What to Say to Your Ex on New Year’s Eve?

You might be wondering what to say to your ex on New Years Eve. I got it. The deep of your heart tells you to text an ex but the guts tell you not. Let’s find out what to do and should you or should you not text your ex ever again here! 

Should You Really Text Your Ex on New Year’s Eve?

New year’s eve is all about parties, wishes, celebration, brand new chapters of life, and maybe some kisses. You want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with someone special, that New Year’s Eve kiss when the bell rings, but you just broke up with your lover. Sadly, you feel alone and you think you want to text your ex just to wish him a Happy New Year’s Eve or maybe celebrate it together. Duh! 

Should you really text your ex on New Year’s Eve? It’s a big no! Here are the reasons why you should never text your ex on New Year’s Eve: 

1. Open New Chapter

You know, it’s a new year! Do you really want to go back to your past life with your ex who brutally hurt you? No, you don’t. Let your ex be gone. It’s your new chapter in life with the better you and a better lover for the future. 

2. You Don’t Need Them Anymore 

You should never text your ex cause you don’t need them anymore. Why would you text them again? Don’t. You are okay without them.

3. Don’t Feed Their Ago 

Yes, it’s the new year but it’s not the great excuse to feed them with a text message saying, “hey happy new year! Wish you all the best year ahead” like you don’t have a life. No. You don’t wish them anything! 

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4. You Will Go Back Wanting Your Ex Back 

If you text them, you will want them again. You will go back to the old memories and it’s not good for your mental health. If they reply to you, you will hurt yourself and fail to move on. 

5. Are You Really Drunk?

Drunk-text an ex is never cool. You should take this New Year’s moment to be a better person, to be better than you were before. Let’s say your ex is one of those mistakes, so don’t repeat it again. 

Don’t pick up the phone! You know he’s only callin’ ’cause he’s drunk and alone. 

Dua Lipa, New Rules

6. You Undo The Healing Process 

Texting him, any text, means you undo the healing process. Cause what? Cause you will miss him again. You will wish to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and the rest of the years with your ex again, which is not the best idea to start a good year. 

So, the best advice you can hear tonight is not to text your ex on New Year’s Eve or any other day. No. Delete your ex numbers and never go back to the ones who broke your heart. Also, be a better you for a better potential lover. 

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What to Say to Your Ex on New Year’s Eve?

If you really really think it’s okay to text your ex on New Year’s Eve, then what can we say? It’s only good to text an ex if you are totally healed from the heartbroken and you are okay to be friends with them now. Other than that, it’s better to completely get rid of them. 

When you feel good, this is what to say to your ex on New Year’s Eve: 

  • Happy New Year’s eve! Wish you all the great and happy days ahead!
  • 2020 was a bad year for everyone, but I wish this new year brings us a better, healthier, and happier life. 
  • Wishing you peace, love, and health in the new year! 
  • Dude, happy new year’s! Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness this year.
  • I wish you a wonderful life in this new year! 
  • Greetings! Happy new year for you and your family! Hope they are all good and happy everyday in this new year! 
  • Happy New Year’s Eve! Hope you are happier without me in this new year! 

That’s actually just a regular wish on New Year’s Eve. It’s simple, clear, and just a friendly text. Cause you don’t need to text them a super sweet and dramatic text, right? 

How Do You Wish Your Ex Happy New Year’s Eve, The One You Still Love?

Unless you desperately want to go back with your ex, that’s another story. You want to know what to say to an ex you love, there you go! 

  • Remember when we planned to celebrate New Year’s together? So sad we mess up the plan. 
  • Do you remember New Year’s last year when one of your friends was too drunk and we cleaned up the bottles? It was good ol’ new year’s eve!
  • If my New Year’s Eve wishes come true, it would be you. 
  • Bet you are alone, laying on your couch on New Year’s Eve. 
  • Just happy New Year’s Eve! 

We can’t think of more options about what to say to your ex on New Year’s Eve. We think you should know about how to move on from a break up here! It’s better off alone, now manifesting your ex to come back. It’s better to manifest a better future lover. 

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

— Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale