31 Ways to Move On from A Breakup (Do These Things!)

You must be dying to know all the ways to move on from a breakup. In terms of heartbreak, everybody will agree that the “Ex” is a very complicated pain to deal with. In certain situations, the “Ex” could cause a sense of traumatic, unbearable sadness, and could be a potential reason to make someone lose his/her spirit of life. However, as well as life, heartbreak is another natural thing that could happen in a relationship anytime, no matter how much you love him or her.

Ways to Move On from Your Ex

Most people find it difficult to forget their “Ex”—or in our language today—we call it “move on” from their past relationship. Most likely, it is caused by the love, interests, or memories that have been experienced by the two of them.

However, harbouring these feelings make your heart more chaotic and miserable. You wasted your precious time just to mourn your fate. Do not hurt yourself, be assured that life is too beautiful and short to spend by mourning your fate about your ex.

Well now, this site will give you the precious information to handle that terrible thing. Here are the specific powerful steps for you to move on from your ex, there we go:

1. Start from Yourself

How to move on from a breakup? The very great ways to move on from a long term relationship is to start within yourself. When you’re broken, healing yourself is the first thing you have to do before everything. The intentions, plans, and beliefs that instil in yourself will make it easier for you to get rid of the pain.

So, how to shake your pains out? You gotta work on yourself. You gotta accept the fact that your lover is no longer with you, for worse or better. I know, that’s the kind of pain you want to deny but don’t.

Now exhale then inhale, you might close your eyes, feel in the deep down in your heart that you believe someone better is coming for you ahead. Before you do that, you gotta work on yourself, to love yourself more before you love others. Your life should be better and you will see some better things in life ahead.

2. Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Feeling disappointed, angry, and hurt after breaking up with your lover can make you feel that you have a reason to cry and feel sorry for yourself. In fact, from the beginning you already know that when you dare to fall in love, then you need to be ready with the risk of a heartbreak.

You have the right to love him/her, but he/she also has the same right to love others. So, you really need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. If he leaves you, it’s not your fault. You might do or say something bad to him till he makes him run away, but people make mistakes, right? Use this time to improve yourself to be the better version of you. The next time you are ready for a relationship, you won’t be making the same mistakes over again.

Now, stop feeling sorry for yourself cause nothing you can do to get them come back to your life (if they don’t want to). Be brave just to let him or her go. Let him or her be with the person they love and let yourself be with the one who treats you well.

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3. Love Yourself

When you lose someone—boy or girlfriend, it’s good to try to remember how your life used to be when you were alone. Maybe you are not as happy as being with him or her, but do not forget the fact that you were okay about it.

You can keep laughing and set yourself in a happiness of your own. Maybe losing them will leave an empty space in your heart, but that does not mean your world will automatically stop without them. Rise and run.

Try to love yourself again. Enjoy your “me-time”, enjoy your activity, try to get out and do something new like meet new random people, hang out with friends, read a good book, watch your favourite movies, Netflix and chill, or anything you could do to bring back the joy to your life.

Do everything you love that maybe you didn’t do when you were in a relationship with your boy or girlfriend. If you used to be okay without him or her, you’ll be fine now and later.

4. Self-Reflection

The next ways to move on from a breakup is to do a self-introspection. You can start it by assessing yourself objectively. Try to write down the positive and negative traits you have. Thus, you can work to improve yourself to be a better person. As a result, that’s gonna be easier for you to work on yourself and reset the goals in your pretty life.

If you have some positive vibes like you have been a good one, you care about people, you are lovable, you are a morning person, you can cook noodles, or anything, then you can use those lists to note that it’s his/her loss to let you go. If you have a long list of annoying and negative traits, let’s worship this moment as the best time to improve yourself.

5. Have Fun

The most powerful way to heal yourself from a broken heart is to have fun. Have a f-ing fun with everyone you love! This might be another temporary distraction but most of the time, it works! You can go to the public spots or do the fun things that you like. Travelling, shopping, reading, calling your friends, singing to Taylor Swift heartbreak songs, or just hanging out with random people can help you to feel better.

