evermore album just few days ago. Also, there are more albums to keep us happy during quarantine.  

7. Take Care of Your Health

You care more about your health than you were before during this pandemic. Also, you care more about people’s health during the worst times. We all now realized how important health is. 

You and everyone should eat healthy, consume more vitamins if it’s needed, workout a little more, and wash your hands, and wear masks. 

That’s important. You should just think about your health and be thankful that we are all still alive during a pandemic. No, you don’t need to care about those who left you, mostly during pandemic! 

8. Self-Reflection 

Just have a little self-reflection for good. During pandemic, I think about everything like health, financial, people I love, and appreciation of little things we usually forget. It’s time to be a better person, stay sane, think deeper about what is essential. 

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9. Entertain Yourself at Home 

It’s quarantine, you cannot get out, and you feel sad cause he broke up with you, and you think you are going crazy. I felt that. Really. But I believe there are some things we can do at home. 

Here are some ideas to entertain yourself at home during quarantine and a break up during pandemic: 

  • Binge-watch anything on Netflix, Disney+, Korean dramas, Bollywood movies, Hollywood fiction, local TV, anything. 
  • Play the music loudly and let your neighbor sing along in their own home. 
  • Cook everything. 
  • Decluttering your house. 
  • There are people who pet new animals during quarantine. 
  • Gardening. 
  • Journaling like I do. 
  • Learn online business maybe. 
  • Reading.
  • Listen to audiobooks.

10. Call Your People Online 

It’s physical distancing but it’s now distancing yourself from your friends. You can call them, video call, zoom meetings, or use any other platform just to ask them if they are doing okay during quarantine. 

You don’t really need to tell them about sad stories of couples breaking up in quarantine. You just need to reconnect with them and stay stronger together, or maybe have a secret meeting to beat Coronavirus from this world. 

11. Distract Yourself with Positivity 

When you break up during quarantine, you need to find positive distraction within yourself. For me, I distract myself with my jobs and I even got some writing freelance jobs. You can do anything good at home to make yourself busy in a good way. 

12. Delete All of Your Ex Traces 

It’s time to delete all of his traces in your life, online and offline. Delete his number, his photos, his texts, his everything. You don’t need it any longer. Clear your space and memories, store the storage for something useful than a guy who made you sad during a pandemic. 

13. Restart Everything 

What to do when you break up during quarantine? A lot. The most important thing is to restart everything now. They call it new normal, buw you can call it new you with a better state of mind. 

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14. Have An Online Holiday 

I don’t know about you but I desperately want to travel somewhere to clear my mind but everything is closed. I have been watching some videos about people traveling before COVID-19 and that helps, makes me feel like I was there. 

I have an idea for travel agents to live streaming about their resort, holiday spots, and beautiful places, just to entertain us a little bit, to make us feel like we have an amazing holiday, since everything is online today. 

15. Find Some Legend Videos on Youtube 

I deleted Instagram and prefer YouTube for my daily dose of internet at 3 am. There are so many random and legend videos on YouTube that could make you laugh. I also love to watch crime scenes, cooking channels, and relaxing painting videos. 

16. Cry It Out and Let It Go 

Cry it out until your tears dry out. Don’t forget to stop and let him go. You deserve to be totally happy. Admit it that break up during Covid is painfully hurt, and it’s going to be okay.

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17. Be Thankful 

Thinking about life during a pandemic, we are thankful for being alive as it’s so easy to get infected to COVID-19. I think there is nothing more important than being alive and healthy now. And we gonna keep surviving!

18. Praying 

I don’t even want to think about my ex and break up during quarantine now. I just wanna have a little prayer for people who don’t leave me during this hard time to stay healthy, sane, happy, and good. I am not a religious person, but I would love to have positive words and pray for COVID to be solved very soon and people’s lives be happy again. 

19. Help People

You break up during pandemic, that hurts. But people also dying right there, losing their jobs, losing family member, and life just hit harder. If you have the chance to help people, would be cool. You are not only making them feel better, but you will also learn more about life.

I hope that’s hopeful. But if you breaking up during quarantine but living up together, I think you can try and manage to move in with your relatives very soon. If it’s impossible to do, just calm down and talk to him about what’s best to do. I know, it hurts to see him everyday when you guys are no longer together. I hope you two can still work together in the name of humanity during pandemic. 

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine”

– R.E.M.