Why Do I Miss My Boyfriend Right After He Leaves?

Why do I miss my boyfriend right after he leaves? You just spent a day with him and a second he waved goodbye, you already miss him. That happens all the time on young girls who are in love with someone. The classic love story is going on down there. 

Why Do I Miss My Boyfriend Right After He Leaves?

Oh, you miss him when you just met him like 5 seconds ago. Sometimes we call that insane but other times we can tell that you are in love with him.

I remember those feelings when you miss someone crazy like you are about to lose him. So, now let’s just talk about why I miss my boyfriend right after he leaves! 

1. You Are Head Over Heels for Him 

It’s obvious that you are head over heels for him. You are madly in love and you don’t want him to leave. At some point, that seems kinda needy but yeah, love, okay. I hope he feels the same of you. Hope he misses you more. 

2. You Don’t Have Enough 

Maybe you spent like 5 hours with him and you don’t have it enough. You want to spend more with him, share love, talk shits, deep talk, and have more fun together. Just talk to him when you two can hang out together again or maybe you need to slow down and let him miss you back. 

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3. You Are Curious and Furious 

You are so curious and furious about him. You want to make him feel the same as you. The dopamine, the adrenaline, and maybe oxytocin level is high whenever he stays next to you. We got it, when you feel attracted to somebody you want him around. 

4. You Seem Always Need Someone 

It’s been a long day when someone was around you and you have been waiting for a new man for so long. Maybe, you have been lonely and you think he is a good one to try it again. You need somebody and that somebody could be him. 

5. He Steals Your Heart 

That guy steals your heart and now you cannot help yourself to fall in love with him. You want him more. We hope this could be love, a true love. 

6. Something Deep Going On 

You secretly have a deep feeling for him. Maybe it’s the way he talks or it’s about how he treats you lately. He may seem sweet, and nice, and smells good. Just keep going, be the best of you, let him fall in love with you too.

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7. Addicted to Him or Something 

Why do I miss my boyfriend right after he leaves? Maybe just maybe, you are now addicted to his company and existence, and everything. You feel comfortable wherever he is around and you see the potential future with him. 

8. You Are in Love 

Are you in love? Does he make you feel super happy all the time? If yes, that’s why you always miss him. Missing someone is kinda cute, but don’t let it eat you alive. Love is love, but don’t force someone around you all the time cause we have busy lives sometimes. 

9. You Are Desperate 

Why do I miss my boyfriend right after he leaves? Maybe, you are just a little desperate and needy and clingy and it doesn’t feel good. Again we will say, your boyfriend is not going anywhere so don’t be so desperate to always want him to be around you or pick up the phone all day. It’s okay to miss him but just don’t look desperate all the time. 

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10. Hormones and Chemicals Produced for Emotional Bonds

When you are in love, it’s not only about the feelings but the chemicals in your body rushing so powerfully. The neurotransmitters in your body produce special chemicals that create an emotional bond between you and your lover. Those chemicals help you to maintain intimate relationships and that’s why you always feel homesick to him. 

That’s the explanation about why you always miss your boyfriend even if you just spent days with him. Love, is weird sometimes. 

“I don’t want to miss one smile

I don’t want to miss one kiss

Well, I just want to be with you

Right here with you, just like this”

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

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