If necessary, you can eat anything you like and make sure that you are not worrying about everything. Go have an ice cream and pizza! Between all the fun things I’ve said before, I highly recommend going traveling, or just hanging up with your old friends or family so you can talk about the sadness and they know you better to give you some precious lesson in life.

6. Do Something that Makes You Happy

For ladies, you can try to look more beautiful; not to attract the attention of others but do it for yourself. Make yourself feel beautiful in your own skin. You can start doing things that you couldn’t do when you were with him.

For example, if you always wanted to have shorter hair but you didn’t do it just because he didn’t like it, now it’s the time. Freed yourself from all the stressed-out things and do the things that really make you happy. You have the authority of your life, so enjoy it and be free. That’s the best ways to move on from a breakup! 

7. Rearrange Your Activity

Back when you were still in contact, you may be living your days by doing things together with your boy or girlfriend. Starting from jogging together, delivering something to him or her, until having holidays getaway every week. That’s created really big and unforgettable memories but let that sink in for now.

Now you have you and you have time. You don’t need anybody else to arrange your activities. You can walk alone, eat alone, work alone, and even be happy on your own. The source of happiness is yourself, not him or her or others.

So please, sit back and rearrange your activities now! You might want to skip the places that you used to visit with your ex, then it’s okay. Later on, start your life again without the idea of him. You just go your way in the very best version of you.

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8. Take A Vacation or Hangout

How to move on from an ex? Come to a beautiful place, eat some good food, and let yourself relax for a moment. New places and new atmosphere can give you a new positive energy as well. You will see that life is too beautiful just to be mourned.

It’s much better to have a vacation with your friends so you are not alone. Spend your time to be with other people, set an activity that you can do with your friends. It will heal you up. Also, that will make you learn that this world is full of beautiful people and beautiful places, so you don’t stick with one bad guy who broke your heart.

9. Your Closest People Are Your Lifesaver

Having a lot of friends will give you a powerful healing treatment. I mean, having 2-3 closest bestest friends are the most beautiful things in the world. Sometimes when you feel like you have a big problem, all you need is to share your problem with your closest friend. You can try to share your thoughts with your closest friend and listening to their advice will give you a new way of thinking.

We can find something we did not expect before by sharing with other people. It can save us from making bad decision or doing stupid things while you are broken. That is why, the people that are closest to you can be your lifesaver. Listen to them!

10. Tell Your Feeling Toward People You Trust

If all these things I’ve said can’t make you feel better, the other thing you have to do is to let your feelings be poured out for what they are. Tell all your feelings to people you trust and cry a river if it’s needed. Just allow yourself to feel sad for a moment. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to cry out loud.

Let all your soreness come out with tears. Let all the burden disappear from your heart and shoulders. It’s okay to be not okay. You can cry, laugh, scream, or shout to what you feel just to free them out. That is all the fastest way to let you heal yourself.

Admit it when you are mad and sad, disappointed, broken, abandoned, or angry, and lonely. Have some time to grieve but remember to give up on your sadness too! Set a goal and rise again. You can always stop the pain as you can always start to feel happy.

11. Cheer Yourself 

Remember that nothing can make you feel better than sharing your sadness with your closest friends. They are the people who are always there for you when you need a hand to hold or an arm to lay down.

Try to call them or invite them to come out and have fun. Also, cheer yourself up! Spend your time with your friends. Cook for them. Buy them Doritos! They will tell you some old jokes that would make you laugh. They will tell you again how beautiful you are. They will remind you again that you are so ugly when you cry. Let them cheer you up!

12. Keep Yourself Busy!

I say, you can be alone but don’t let loneliness eat you alive! When you are alone in your mind, you will again think about your ex. That’s not healthy for the sake of your mental health! Please, be busy and be productive.

Do your job. Finish your deadlines. Study more. Think about something that will get you a valuable thing for the future. You can write down a checklist of things to do or you can download an app on you mobile phone to manage your priorities.

13. Take The Bright Side

Leave them alone and take the good things. I knew, heartbreak is bad. It makes you feel ugly about yourself but don’t let that drown you!

You can be wise by listing all the positive and bright sides that you had from that relationship. Let’s say you learnt something new from your ex and you can always carry that with you. Other than that, let the negative sides of your ex sink in.

“At least, you learnt something. Even those bad things give you some hard life lessons, right?” —yourdevan.com

14. You Deserve Better

I know it’s a lame-lame saying but hey you deserve someone better. Also, you need to be a better person to deserve someone better. Let’s change our point of view! Someone’s gone so someone better will be coming, very soon!

I know Adele sings, “Never mind I’ll find someone like you.” Well, no. You don’t want anyone like your exes to be in your life. Raise your standard. Raise your self-esteem. You deserve someone better that the ex who broke your heart into million pieces.

15. Detach! Detach! Detach!

It might take time to let someone go, but you need to try it harder. We should be good with ourselves by not forcing someone to stay. Please, detach! Let them go for good.

What’s meant for you will never leave you. What’s not meant for you, will leave you no matter how hard you try to hold on.


16. Improve Your Life

It has nothing to do with your ex or another from your outcome sources. It has everything to do with you, it’s your life. You should upgrade yourself, upgrade your life, and be happy on your own.

Remember that your happiness is your choice. No one else has the responsibilities to make you feel happy but you. It’s unfair if you put your happiness only if you are with someone you love. You should be independently happy by improving your life.

17. Your Real Soulmate is Still Waiting Out There

I am not trying to say that you need to get under someone to get over someone. I am saying that maybe your ex is not your soulmate so you gotta let go.

Maybe your soulmate, your significant other, your lover is still waiting for you somewhere. Well maybe. your future lover is someone better than your ex that you cry about today. Remember, I believe you are young, and your journey is still going. I hope we all find our lovers but before that, love yourself first!

15. Don’t Stuck in The Memories

“You don’t miss the person. You miss the memories you spent with them.”


Now that you broke up, every place, things, food, restaurants, habits, every little shit reminds you of him. That’s creepy, I know, mostly if you live together.

You might need some time to get used to his absences. You might want to skip all the places you used to hang out with him. But later, put the memories in one box in your brain and never open it again. You can only open it or reminisce about it when you are already healed.

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16. Get Rid of All Things That Remind You About Your Ex

How to move on from a relationship? Do these:

  • Delete his number.
  • Delete his photos.
  • Delete his social media accounts on your accounts.
  • Delete his family or friends’ number too if you have it.
  •  Delete everything about him from your phone or laptop.
  • Delete your old chats with him because you are gonna reread them again every night.
  • Delete all his history tracks.
  • Get rid of his old gifts. You don’t need that.
  • Get rid of his polaroid’s on your wall.
  • Get rid of his oversized t-shirts, sweaters, cap, and everything.
  • Get rid of everything that reminds you of him.

If it’s needed, you can block him out. Few weeks or a few months later when you are feeling better and you have your life together, you can easily show him how better you feel without him.

17. Jot It Down!

The best ways to move in from your ex is by writing everything that you feel. Yeah, journaling is the cure! Write it down if you feel sad, mad, bad, angry, or everything. That will help you to think and figure out what went wrong.

You can also journal about your future goals. Write about the good things you have and what to improve. If you wanna write about something extreme, write about all the bad things about your ex to make you realize how unattractive he was.

18. Exercise!

Next ways to move on from a relationship are doing exercise and exercise. Exercise for your health and your well-being, not for getting that body goal revenge! Trying to do yoga will help both your physical and mental health to get together.

Then, find some easy exercise you can do at your room for 10-15 minutes. Exercise will help you release the happy hormone -endorphin- so you feel energized and a lot better. If you want to, go running or jogging outside every morning. Hit the gym and work for that booty!

19. Meditate

I should put meditation as the first cure of heartbreak. Meditation helps you to stay clear and calm during this very hard heart situation. You can practice a Mindfulness Meditation.

Go check on YouTube about easy and fast meditation you can do every time you feel like the pain hits your chest and you just cannot control yourself to not feel sad. Do meditation for your well-being. I highly recommended it.

20. Set Up Playlists 

I am a hardcore fan of Taylor Swift’s heartbreak songs such as All Too Well, Exile, Haunted, Cruel Summer, Death by Thousand Cuts, Wildest Dreams, and hundred countless favourite songs. You might want to listen or scream to those songs for a moment, and cry over it so you don’t feel alone cause even a queen like Taylor Swift got her heart broken.

Give it sometimes, then, please tune up on happy songs. I believe Taylor Swift released so many happy revenge songs like Shake It Off, Blank Space, Better Than Revenge, Picture to Burn, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble, and more. Do you wanna know my playlist? Here’s for the dance-crying party!

21. Remember How Exes Broke Your Heart

He used to be the only one, I know. But then remember how you guys broke up. It was the worst, wasn’t it? Also, remember all the worst things your exes ever did to you. Like, he used to cheat on you, or she used to spend the night with someone else. Just remember all the bad traits of your exes.

When you remember that they are bad for your mental health, they treat you badly, they never appreciate your time, love, trust, and everything, that you will also remember that you don’t deserve to be with someone who doesn’t love you. You will remember that you are the queen. You are precious. You are such a gem. Your self-esteem is high, and you deserve someone who is equally in love with you. Yeah, that’s how to move on from the past!

22. Get A Better Habit 

When we get our heart broken, we tend to think about what’s wrong with us. Yeah, that makes us feel bad. But then maybe, it’s the great moment to change and get a better habit.

What I mean is, maybe I need to start to eat more vegetables and fruits to be healthy. Maybe you need to change your hairstyle cause that’s a lil boring. Maybe we should work out every day. Maybe we should focus again on our priorities in life.

I believe there are many other better things to do than crying over some ugly emotionally unstable guys who would never change cause he doesn’t want to. Let them go, and we should be in a better state of mind and well-being.

23. Don’t Stalk on Them

They don’t care about you, let’s take a moment to accept the truth that your ex doesn’t care about you. And that’s okay! You don’t need them to care about you cause you and people who love you are enough to do the job for you. So, you don’t need to care about them too.

That means, don’t stalk them on social media and real life. Don’t ask their friends about how they are doing. You are done with your ex. The story ends. The book is closed, and you are ready for a new chapter of life. That’s all the best ways to move on from an ex. Do that!

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More Tips to Move On

Here are more ways to move on from a long term relationship:

  • Let your ex be just an ex, means, they don’t deserve you any longer. No second chance. Not a reverse card.
  • Forgive them, which means, just forgive them for whatever it is.
  • Forgive yourself, people make mistakes, so you are, and it’s okay. Forgive yourself and be someone better.
  • Do new hobbies like maybe learn to cook, paint, draw, photography, or anything that is fun to do.
  • Shake it off, just take it easy, dance, and shake it off.
  • Don’t replace your ex with someone new -rebound relationship- before you are healed.
  • Breath, just breathe well, take a deep breath wherever you feel you still remember your ex in the unexpected way and time.
  • It’s their loss, not yours. Your life is good and even better without them. They are no longer your problems and life are easier.
  • There’s good in goodbye. Tell them goodbye and you are not crying anymore.
  • Play Thank You, Next song by Ariana Grande, that’s the national anthem for heartbreak, I think.

Break up is not the end of the world, your life and your ex life will still (and must) go on. Take the hard lesson and move on. One day you will meet someone new and you don’t make the same mistake. We will be a wiser, better, and even greater person after the heartbreak. The best thing is, we should work on ourselves and one day we will laugh about it.

Hope all the ways to move on from a breakup I mentioned before will help you to find yourself back after this very worst pain!

-“I didn’t lose you. You lost me. You’ll search for me inside of everyone you’re with and I won’t be found.”

— R. H. Sin.

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